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Some Browsers Posts.

  1. Google Chrome beats IE

    The world's most popular browser is no longer Internet Explorer, it's Chrome. Wow.

  2. Old Internet Explorers get an update

    Microsoft will autoupdate IE to help ensure the newest possible version is installed

  3. IE 10 drops conditional comments

    One of the most useful tool to beat Internet Explorer into shape is no longer needed

  4. IE10 preview released

    Microsoft is on a Google-like pace when it's coming to new browser updates

  5. Firefox 4 released, finally

    The latest version of the open-source browser is a significant update

  6. IE6 Countdown

    Even Microsoft wants to see Internet Explorer 6 get off the Web

  7. IE9 developers guide

    The updated notes for the first release candidate latest (and very good) browser

  8. Web browser thru history

    Nice visualization of inconsistent progress marking browser development during the past 15 years

  9. Smart(phone) browsers of the Web

    Survey of the mobile browser space, and advice on developing and testing on it

  10. New York Times' Web app

    The newspaper builds a Chrome app that brings iPad-like functionality to the browser

  11. IE9's new look

    The next version of Internet Explorer may launch on September 15th with a minimal interface

  12. Firefox heatmap


  13. optimizeLegibility extension

    Jim Ray creates a simple Safari extension to improve how type is rendered on page

  14. IE9 and HTML5

    Third developer preview looks amazing, all the more so to those debugging early IE browsers

  15. IE9 best practices

    Overview of how, when, and why to use Internet Explorer's compatibility features

  16. Safari fine

    The latest upgrade to Apple's Web browser brings a promising set of new features.

  17. Performance of conditional comments

    Seems like using IE's conditional comments might slow page loads in that browser

  18. Opera Mini on the iPhone

    Apple approves the Opera mobile browser for use on its iPhone and iPod - could Fennec be next?

  19. IE5 Mac at 10 years

    The most influential browser since Mosaic, IE5 Mac set the standard for today's modern browsers

  20. IE9 preview available

    Quick tests of new browser seem to put it almost on par with the latest Firefox and Safari releases

  21. A Safari adventure

    With the exception of a few years when Internet Explorer was actually the more standard-compliant browser, I’ve always surfed the Web with a Netscape-originated browser. I supported Mozilla when it was still struggling to make something even approaching a usable browser. My name was one of thousands to be found in a New York Times ad announcing Firefox’s debut. I have friends that work with Mozilla.

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