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October 2009’s Posts.

  1. Simple Desktops

    Tom Watson collects desktops backgrounds for the minimalist

  2. Visualizing cell size

    Effectively simple, powers of ten style diagram of the scale microscopic objects

  3. Open letter to the CBC about the news relaunch

    This letter was sent in response to CBC’s relaunch of its news offerings and relates directly to the changes to The National.

  4. Interactive sketching notation

    How to sketch out event-based user actions

  5. Allowed rel values

    HTML 5 limits the values for the rel attributes to certain values

  6. National Post risks closure

    Conrad Black's dream reduced to being a pawn in bankruptcy negotiations

  7. Making online premium ads possible

    Scaling a premium experience could bring much value for online publishers

  8. Mapping bike routes

    Ride the City maps the best or safest route from point A to B

  9. CBC's The National redesigns

    New site appears in the hours before the revamped newscast

  10. 1984 Macintosh review

    "Any files that you have created are also graphically depicted on your electronic 'desk top.'"

  11. What really brought down the Eastern Bloc

    Hint - it wasn't Reagan or "people power"

  12. Toronto's Ossington experiment

    The bar and restaurant restrictions could be extended city-wide

  13. New CNN.com design

    The look follows the trend of featuring more inline media

  14. Impressive CSS typography controls

    Mozilla is exploring some new rules to expose type-specific features in CSS

  15. CBC revamps news again

    Features a build-your-own online version of The National and a familiar abbreviation

  16. Canada abandons net neutrality

    Canadian ISPs allowed to shape traffic if they tell customers about it

  17. Apple to patent CSS animation effects

    Not cool at all.

  18. Typotheque Web Font Service

    Type foundry unveils a well-rounded collection of Web fonts for use with @font-face

  19. Protovis

    Create impressive data visualizations with this open-source JavaScript library

  20. Transit app building workshop

    Seattle's agency wants to make it easier to develop apps using its transit data, unlike other transit agency (TTC, for example)

  21. Grouping mobile apps

    An intelligent way to start classifying mobile (read: iPhone) apps

  22. Good HTML 5 and CSS 3 tutorial

    A good step-by-step for mimicking the Webkit Sticky Notes demo

  23. A/B testing headlines

    Now writers can enjoy the benefits of market-driven intelligence

  24. Bladeless fan

    Dyson finds inspiration in a hair dryer to reinvent the fan

  25. IAs pitch to Tages-Anzeiger

    The UX design agency shares its entire proposal to redesign the renowned Swiss newspaper

  26. Boing Boing readers and @font-face

    Webmonkey explains why the reaction to Boing Boing's redesign may have been more severe than it could have been

  27. Photoshop for the iPhone

    Really. (Of course, the feature set is scaled down just a bit)

  28. Font embedding 101

    How to get nice type on Web pages with only some pain

  29. Repositioning the news

    Something is in the air on the second day of National Newspaper Week, as two major Canadian media sites redesigned along with one American blog. Meanwhile, the Economist thickened its pay-wall and Canwest is seeking bankruptcy protection.

  30. iPhone choice for Canadians

    Three Canadian companies, up from one, could be offering iPhones; does this mean AT&T's monopoly is next to fall

  31. Look inside first

    If you move get beyond his characteristic pique, Joe Clark makes important points about the insecurities within the Canadian media-verse

  32. Flash apps on the iPhone

    Adobe one-ups Apple by creating a way to automatically convert Flash apps into native iPhone apps

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