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June 2009’s Posts.

  1. EveryBlock source code released

    This is a huge milestone for the company, the Knight Foundation, and online journalism

  2. New online ad units

    Remember when I said the banner ad was dead, well, prepare for the new ads

  3. Lebowski Fest Seattle

    July 20: an outdoor screening of the movie; July 21: bowling

  4. 50 reasons to love my hometown

    Or: why Toronto rocks

  5. The Globe and Mail faces strike

    A note from the publisher of Canada's national newspaper on a potential June 30 strike by the paper's employees

  6. Death and news

    Every time I post about a celebrity death in this blog, I think about how its title could be badly misconstrued. Nevertheless…

  7. Chase erases the user experience

    The user-friendly experience that attracted customers like me to WaMu is being lost

  8. Newspapers weren't always boring

    Great post fleshing out my favourite analogy: early newspapers vs. online news sites

  9. How to do crowd-sourced journalism

    Simon Willison details what was involved in Guardian's expense investigation

  10. How to do crowd-sourced journalism

    Simon Willison details what was involved in Guardian's expense investigation

  11. Garbage cam

    A garbage can in my former neighbourhood's parkette is now a barometer for the Toronto civic workers' strike

  12. Infinite Summer

    Or, A Sublimely Fun Read I'll Likely Do Again

  13. Presenting the new news

    An aggregated page tracking #IranElection acts as a living prototype of the next online news sites

  14. leerichmond.org

    Finally, a functional site for Lee Richmond (thanks Tumblr!)

  15. Oprah likes Niedzviecki

    Toronto writer (and former zine-maker and neighbour) Hal Niedzviecki has his The Peep Diaries made as one of Oprah's book picks

  16. Opera Unite

    Essentially, Opera 10 comes with it's own server for sharing files, pictures and content from your computer across the Web

  17. CSS3 features now

    Thirteen features already implemented by more than one browser

  18. Canada's best music for 2009

    The Polaris 2009 long list has been announced

  19. The National through the decades

    Seven clips featuring the intros to CBC's national news show during the past 30 years

  20. Tiananmen Square, 20 years ago

    A photograph of an iconic moment from a new perspective should remind us the full story has still not been told

  21. Monotype permits Web use of typefaces

    For non-commercial use (does that cover blogs with ads?) in the Embedded OpenType format (IE-only)

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