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2011’s Posts.

  1. Google Chrome beats IE

    The world's most popular browser is no longer Internet Explorer, it's Chrome. Wow.

  2. Old Internet Explorers get an update

    Microsoft will autoupdate IE to help ensure the newest possible version is installed

  3. Generating typographic portraits

    Some lessons learned about getting optimal performance from process-heavy web apps

  4. Don't be a free user

    Pinboard creator explains why paying for stuff you like is a good thing

  5. The history of Toronto in photos

    Compiling all @BlogTO's photos of the changing landscape of Toronto into one super post

  6. NYTimes - Nose to Tail

    Great deck explaining the inner workings of the New York Times APIs

  7. Statistics Canada data to be free

    Finally, it looks like Canada will allow free use of all the data collected in the 2011 census

  8. Web Symbols typeface

    Free collection of nicely designed dingbats for today's web

  9. Borked Unicode

    Joe Clark offers advice on producing (typographically) clean copy - too bad CMS don't play nice 

  10. Responsive ads

    Dissecting the challenges ads present to responsive web design best practices

  11. HoHoTO 2011 tickets on sale

    The annual HoHoTO party has collected than four tons of food for hungry Torontonians since 2008

  12. TEDxToronto videos

    The TED talks from Toronto's 2011 event, including David Miller's, are now online

  13. Mixel

    Khoi Vinh unveils his latest project - a social digital art for the iPad

  14. Relative digital type size

    Ethan Marcotte makes a potentially deeply technical web design topic accessible and educational 

  15. Take the train, Toronto

    In talking transit, Toronto may have forgotten the benefits of its existing rail lines

  16. Introducing Miscellany

    Reviving the idea of the old link blog to collect shared bits across the social web

  17. Design-in-residence

    Jet Cooper will be offering agile design training to help start-ups succeed more effectively

  18. Real-world analytics

    Euclid Elements tracks customer behaviour in stores like one does on websites with Google Analytics

  19. Toronto journalism-related events

    Nicely curated list of journalism & digital culture events around the city

  20. CBC's local future?

    A vague description, with lots of promise, for a new localized digital news starting in Hamilton

  21. Postmedia to charge for more content

    Canada's biggest newspaper published will be introducing a metered pay model to more of its news sites

  22. Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS

    A time-tested approach to building maintainable style rules

  23. ONA 2011 winners

    The BBC, The Globe and Mail, the Voice of San Diego take the General Excellence awards

  24. What Toronto Said

    Using open data tools to reveal what Torontonians really think the city should focus on

  25. 2011 ONA finalists announced

    Good to see such international representation (including The Globe and Mail)

  26. The 9/11 Television News Archive

    Internet Archive releases 3,000 hours of TV news footage from September 11 to 17, 2001

  27. Jack's final goodbye

    "Let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world."

  28. Timeline of web design

    Visual illustration of web design's evolution during the past two decades

  29. Eye Weekly web archive at risk

    The mind boggles at the multitude of strange decisions leading to this situation 

  30. Newspapers: Don't roll your own tablet

    A custom device for generic content is never a good idea

  31. There is no Silicon Valley North

    A heartfelt rant asking Canada to measure its tech ambitions on a global scale 

  32. Boulton on CSS Grids

    A proposal to define grids in CSS the way designers actually use grids

  33. The real measure of a site

    Making the case for ARPU - average revenue per user - for news sites

  34. Improving news design

    Intriguing suggesting for clarifying the presentation of online news sites

  35. Exposing the belly fat ads

    The U.S. government claims those ads are part of a scheme to con people of their money

  36. Reuters.com redesigns again

    New look big on pictures and suggests new editorial direction

  37. IE 10 drops conditional comments

    One of the most useful tool to beat Internet Explorer into shape is no longer needed

  38. Aggregating news well

    Some strategies for integrating aggregation into a news organizations reporting routine

  39. Hobo Lobo of Hamelin

    A beautifully crafted children's book for the digital age

  40. Toronto police on the G20

    Reviewing their actions, police find they could have done more with more officers at the G20 one-year ago

  41. Knight News Challenge 2011 winners

    Once again, an impressive selection of digital journalism projects selected by the Knight Foundation

  42. Afghan detainee files

    The Globe and Mail is asking for help to review the 4,000 pages of documents released by the government

  43. Canada's National Magazine award winners

    Ahem...listed as a PDF...in 2011

  44. On the Network manifesto

    Ten principles to reset expectations about the internet (and an 11th that made me change my style)

  45. Global TV opening its data

    Data resulting from Freedom of Information being released to the general public - this a huge step

  46. Lorem Pixum

    A dummy image generator for any size or topic

  47. Subscriber surprise

    The New York Times offers digital subscribers an exclusive, inside baseball story newsletter

  48. EveryBlock's visual evolution

    The originator of visualization of data on Google Maps looks back

  49. Future comes to the web

    Typekit unveils a web licence for the most modern of all type families

  50. Covering the news without a site

    Some good tips to ensure ongoing coverage when one's news site goes down

  51. Canadian digital media economy

    Justin Kozuch released his first annual survey of Canada's digital media business

  52. The Encyclo

    The Nieman Journalism Labs creates an encyclopedia on the future of news

  53. Building a bridge

    An open letter to Toronto’s city council to urge them to support continued construction of the Fort York Pedestrian Cycle Bridge

  54. Google News simplifies

    Browsing is less noisy with contextual features hidden beneath a hover and click

  55. Logical punctuation

    An argument to abandon the aesthetics of placing punctuation with quotes

  56. On the business of digital journalism

    Mathew Ingram offers a comprehensive summary of the report on digital news economics

  57. (Re)branding the TTC

    Comprehensive design study on how Toronto's transit system could unify its signage and brand

  58. State of mobile web development in 2011

    Self-selected survey points to increased interest in HTML5 and open mobile platforms

  59. Responsive design test app

    A simple Web app for comparing a site's responsive design fit on an iPhone and iPad

  60. 2011 Webby winners

    Seemingly as irrelevant and about brand plays as ever

  61. 2011 CAJ Award nominations

    Still no online category, but lots of good Canadian journalism nominated

  62. 2011 magazine awards

    Canada's list of National Magazine Award nominees is officially released 

  63. Newspapers fight for ad dollars

    Printed newspapers are allowing more innovative, and intrusive, front-page advertising

  64. CSS tidy

    Online tool to format one's CSS exactly as desired

  65. Teehan+Lax Labs

    Creating an innovation lab within a creative company is a growing, and smart, trend 

  66. Mag-apps, revisited

    A year after the iPad debut, how are magazines producing their iPad editions?

  67. The original Toronto Standard

    Unlike the version currently online, the 19th century paper was steadfastly conservative

  68. Muzzling the election

    What Elections Canada ban on reporting the results means for news organizations and social media

  69. News.me launching?

    Bit.ly's personal newspaper iPad app looks to be coming soon, and priced like the Daily

  70. Where you've been

    A small app to reveal on a map wherever you've been with an iPhone 

  71. First digital-only Pulitzer won

    ProPublica wins its second Pulitzer Prize, and the first for a group of non-print stories

  72. Sports story written by robot

    And reads better and an general (human) reporter's own version

  73. Canadian election history

    All the federal election results since Confederation in one iPhone app

  74. 308 places in Canada

    The Globe and Mail is enlisting Twitter to help cover the federal election on a local basis

  75. Did Bloomberg Businesswek find the right price

    Based on reviews for the iPad app, the $2.99/week cost is just fine

  76. IE10 preview released

    Microsoft is on a Google-like pace when it's coming to new browser updates

  77. 2011 Mesh Prize

    Apply now for the $40,000 prize rewarding a project that improves Canada's digital industry

  78. News org Webby nominations

    The New York Times, NPR, CNN, CBC, and Guardian all nominated in the annual Web awards

  79. Enemies of indie Net TV

    A sobering list of what makes independent online video a significant business challenge

  80. Mobile stock info

    Globe Investor improved its mobile site, updating its stock and chart pages

  81. Future of Media 2011 recap

    For those who couldn't attend , this is a good summary of a great discussion

  82. Toronto Standard

    Slick new Toronto news site launches with some big names and a nice backstory

  83. Canada's magazine awards exposed

    Some of the potential finalists were revealed to the public and causes confusion

  84. 2011 U.S. National Magazine Awards finalists

    As collected by longform.org for reading later. Smart.

  85. 33 Bloomberg Businessweek covers

    And counting. Posted on Flickr. Crisis in Japan is brilliant.

  86. Future of Media 2011

    Some smart people discuss ideas on the future of media, prior to a sold out event in Toronto 

  87. Paywalls or memberships

    Interesting look at how The New York Times could look to NPR for money-earning ideas

  88. Reading and paying for news

    Within days of the The New York Times pay-fence being unveiled, a number of reports about the well-being of the newspaper industry in Canada have been released. The sources, are, as usual, biased, but do present some interesting details.

  89. How the TTC will be privatized

    Joe Clark looks at the new advertising contract and finds lots for sale

  90. WashingtonPost.com redesigns

    The newspaper site tones down its design to better accommodate larger ad units

  91. Guitar Hero as infographic

    Original visualization of the Mid East protests by the Guardian's Garry Blight and Sheila Pulham

  92. Firefox 4 released, finally

    The latest version of the open-source browser is a significant update

  93. The Globe and Mail API

    The Globe Politics app is the first to use the newspapers new semi-public API

  94. 2010 NNA nomination's announced

    Canada's newspaper industry announced the 72 finalists for its annual awards

  95. Online media vs. bandwidth limits

    StartupNorth suggests bandwidth caps tell Canadians to innovate elsewhere

  96. The Globe Politics app

    Built by an amazing team, in a very short timeframe, and there is more still to come #cdnpoli

  97. Comscore's digital year in review for Canada

    You need to fork over your info to download it, tho

  98. Canada open data pilot project

    Canada's current, and notoriously secretive, government is starting to release some datasets

  99. Dot-ca award created

    CIRA has created the .CA Impact awards to promote websites using Canadian-specific domains

  100. La Presse's paperless future

    The Montreal newspaper plans on being digital-only in 3-5 years

  101. The story of #goldsbiephone

    Jonathan @Goldsbie's city hall tweets are so useful, his fans want to help him do his job better

  102. iOS UI patterns

    Common design patterns for iPhone apps

  103. TheStar.com redesigns again

    Updated homepage features more headlines and focus on the "now" of the news

  104. IE6 Countdown

    Even Microsoft wants to see Internet Explorer 6 get off the Web

  105. Toronto's digital start-up scene

    When I left the city, Internet startups barely existed, now the scene has its own superstars

  106. TVO archives online

    Forty years of incredible programming from Ontario's public broadcaster now viewable on the Web

  107. The destruction of Citytv

    The TV station that redefined what television could be is a faded shadow of its former potential

  108. CBC News (digital) redesigns

    Updated site features more breaking news and now includes a iOS app

  109. The Vancouver License

    When it comes to licensing open government data, the current standard falls short

  110. Tools for online journalism

    Mozilla has been doing some good work supporting the development of open-source news tools

  111. Newspapers' augmented reality

    USA Today is using Microsoft Tags to tie the paper to digital content that can be easily updated

  112. Scale & Rhythm

    Online tool and essay on setting type nicely online

  113. A year (almost) in photos

    Surprising what a daily photos reveal in hindsight

  114. IE9 developers guide

    The updated notes for the first release candidate latest (and very good) browser

  115. CBC Radio 3 archive

    The CBC's groundbreaking, Flash-based online magazine could teach the iPad mag-apps some lessons

  116. Making data maps from SVG

    Practical piece by a former co-worker on creating cross-platform inforgraphics using svgweb

  117. TreesaverJS

    The JavaScript framework for creating standards-friendly magazine-style layouts has been open-sourced

  118. Mozilla-Knight journalism partnership

    The potential this partnership has to accelerate the development of online journalism is huge

  119. The new Gawker

    The anticipated redesign expands on the thinking of msnbc.com and Twitter.com redesigns

  120. TV templates

    Build a website optimized for couch surfing, thanks to Google's new templates

  121. Looking back at Salon and Slate

    Like The Daily, when the webzines launched there were no conventions; they learned and survived, tho

  122. CBC's plan thru to 2015

    The Mother Corp. plans to double its investment in digital services to reach "everyone, every way"

  123. Web browser thru history

    Nice visualization of inconsistent progress marking browser development during the past 15 years

  124. Postmedia's digital board

    Interesting...the newspaper chain hires some brand-names to provide it with digital guidance

  125. The Daily staff

    Some digging around has revealed the journalists and the beats at the new iPad newspaper, The Daily

  126. Printing a "green" newspaper

    An infographic showing how The Globe and Mail is printed in a more environmentally-friendly way

  127. A deep look at Ongo

    The suscription-based breaking news service launched by some newspapers has a intriguing strategy

  128. The economics of The Daily

    A look at what Rupert Murdoch's iPad-based newspaper's revenue and expenses could actually be

  129. 25 commandments for journalists

    A Guardian editor shares a "manifesto for the simple scribe" which includes some excellent advice

  130. Nothing queued, Netflix

    Canada feeds of American culture — the history of Canadian media can be read, in part, as a nationalistic defence against American influence (which in turn can be explained by the events 199 years ago). In the digital age however, with geo-fencing thriving, access to Hollywood is being limited in the Great White North. No Pandora. No Hulu. And until recently, no Netflix. As a recent American resident, I became a immediate Netflix junkie. In less than three years, I watched more than 500 movies (and rated another 2,020 and had 3,573 suggestions). There were nearly 400 more in my DVD and Instant Viewing queue. My move back to Canada coincided, coincidentally, with Netflix unveiling a Canadian streaming-only service. And the results have suggested it is struggling to understand their customer base. Laying aside an unnecessarily astroturfed launch, there is no way to import U.S. account history into a Canadian account. This despite the fact many Canadians retain U.S. residency for part of the year and others pretend to do so. More bizarrely, there is no way to queue movies.Each time a Canadian wants to view a movie on Netflix, he needs to search for it and hit play — and that is a powerful disincentive. In the U.S., my curated list of movies was the reason I returned to the site. That queue made it so easy to find those movies I'd discovered by using Netflix. In turn, it was the reason I renewed my service month in and month out.Netflix allegedly thinks queuing isn’ for streaming movies. The lack of the feature in Canada suggests similar changes may be coming to the U.S. as well. (Already, the add to DVD queue functionality was removed from the connected devices on the U.S. service.)For a company famous for iterative improvements to its user experience, I still am having a hard-time understanding the business justification for removing a tool that justified for customers a reason to keeping watching movies

  131. Lessons from designing an app

    A Teehan & Lax presentation about creating the @tweetmag app for the iPad

  132. WaSP vs. W3C

    The WaSP speaks up about the creation of the HTML5 logo and branding campaign

  133. Shadow DOM

    Playing with some dark magic to manipulate the unmanipulatable aspects of a web page

  134. Measuring Canada's digital media workforce

    Take this survey - it's a first attempt to map the industry, and there's a promise to freely share the data

  135. Making the same mistakes

    Some newspapers' mobile strategy reflects the same problems of their Web strategy in the '90s

  136. Time-shifting our reading

    An analysis of when people use Read it Later shows some new peak times for mobile reading

  137. Recording HTML5-friendly Skype calls

    Not one-step simple, but this is a very easy way to make HTML-5 friendly video recordings

  138. Post-Intelligencer follow-up

    What's life like now for journalists laid-off when one of Seattle's newspapers shutdown 18 months ago

  139. View all (it might be a looong page, though)