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Some Technology Posts.

  1. Real-world analytics

    Euclid Elements tracks customer behaviour in stores like one does on websites with Google Analytics

  2. Let there be life

    Officially branded (in its genes) JCVI-syn1.0, this creature - Venter's Frankenbug -- is the first without an ancestor

  3. Trained toasters

    Advertising cutting edge technology circa 1936

  4. 1984 Macintosh review

    "Any files that you have created are also graphically depicted on your electronic 'desk top.'"

  5. Bladeless fan

    Dyson finds inspiration in a hair dryer to reinvent the fan

  6. Geek's guide to Seattle

    Microsoft and Amazon landmarks are amongst the locations highlighted

  7. Everything you didn't know about tech and media

    Or at least 25 bits of trivia

  8. Most wired U.S. city

    Seattle (seems also to be the most wirelessed, too)

  9. Minor changes for big effect in iPhone 2.0

    Sure, there are some new applications to download, but the big win with the iPhone 2.0 software is the subtle changes to the user experience, proving, once again, how attention to details can exponentially increase the perceived value of a product. (The other part, though, is making sure people can access that product.)

  10. iPhone apps

    Tomorrow, Canada will get its first legal iPhone, but, as well-covered in the press, it will pay an unbelievable price for the privilege. Coincidentally, I’ll be getting my second and handing the first one — the iPhone that introduced me to Seattle — to the same person who made packing tape a necessary feature for the phone.

  11. Silverback review

    This comprehensive review was enough to convince me of this usability program's value

  12. Real 3-D holographic displays

    Appropriately demonstrated using a Star Wars spacecraft

  13. Happy Birthday UPC

    Thirty years ago, the first product ever was checked using the Universal Product Code

  14. Ice on Mars

    Real, water ice and MarsPhoenix twittered the news

  15. Dual-sided, translucent touch-screens

    A patent filing from Apple showcases some innovative new interface ideas.

  16. iPhone SDK

    The iPhone Developer program is unveiled.

  17. Disposable fuel cells by Bic?

    Forget recharging batteries, Bic wants to develop a replaceable fuel cell that can power a cell phone for weeks.

  18. Amazon's Kindle

    The new e-reader tremendously improves on other similar offerings, but the interface and display will still disappoint most people.

  19. Home computer sales dropping

    ...in Japan, which could signal a future North American trend (assuming the mobile space gets worked out).

  20. iPhone unlocked

    So will Rogers brings an official one to Canada or will we will Canucks need to hack it?

  21. Mossberg & Pogue: iPhone not hype

    The two big American tech reviewers praise the iPhone (which passed the typing test) criticizing only the AT&T network

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