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Online media matters


Some Family Posts.

  1. leerichmond.org

    Finally, a functional site for Lee Richmond (thanks Tumblr!)

  2. Wha’ happened?

    Although part of the reason for the extended quiet here was due to the Digital Web Magazine redesign I was involved in, it mostly had to do with my dad’s unexpected, but much welcomed, transplant surgery. As he recovers — which he is doing quite nicely — we’re keep a blog-record of it to keep people informed (to visit, enter www.saila.com/ and then his first name, in lowercase). Ironically that blog will be pushing this blog to finally repair it’s comment system.

  3. Happenings


  4. The Distillery District; tabbed newspaper

    The Gooderham and Worts Distillery has been closed to the public for almost 170 years. As part of the Toronto’s efforts to reclaim its waterfront, the complex is re-opening, and becoming the anchor for a new neighbourhood.

  5. Get a Coaster this St. Patrick’s Day

    Any country country that got me dancing, can’t be all that bad—happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  6. CANOE at six; AWOL show

    CANOE had its sixth anniversary on March 4, and unlike past years, there was no big mention of it on the site. In fact, go to the history section and you’ll see no mention of it. The message that greets you is from last year, and the timeline has been updated since last January.

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