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Online media matters


Some Newspapers Posts.

  1. Big editorial changes for The Globe and Mail

    A public editor, along with a number of new senior positions, will reshape the newsroom

  2. Newspapers: Don't roll your own tablet

    A custom device for generic content is never a good idea

  3. Newspapers fight for ad dollars

    Printed newspapers are allowing more innovative, and intrusive, front-page advertising

  4. The original Toronto Standard

    Unlike the version currently online, the 19th century paper was steadfastly conservative

  5. Paywalls or memberships

    Interesting look at how The New York Times could look to NPR for money-earning ideas

  6. Reading and paying for news

    Within days of the The New York Times pay-fence being unveiled, a number of reports about the well-being of the newspaper industry in Canada have been released. The sources, are, as usual, biased, but do present some interesting details.

  7. 2010 NNA nomination's announced

    Canada's newspaper industry announced the 72 finalists for its annual awards

  8. La Presse's paperless future

    The Montreal newspaper plans on being digital-only in 3-5 years

  9. TheStar.com redesigns again

    Updated homepage features more headlines and focus on the "now" of the news

  10. Newspapers' augmented reality

    USA Today is using Microsoft Tags to tie the paper to digital content that can be easily updated

  11. Postmedia's digital board

    Interesting...the newspaper chain hires some brand-names to provide it with digital guidance

  12. Printing a "green" newspaper

    An infographic showing how The Globe and Mail is printed in a more environmentally-friendly way

  13. Post-Intelligencer follow-up

    What's life like now for journalists laid-off when one of Seattle's newspapers shutdown 18 months ago

  14. Can design save media?

    Ruminations about what "design thinking" means, especially when applied to newspapers and other media 

  15. What Panorama may have proved

    An argument that McSweeney's experiment highlights the problems with the newspaper industry

  16. Ten years ago: newspaper websites

    What the Web version of Toronto's newspapers looked like around 2001

  17. Fixing newspapers

    John Paton has found (as some others already know) a focus on digital is a good start 

  18. News+

    A new concept for delivering newspapers to the iPad - getting closer...

  19. Times' lost millions

    The London Times' paywall experiment has cost them traffic, and likely a lot of revenue

  20. Reviving the news outlets of old

    More interesting than the re-evaluation of the paywall, is what traditional media outlets are doing with their legacy products.

  21. Paying for the news in a digital world

    News publishers are struggling to establish a viable revenue stream in the digital realm as it becomes their paying online audience alone can’t support the entire product.

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