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Some Usability Posts.

  1. Google News simplifies

    Browsing is less noisy with contextual features hidden beneath a hover and click

  2. Conniving UI patterns

    Dark Patterns catalogues interfaces intentionally design to make you do the wrong thing

  3. The last typewriter repairmen

    Photo essay on about a waning trade, some good lessons to be found in the index typewriter, too

  4. Psychology and UX design

    Understanding how the brain, the visual system, memory, and motivation work helps user experience design

  5. Nielsen on the iPad

    The always conservative usability pundit shares his first findings about the user interface of iPad apps

  6. Notes from Canux 2009

    Bryce Johnson collection of 200 tweets from the conference

  7. A/B testing headlines

    Now writers can enjoy the benefits of market-driven intelligence

  8. Everything you wanted to know about A/B testing

    But were afraid to ask (answered in the form of 114 slides)

  9. Making the NPR iPhone app

    Good description on the making of a great news app for the iPhone

  10. iPhone-style password fields

    A jQuery plug-in that obscures all but the last character in a password field

  11. Chase erases the user experience

    The user-friendly experience that attracted customers like me to WaMu is being lost

  12. Capitol Hill bus map

    Modelled on London's transit maps, this bus map shows the routes centred on one of Seattle neighbourhoods

  13. Making decisions about user research

    Eight questions to ask when debating when to do research

  14. Multi-touch Firefox

    The gestures don't sound intuitive, but its a nice start to browsing the Web with your fingers

  15. 100E2R

    Terrific case for having big, onscreen text

  16. Creating great search results

    Advice on making a search result do what it needs to do

  17. Small screens are better

    The iPhone shows that, in interface design, less really can be more

  18. Silverback review

    This comprehensive review was enough to convince me of this usability program's value

  19. User Interface Resource Center

    Articles and links on UI and RIA design

  20. View all (it might be a looong page, though)