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April 2011’s Posts.

  1. Newspapers fight for ad dollars

    Printed newspapers are allowing more innovative, and intrusive, front-page advertising

  2. CSS tidy

    Online tool to format one's CSS exactly as desired

  3. Teehan+Lax Labs

    Creating an innovation lab within a creative company is a growing, and smart, trend 

  4. Mag-apps, revisited

    A year after the iPad debut, how are magazines producing their iPad editions?

  5. The original Toronto Standard

    Unlike the version currently online, the 19th century paper was steadfastly conservative

  6. Muzzling the election

    What Elections Canada ban on reporting the results means for news organizations and social media

  7. News.me launching?

    Bit.ly's personal newspaper iPad app looks to be coming soon, and priced like the Daily

  8. Where you've been

    A small app to reveal on a map wherever you've been with an iPhone 

  9. First digital-only Pulitzer won

    ProPublica wins its second Pulitzer Prize, and the first for a group of non-print stories

  10. Sports story written by robot

    And reads better and an general (human) reporter's own version

  11. Canadian election history

    All the federal election results since Confederation in one iPhone app

  12. 308 places in Canada

    The Globe and Mail is enlisting Twitter to help cover the federal election on a local basis

  13. Did Bloomberg Businesswek find the right price

    Based on reviews for the iPad app, the $2.99/week cost is just fine

  14. IE10 preview released

    Microsoft is on a Google-like pace when it's coming to new browser updates

  15. 2011 Mesh Prize

    Apply now for the $40,000 prize rewarding a project that improves Canada's digital industry

  16. News org Webby nominations

    The New York Times, NPR, CNN, CBC, and Guardian all nominated in the annual Web awards

  17. Enemies of indie Net TV

    A sobering list of what makes independent online video a significant business challenge

  18. Mobile stock info

    Globe Investor improved its mobile site, updating its stock and chart pages

  19. Future of Media 2011 recap

    For those who couldn't attend , this is a good summary of a great discussion

  20. Toronto Standard

    Slick new Toronto news site launches with some big names and a nice backstory

  21. Canada's magazine awards exposed

    Some of the potential finalists were revealed to the public and causes confusion

  22. 2011 U.S. National Magazine Awards finalists

    As collected by longform.org for reading later. Smart.

  23. 33 Bloomberg Businessweek covers

    And counting. Posted on Flickr. Crisis in Japan is brilliant.

  24. Future of Media 2011

    Some smart people discuss ideas on the future of media, prior to a sold out event in Toronto 

  25. Paywalls or memberships

    Interesting look at how The New York Times could look to NPR for money-earning ideas

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