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2008’s Posts.

  1. Browser 10 bug

    Like Y2K all over again, browser detection software may need an upgrade to support those, like Opera, now in version 10

  2. Sun Media cutting 600 jobs

    Ten percent of its workforce will be gone by year's end

  3. Adding the fourth dimension

    Zoetrope concept demonstrates how to browse the past online in very rich ways

  4. Stephanie Nolen: Out of Africa

    One of Canada's, if not the world's, best foreign correspondents says farewell to the continent she covered for five years

  5. CSS Text Wrapper

    Tool for creating the markup needed to wrap text around an image

  6. Digital Web seeks new direction

    The online magazine that literally changed my life, is now seeking to change itself and wants your thoughts

  7. WCAG 2.0 official

    The contentious second version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines is now a recommendation

  8. The beginning of it all

    How you do what you are doing right this instant was inspired by a demo 40 years ago

  9. Adrian Bromley, 1971-2008

    He was one of the first people in the industry I worked with and made those night shifts something to enjoy - 30 -

  10. A Putlizer for online

    The revered journalism prize is final going to be awarded in an online category (although it must be text-based)

  11. Online ads & Web design

    Good overview of both the importance ads play in Web design and the current trends

  12. 20 signs you don’t want that web design project

    An scarily accurate list of warning signs

  13. Microlocal

    EveryBlock replaces the buzzword "hyperlocal" with the more accurate "microlocal"

  14. * o GlobeAuto o Careers o Classifieds o Newspaper Ads o Personals o Real Estate Click here to find out more! Canadians react

    Interactive showing how Canadian premiers and Globe and Mail readers feel about the crisis of confidence in the House of Commons

  15. Green browsing

    The new Web development trend: reduce your site's energy footprint

  16. The Grid System

    A resource for everything related to using grids in design

  17. Agile for design

    How to apply Agile development concepts to Web design

  18. Data cleaner

    A great Web-based tool for those who hate regex and need to normalize data

  19. Summarizing the poitical sentiment

    Discussion about a change in Canadian government grew to 1,200 comments and Mathew Ingram read through them all to find the best ones

  20. The Souvenir Shop

    Pseudo-souvenirs of Canada from some country's best emerging designers

  21. All-in-one browser

    One browser, three rendering engines (IE, Firefox, and Safari); great for testing

  22. Reason #80211 why I like Virgin America

    In-flight Wi-Fi

  23. New ideas for newspapers

    Seth Godin has some original ideas to help newspapers survive online.

  24. Skewing images with JavaScript

    A clever script to do projective transformations of Web-based images using canvas and JavaScript

  25. Making decisions about user research

    Eight questions to ask when debating when to do research

  26. News site design trends

    Overview of the current design looks of news sites (include my place of employ)

  27. Lessons learned about iPhone sites

    Good insights from the folks at Flickr about how to design an optimized mobile site

  28. 5 steps to CBC success

    How to program a national public broadcasting corporation:

  29. ClusterShot


  30. Buy pieces of BSG

    Props and costumes from Battlestar Galatica are being auctioned off. Tempting...

  31. Hipster apocalypse

    A "now hiring" sign at American Apparel store sparks an inspired rant

  32. U.S. election night homepages

    An amazing collection how major news sites looked every 30 minutes on November 4, 2008

  33. Less national Post

    The National Post continues to whither in relevance as a relevant newspaper in Canada

  34. Just the facts (and more)

    Open source can have a transformational effect for companies, and news organizations are starting to figure that out.

  35. CS Monitor replacing print with Web

    The 100-year-old news organization will cease publication of its printed newspaper in April 2009

  36. Delaying JavaScript execution

    A simple script to delay the execution of JavaScript when event's fire

  37. NYTimes.com visualization lab

    Equating it with reader comments, The New York Times invites readers to create their own visualizations of its data

  38. Cameras for guns

    The Toronto police are running an amnesty that offers Nikon Coolpix cameras for illegal handguns

  39. Multi-touch Firefox

    The gestures don't sound intuitive, but its a nice start to browsing the Web with your fingers

  40. Typocalypse

    A series of images revealing what a typeface really says

  41. CSS3 via JavaScript

    Eric Meyer sees JavaScript as a way to boot-strap CSS3 support in browsers

  42. TimesTags

    Millions of folksonomists rejoice at the availability of tagged NYTimes.com content

  43. Progressive Enhancement with CSS

    Excellent documenting a lot of the CSS tricks used to serve up style to browsers

  44. 100E2R

    Terrific case for having big, onscreen text

  45. 3D cube in JavaScript

    The simple approach could be a foundation for an impressive parallax effect

  46. Canadian election hangover

    With the Canadian 2008 election producing no real change, but a lower participation level, it might be time to look into voting alternatives.

  47. Election blackout in Canada

    Watching the election results not come in from the West coast of America is a surreal experience.

  48. Experience Design Manifesto

    Manifesto that uses the phrase "happiness" always concern me, but there are some kernels of potential in this

  49. Why newspapers endorse political parties

    J-Source looks into this more and more contentious concept

  50. Is that an endorsement?

    The Globe and Mail sort of, kind of, backs Stephen Harper for prime minister

  51. Sans Seriffee

    Map of the tiny archipelago discovered by English years ago

  52. Culture in Danger

    The extended, English-subtitled, of a political video that is, truly, laugh-out-loud, funny

  53. ALA@10

    A List Apart is a decade old, and the proprietor looks back on the institution

  54. Canadian Oxford Dictionary: RIP

    The entire staff has been laid-off putting the dictionary's future in grave doubt

  55. Poitical sound bites

    Jumping to key words in the U.S. debate (like Wall St.) videos exposes how prepped candidates are

  56. The Canadian political view

    "Capitalist free marketers, but believe in collective action, largely through governments, to achieve social, economic, environmental and other aims."

  57. 10 tips to solidify your business

    Advice for start-ups is also good for any company/business to consider

  58. The case for designing differently

    Andy Clarke argues that progressive enhancement is what we should be doing with CSS to move designs beyond IE6

  59. Canadian electoral map

    Map of Canadian ridings uses colours to indicate which party is leading where

  60. David Foster Wallace in Harper's

    Everything the late author wrote for the magazine

  61. WSJ.com redesigns

    A big redesign from a site that hasn't in a long while

  62. Announcing the "Web Foundation"

    Tim Berners-Lee introduces a foundation designed to support the open Web

  63. All about HTML's alt

    With argument like this, it's no wonder HTML5 will take so long

  64. David Foster Wallace dead

    The author of Infinite Jest and on of the best novelist of the time apparently committed suicide

  65. ONA win for The Globe and Mail

    Ironically, the news is nowhere to be found online yet (even the Twitter account is quiet - I learned via email)

  66. Sample dating pop-culture

    Andy Baio crunches the numbers on the samples in reveals some interesting details.

  67. The logic of HTML5

    Understanding HTML5 issues (e.g., video, alt, 2022) is a lot easier if you know Ian Hickson's online persona

  68. Canadian political slander

    Keeping track of the various ways Canadian politicians insult one another from the perspective of a Canadian watching his country's election while living through an American election.

  69. Regulating the Internet

    A CRTC requested report has some ideas for regulating and funding the Canadian Internet

  70. Microsoft's CSS extensions

    IE8 does include support for some CSS3 properties, and will continue to support filters and extensions - but only in a W3C compliant way.

  71. Publish2: The Web’s Newswire

    "A Web-based newswire that makes it easy for journalists and newsrooms to gather, publish, and distribute links to the best news on the Web"

  72. Globe's election site critiqued

    Wrong sentiment, right questions. Elections sites, though, are hard to do well especially when factoring in extenuating (unspoken) circumstances.

  73. Everything you wanted to know about browser user-agent strings*

    * But were afraid to ask

  74. Shadows coming to Firefox

    CSS-based box and text shadows should appear in Firefox 3.1

  75. Drag and drop with canvas

    Clever demo of dragging and dropping using a textarea

  76. Joe Clark's book on Canadian spelling

    It's called "Organizing Our Marvellous Neighbours: How to Feel Good About Canadian English" and I can't wait

  77. Mobile Safari doubles usage

    The launch of the iPhone 3G pushes the mobile Safari usage to 0.3%

  78. Seattle tech start-ups

    A list of more than 60 of Seattle's tiny companies

  79. Toronto-area tech start-ups

    A comprehensive list of almost 90 of the GTA's tiny companies

  80. Ubiquity in depth

    Examining the interface of "Quicksilver for the browser"

  81. Mad Men Twittering

    Fan-created Twitter accounts were shutdown until AMC realized the accounts actually was great advertising

  82. DIY Bumbershoot schedule

    The Stranger has a simple and clever schedule maker for Seattle's annual music & arts fest

  83. jParallax

    Impressive jQuery plugin for creating a dynamic parallax effect

  84. Fostering creativity

    Pixar founder writes an insightful (and long) article on Pixar's secret sauce

  85. Bullets over Osssington

    My old 'hood (and new hipster central) was the location of a four-car gun battle

  86. Dube leaves CBC for ABC News

    CBC may have been a farm team for Jonathan Dube as he returns to ABC as a Vice President of its new site

  87. Experimental rounded corners

    Based on Snook's example, rounded corners with VML, CSS or SVG

  88. EveryBlock in eight cities

    The hyper-local site is now covering Seattle (and Boston and Washington D.C.)

  89. The Better Way

    TTC's new site has competition from a site build by some people who attended TransitCamp

  90. Holy Fuck!

    Ironically, I never saw the Toronto band name-checked in the title when I lived in that city yet I heard lots about them (and again missed them) when they played a few block away from where I now live in Seattle. The band got rave reviews for their two recent performances and helped raise Toronto and Canada’s reputation amongst the often jaded scenesters in that U.S. city. Not good enough for the government of Canada who cites Holy Fuck as a reason for cutting funding to Canadian artists.

  91. How to cover breaking news

    Good analysis of how Toronto's media online covered an explosive news story

  92. 08/08/08

    The crazy 8s

  93. jMetronome

    A script that helps a page maintain its typographic rhythm

  94. Flick navigation on the iPhone

    Some very simple CSS can create the flick navigation in Safari on the iPhone

  95. Creating great search results

    Advice on making a search result do what it needs to do

  96. Box office for 2008 visualized

    Similar chart as seen in NYTimes infographic, but this is interactive and in HTML

  97. Implementing canvas

    There looks to be a simple way to get the CANVAS element to work on Internet Explorer allowing for a lot more interesting design effects

  98. iPhone events

    Not, not the marketing kind, the JavaScript kind

  99. The new "delicious"

    Delicious has dropped its Web 2.0 spelling and has under went a radical makeover

  100. How to Show Telephone Numbers On Letterheads

    Ladislav Sutnar's 1960 booklet demonstrating letterhead design

  101. Canadianizing film posters

    Some very clever cultural plays in the Canadian Film Festival posters

  102. Buid your own font

    FontShop's Web-based tool allows you to build simple, modular fonts quickly online

  103. The 2008 A List Apart survey

    Work the Web in someway? Take A List Apart's Web industry survey and help create a clearer picture of the industry

  104. Terry Fox

    Had he lived, the man who inspired Canada with his Marathon of Hope would have been 50 years old today.

  105. CBC.ca does Chinese

    And Fake Ouimet (a.k.a., Joe Clark) hit his stride

  106. Recovering the bikes

    Remarkable photo essay detailing the recovery of hundreds of presumed stolen bikes

  107. Tracking the real homicide rates

    Are there more murders in Toronto than in past years?

  108. Movie domain names

    Being both an Internet and a movie geek lets you create a entertaining review site

  109. 49:00

    Only Amazon would sell Paul Westerberg's latest album for 49 cents

  110. Pop art then and now

    An overview of pop art in its classic and modern forms

  111. Nazaré Snack Bar

    From the Blackout to near blackouts, I'll always love the Communist's Daughter

  112. The Tea Makers is back

    But is now under the management of Fake Ouimet, a.k.a., Joe Clark

  113. CBC: near- or farsighted?

    Recently Canada’s public broadcaster urged the CRTC to “reject old assumptions about new media” and claimed that the consumption of broadcast media is not being negatively effected by the Internet.

  114. How to write with style

    Kurt Vonnegut wrote 7 or 8 tips one should consider

  115. Igor charged with bike theft

    Toronto's stolen bikes always seemed to end up at Igor's place on Queen West

  116. NPR API

    More news outlets lifting the skirts on the core of their business

  117. Toronto as seen by a San Franciscan

    Interesting take on my home city from a resident of a city I newly appreciate

  118. Multitouch light table in JavaScript

    Works both on iPhones and the desktop versions of Safari

  119. Creative or invasive?

    Outdoor advertising in Toronto hits the bulls eye...or something

  120. Visualizing the Walmart infection

    A very viral map of Walmarts explosive growth across the U.S.

  121. thestar.com: iPhone edition

    The Toronto Star launches an iPhone enhanced version as the other Canadian papers seem woefully behind

  122. Information design patterns

    Based on a beautifully crafted master thesis, this is a brilliant repository of patterns

  123. Small screens are better

    The iPhone shows that, in interface design, less really can be more

  124. Touch and gestures in JavaScript

    The iPhone API for these new events is thoroughly deconstructed.

  125. Minor changes for big effect in iPhone 2.0

    Sure, there are some new applications to download, but the big win with the iPhone 2.0 software is the subtle changes to the user experience, proving, once again, how attention to details can exponentially increase the perceived value of a product. (The other part, though, is making sure people can access that product.)

  126. iPhone apps

    Tomorrow, Canada will get its first legal iPhone, but, as well-covered in the press, it will pay an unbelievable price for the privilege. Coincidentally, I’ll be getting my second and handing the first one — the iPhone that introduced me to Seattle — to the same person who made packing tape a necessary feature for the phone.

  127. Spectator's last post

    Toronto Life has shuttered its blogs and the great Doug Bell signs-off with a brilliantly layered entry

  128. Opera Web Standards Curriculum

    Chris Mills has done a heroic job developing a massive collection of Web standards-based learning resources

  129. Silverback review

    This comprehensive review was enough to convince me of this usability program's value

  130. Identi.ca

    Interesting concept for a Twitter replacement (I'm "saila" there) - no API at launch tho

  131. Canadian colour palette

    Colour for each of Canada's cities

  132. Canada Day rant

    Living in the U.S. puts into context how important it is not to become complacent about Canada’s national perception.

  133. Le chandail

    NFB, Roch Carrier, and Maurice Richard

  134. CSS variables

    WebKit nightly builds support a much desired CSS feature

  135. Tyson Homosexual

    When political agendas interfere with the news process, the names of Olympic athletes become schoolyard jokes

  136. A Netflix for magazines

    Interesting concept allows you to rent magazines on a subscription

  137. Rogers destroying Citytv

    Once North America's most innovative TV station, Rogers is systematically eviscerating the channel

  138. Canadian iPhone pricing

    Rogers rate plan means my usage of the iPhone would cost me twice as much in Canada as in the U.S.

  139. Real 3-D holographic displays

    Appropriately demonstrated using a Star Wars spacecraft

  140. Better CSS font stacks

    An excellent collection of font collections to use to ensure everyone has the best chance of seeing the type the way you intended them to

  141. Happy Birthday UPC

    Thirty years ago, the first product ever was checked using the Universal Product Code

  142. What every Web designer should know

    Andy Rutledge goes throw the skills Web designers should have, and most are not what you would expect

  143. Noticing differences

    When asked about the differences I’ve seen with the U.S. and Canada, my response has not been about the money, the accents, or the milk containers, but rather it involves the level of cultural tolerance.

  144. Eric's Trip: the movie

    A low-fi documentary about the low-fi pioneers filmed by band member Rick White

  145. The secret vault of Lego

    All the Lego sets ever made have been saved in one magical place

  146. Seattle's newest 'hood: Radio Point

    Appears that the little triangle where I live is being contested by two different neighbourhoods

  147. about:robots

    They have a plan

  148. Delaying news in the Internet era

    NYTimes.com talks a bit about how Tim Russert's death was leaked online

  149. Preloading CSS images

    A jQuery plug-in walks through CSS files to cache images to improve loading time

  150. Ice on Mars

    Real, water ice and MarsPhoenix twittered the news

  151. Air India 182

    June 22 marks on of Canada's darkest moments and people need to know why

  152. Examining the new Orlando Sentinel

    Candid discussions about the dramatic new design of a Florida newspaper

  153. Visualizing a rendering engine

    Three videos show how Firefox renders Web pages

  154. Number Stations reimagined

    Video collage of a MySpace security process feels like the shortwave espionage broadcasts

  155. Firefox 3 already challenging Safari

    Within 24 hours, Firefox 3 around a 4% marketshare (Safari has about 6%)

  156. David Crow on FreshBooks

    Toronto Web tech don profiles the terrific online invoicing service

  157. The paragraph in Web tyopgraphy

    Jon Tangerine loving details the ways to treat a paragraph on a Web page

  158. Good Bloomsday to you

    Also known as the secret St. Patrick's Day

  159. On Tim Russert

    Not being American, the reason to Russert's death surprised me; this helps explain it

  160. On Ken Alexander's resgination

    Douglas Brown offers an honest take on the Walrus editor

  161. globeandmail.com free

    The product that occupied the least enjoyable chunk of my time at the Globe is now gone (funny how it wasn't mentioned when I met with them tho)

  162. First impressions of BarCamp Seattle

    Probably a result of the venue, what with its actual class rooms filled with podiums, projectors, and microphones, the formality of this Seattle BarCamp is far more implicit than ever it was at the Toronto BarCamps (except for the one held, coincidentally, at the MSN Canada offices). Lots of hallway buzz, but the sessions have been sadly distracted by the jackhammering going on outside the Adobe building.

  163. Heading to BarCamp Seattle

    This is being written on a bus (the 30) as I tardily trek to BarCamp Seattle — only the first of many differences between my experiences with the BarCamp scene in Toronto (although, coincidentally, on my way to the first Toronto BarCamp, I spotted some infamous graffiti on the outside of a Starbucks franchise).

  164. Yahoo! Design Stencil Kit

    Wireframe stencils for a wide number of Web design elements

  165. Firefox Mobile concept video

    Very interesting demo of a mobile Web browsing interface

  166. Seattle colder than Siberia

    Travelling from Toronto's almost 40C weather to Seattle's low teens has knocked my body for a loop

  167. Media ethics and citizen journalism

    Think piece from the New York Times about the need to identify oneself as a reporter

  168. Capitoll Hill garage sale

    On June 14, 2008 there will be about a dozen sales happening throughout the neighbourhood

  169. CBC loses The Hockey Theme

    Hockey Night in Canada will no longer have its iconic theme now that CTV has bought the rights to the song

  170. Beta TTC site

    Looks like a corporate site designed by committee, and lacks any personality

  171. The Globe and Mail e-Edition Newsreader

    My former colleagues put together a very usable interface for browsing an electronic edition of the paper.

  172. Goodbye Gardiner

    A sizable chunk Toronto's downtown highway will finally be torn down (now if only Seattle could do the same with I-5)

  173. Phiculator

    Easily calculate the golden mean

  174. IETester

    A Web designers dream: four versions of Internet Explorer in one interface

  175. Why HTML5's video tag is dumb

    Mike Chambers demos the efforts get Flash working with 'video' in HTML5

  176. Why ads fail online

    A solid explanation on why traditional advertising models don't work online

  177. Google aves your scripts

    Google volunteers to cache popular JavaScript libraries

  178. CBC being spammed?

    Looks like someone if try to clog the CBC with nuisance information requests

  179. The New York Times API

    First RSS and now this: the newspaper of record is hoping to allow others to mash-up its archive in a very atomic way.

  180. Translating Pork and Bean

    Weezer's new video broken do into its 24 parts

  181. Jane's brand timeline

    A clever portrait of a day rendered by the brands (and identifiably Torontonian)

  182. NYTimes and "link journalism"

    Scott Karp shows how true online journalism can work

  183. Newsroom Barometer 2008

    A survey of a news editors throughout the globe on what they think online news trends will be

  184. Client-side storage without cookies

    Not really sure how this works, but it could come in very handy

  185. Canada finally gets movie downloads

    Bell Canada has stuck a deal that lets Canadians rent movies online for too much money

  186. TimesMachine replaces microfiche

    If you don't know what microfiche is, then just know this is the far better way to browse old newspapers

  187. Virtual hosting into Parallels

    Simple how-to for viewing locally hosted Web sites in a Mac and Windows environment

  188. "3.0" jumps the shark

    William Morris has launched a new division called Agency 3.0

  189. Love hates Cobain

    Nirvana is reuniting for Sub Pop's 20th anniversary show. In Redmond, WA. Home of Microsoft. No more should be said.

  190. Webmonkey is back!

    The best Web building site of the '90s has been resurrected

  191. Over simplifying it

    The 37signas entry on the best design agency site is right; the inspirational site however is an absolute joke (it is a joke, right?)

  192. Capitol Hill Arts Center moving

    The CHAC is leaving its current location and hoping to buy its own; Crave stays, though

  193. Type: Metallophile Sp8

    Looking at 1950s era flash cards on Saturday, I wished for a digital version of that printed lettering - here it is.

  194. Political fonts

    Explaining the power of type in political campaigns

  195. AGO logos over time

    The new one strains my eyes, Bruce Mau did a far better job in 1997

  196. Credit card logos

    A collection to fit just about any design need

  197. CBS gets CNET and the best domains

    PaidConent.org notes the amazing domain names CBS gets with its US$1.8B CNET purchase

  198. Cubescape

    Build anything with isometric boxes jQuery thanks to Cameron Adams

  199. Knight News Challenge 2008 winners

    One Canadian and one creator of the World Wide Web among the winners

  200. Ex-CBC editor-in-chief jumps to Al-Jazeera

    Tony Burman joins fellow Canuck Avi Lewis at the news network

  201. Da Vinci's Inquest coming back

    Probably one of the best drama's aired on Canadian TV is returning for a couple of hours

  202. Google Doctype

    An open compendium of the best Web practices, spearheaded by Mark Pilgrim

  203. Timelapse CSS

    Curious little demo showing CSS rules plaed one by one to a plain HTML page

  204. Times Reader coming to the Mac

    Finally, the news reader is ported to Mac via Silverlight

  205. Session variables without cookies

    Impressive research on a method I once used to circumvent cross-site security

  206. Yahoo! Internet Location Platform

    Cataloguing all the places in the world in one open API

  207. Descendent selectors slow CSS rendering

    But by such a miniscule amount, it is important to remember that better performance != best practice

  208. The Real Homer Simpson

    Amazing (and creepy) rendering of what Homer Simpson would look like were he flesh-and-blood

  209. User Interface Resource Center

    Articles and links on UI and RIA design

  210. Eric's Trip playing SP20

    The Sub Pop 20th anniversary party now includes on of Canada's best lo-fi bands

  211. Unobtrusive JavaScript with jQuery

    Links and resources from a three hour tutorial presented by Simon Willison

  212. Opera Dragonfly released

    The new Web development tool is still an alpha but is big step forward for Opera

  213. Canadians forget the iPhone...

    The Zune is finally coming to Canada! (Thus becoming the first non-U.S. market to enjoy Microsoft's iPod clone.)

  214. Tom. Waits.

    The man announces his tour in a way only he could

  215. Canada shuts down Access to Information database

    Harper's government has shutdown a free database journalists, politicians and others used to find publicly available documents

  216. Nielsen improves metrics

    At least in that they now claim to track combined mobile and PC Web use

  217. HTML-parsing JavaScript

    Imppressive script reads and builds HTML on the client-side

  218. Google's design principles

    Nice to see user experience goals played so prominently

  219. The real power of CSS

    An unbelievable animation of Homer Simpson done in basic HTML and CSS.

  220. Tax deadline extended

    So it wasn't just me, heavy traffic did take down the Netfile site

  221. iPhone really coming to Canada

    After months of speculation and rumour Canada will get its Roger's enabled iPhone

  222. Mobile screen sizes

    Think big, as the new minimum looks to be 240 x 320

  223. Web page sizes triple

    The average Web page file size is now ore than 312Kb and calls nearly 50 objects.

  224. Online karma

    After laying off its online production department, is it a surprise that TheStar.com's news coverage suffers?

  225. TTC strike summary

    Torontoist has an excellent overview of the short-lived transit strike.

  226. CSS Variables

    Most definitely not a W3C proposal, but one every Web designer would love to see implemented.

  227. Opera gets a JavaScript debugger

    Dragonfly will be Opera's delayed response to tools like Firebug

  228. Defining the Web design elite

    nGen's doing it one cartoony face at a time.

  229. Thank Twitter

    Good post to counter some negative sentiment, even if 37signals has undeclared bias in the debate

  230. Calculating hours

    Good advice on pricing the project management part of design work.

  231. McDonald's mocks Starbucks

    How many layers of irony can you see in the McDonald's espresso ad spotted in Seattle?

  232. Curley leaving WaPo?

    Rumours are Tob Curley will be heading to the Django-powered Las vegas Sun.

  233. Web Directions North podcasts up

    The podcasts from the speakers at Web Directions North 2008 at our now online, and offer some great listening.

  234. Torstar elimintates Internet staff

    The entire Internet production staff at the Toronto Star has been laid-off.

  235. Arrived in Seattle FAQ

    Some answers to questions about our first months in Seattle.

  236. Today's front pages

    Collect the Newseum's newspaper front pages into one document.

  237. Testing the mobile Web

    Similar to the Acid tests, the W3C has unveiled a Web standards test for mobile browsers -- none fully pass it.

  238. Not a Google beta

    Trust me, this beta isn’t supposed to be a permanent feature.

  239. "Ouimet" calls it quites

    The anonymous CBC manager who began by blogging about the strike, signs off

  240. CSS Gradients

    WebKit now does gadients, but at what price inter-operability?

  241. Load the scripts you need

    A simple script that will dynamically request only the JavaScripts required by the page.

  242. A decade of Black Flag hair

    The American harcore band's coif stylings

  243. The new Musseum station

    ROM-inspired look is better than expected, especially the station name on the walls.

  244. Webby nominees for 2008

    The Globe and Mail and the CBC are both up for one.

  245. Bumbershoot 2008 lineup

    Seattle's amazing music and arts festival unveiled some of the performers scheduled to appear

  246. Design Coding

    The Web Standardista's new rap.

  247. The EveryBlock issue of A List Apart

    Two great articles from the folks at Holovaty's hyper local company

  248. Google Maps as a narrative tool

    Good, fiction that experiments with the Web's new user experiences.

  249. ISO to define UX

    Apparently,there is to be an International Standard for Human Centred Design that codifies user experience.

  250. Canadian newspapers healthy

    Differences between Canada and the U.S., number 301

  251. Conversations as the new stats

    Probably not new to most bloggers, but increasingly important for news sites to realize.

  252. JavaScript "TimeMachine"

    An early effort to duplicate the Mac OS's TimeMachine effect in JavaScript

  253. Visualizng rhythms of text

    Stefanie Posavec has created some stunning work inspired by "On The Road"

  254. CSS compatibility and IE

    A comprehensive guide to what is and is not supported in the various versions of Internet Explorer.

  255. Defining the Open Web

    Brad Neuberg helps explain what it means and explains why it is important.

  256. Best news photo gallery

    A couple of my co-workers work was chosen as the NPAA's Best of Photojournalism for 2008

  257. Geogrpahic bias in news coverage

    A visualization about how regions less coverage, the further away it is from the paper's base.

  258. iPhone optimization

    A little JavaScript that optimizes the presentation of a site on an iPhone

  259. Caprica a go

    BSG prequel will probably be shot in Vancouver, allowing CBC to call it "Canadian made"

  260. State of the media - 2008

    The fifth survey of journalism in the U.S. is out

  261. CBC P2Ping it's shows

    Okay, not all of them, just "Canada's Next Great Prime Minister" but it is a start.

  262. Levi's retro ads

    Four commercials from the 1970s shows how amazing ads could be

  263. Dual-sided, translucent touch-screens

    A patent filing from Apple showcases some innovative new interface ideas.

  264. SI.com opens its archive

    Magazine hopes to stave of competitors by opening up decades of articles to the Web

  265. CBC cancels more good shows

    JPod and the outstanding Intelligence are cancelled (the latter will probably appear as a U.S. adaption soon enough, though).

  266. iPhone SDK

    The iPhone Developer program is unveiled.

  267. Download IE8

    The first Beta can now be downloaded

  268. Making iPhone icons

    Need a custom icon for your Web app on the iPhone. stress no more.

  269. Pownce's new API

    Pownce offers a complete API that now includes the ability to post notes...but is it too late?

  270. New media criticism blog

    Douglas Bell is bringing his humourous voice to a new blog from TorotntoLife.com

  271. Give IE8 a break

    Tiff Fehr asks the Web standards community to help IE8 developers out for a change.

  272. Infographic: box office

    NYTimes.com demonstrates the ebb and flow of movie revenue.

  273. Eyetracking search forms

    Early findings into the effectiveness of come search form layouts.

  274. Eyetracking label placement

    Where are form labels most effective?

  275. Sasquatch 2008 lineup

    Unbelievable line-up for long-weekend music fest

  276. Keming

    A new typography term.

  277. Dimensions: xScope's killer

    The screen measurement feature of this little app is worth more than all the other features combined,

  278. Fire ravages Queen West

    Six-alarm fire destroys some of Toronto's great, independent stores.

  279. EveryBlock: the real story

    Rex Sorgatz talks to Adrian Holovaty about the super-hyper-local site

  280. Calis building the semantic Web?

    Reuters' little open-source project sounds almost too good to be true.

  281. Transcripts as video navigation

    NYTimes.com has a clever, easily searchable video navigation tool for the 2008 State of the Union

  282. Toronto.com: ten years of mediocracy

    BlogTO.com does a insightful analysis on the "city search" portal

  283. Revisitng Wired 1.1

    The founding editor, Louis Rossetto, responds to a very in-depth review of the magazines first issue.

  284. Award-winning newspaper design

    And who says print is dead?

  285. Good redesign numbers

    AOL's recent redesign shows how good design can lift the bottom line.

  286. New Xerox logo

    Shiny, and very "x" -- kinda reminds me a certain game console's logo in fact...

  287. Yahoo rejects Microsoft

    Yahoo Board claims the $44.6B undervalues the company. Yeah. Okay.

  288. No version switching for HTML5

    Says Chris Wilson, Platform Architect of the Internet Explorer Platform team.

  289. Principles of effective Web design

    Smashing assembles some genuinely good advice.

  290. Pay-asyou-throw garbage

    Toronto's new plan seems far more sensible than the one used in Seattle now

  291. Knight Rider revival

    This article contains enough interconnected pop cultural references to fry KITT's motherboard.

  292. IE8 preview at Mix08

    Not a huge surprise, but IE8 is now officially being previewed this March.

  293. sailaTV

    Yahoo! Live enables everyone to be just like Justin.

  294. Free book on digital literacy for journalists

    An excellent resource for online journalism as its practiced today.

  295. Time-merged media

    Kottke examines the manipulation o time on linear media.

  296. Obit: chicagocrime.org

    Holovaty's site, for me and many others, was one of the exemplary Web 2.0 sites.

  297. Toronto’s best Web evangelist

    The well deserving, TorCamp muse David Crow.

  298. TransitCamp II

    The successful TransitCamp will be mounted again, and this time will discuss transit issues in the Greater Toronto Area.

  299. OfficeMac 2008 annoyances

    A timely Flickr pool of bugbears in the Mac OS version of Office.

  300. Web Directions North ‘08 kicks off

    Coming to this year’s Web Directions North provided me with a very memorable first: entering Canada for the first time as a U.S. resident.

  301. Excellent investigative journalism online

    Yes, its from MSNBC.com, but I had nothing to do with it so I say without bias this is piece on bridges at risk is a tremendous piece of reporting.

  302. The State of Media

    Deloitte's second survey on changing media attitudes amongst the generations has some good insight (PDF)

  303. Leonard Cohen to tour again

    Never expected to see him perform live again.

  304. HTML5 is a draft

    Keep in mind it is a draft, and won't be real this decade, but it is a major evolution of the mark-up language used to build the Web.

  305. EveryBlock launches

    Adrian Holovaty's hyper-local site launches and offers exactly the kind of site I would want for local information...when comes Seattle?

  306. Starbucks trying to suck me in

    Starbucks is experimenting with $1 coffees with free refills in Seattle.

  307. Opting-in to use Web standards

    Jeremy Keith exactly sums up mine (and many other peoples) concerns over the plans to lock-in browser compatibility.

  308. IE8 and future compatibility

    Chris Wilson, Internet Explorer's Platform Architect, explains how IE8 plans to not break the Web.

  309. Microsoft lunch tour

    Reviewing all the various Microsoft campus cafes.