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Online media matters


January 2009’s Posts.

  1. Open-source politics

    The embrace of social media, unconferences and community politics is pushing Toronto into the vanguard of open-source politics.

  2. BaconCamp

    In the spirit of BarCamp - a celebration of bacon

  3. Fluid grid template

    Up to 16-column grid design that is flexible and fluid. Remember when this used to be almost impossible in CSS?

  4. IE8 almost done

    The best IE browser built to date is now available as a release candidate

  5. Gigapixel image: Where's Obama?

    Amazing panorama of the U.S. president giving his inauguration speech (try viewing full-screen on a 30" monitor!)

  6. Most wired U.S. city

    Seattle (seems also to be the most wirelessed, too)

  7. New stopdesign

    Doug Bowman unveils a new look for his now, more personal, blog

  8. Mobile JavaScript library

    XUI is library optimized for modern mobile devices

  9. Ingram and Nieman

    Mathew Ingram joins the Nieman Journalism Lab

  10. Live web coverage of subway shooting

    The Globe and Mail is using Cover It Live technology to do instant community updates on the news story

  11. Obama's inauguration

    Poynter's collecting screen shots as news sites cover this historic day in U.S. politics

  12. Pushing the news UI

    A critique of GlobalPost turns into an examination of future potential

  13. Broken font-weight

    CSS's font-weight remains broken in all but one browser variant used today

  14. Chicago Tribune goes tabloid

    Subscribers will continue to get the broadsheet - interesting arrangement, not sure I see the savings

  15. Promoting the new, new journalism

    New York features on the interactive journalist at NYTimes.com

  16. Seattle P-I: bye-bye?

    The Seattle Post Intelligencer is being put up for sale, which is the complicated way to stop printing the newspaper

  17. And now the Globe

    Canada's national newspaper now facing layoffs

  18. The State of the Web 2008

    John Allsopp has released the summary of his extensive survey of professional web designers and developers

  19. The world with the Times

    Interesting article examining what might happen to the New York Times

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