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Online media matters


Some Canada Posts.

  1. civic.ca

    A simple, easy-to-use site to let Canadians find their government representatives

  2. Design-in-residence

    Jet Cooper will be offering agile design training to help start-ups succeed more effectively

  3. Jack's final goodbye

    "Let us be loving, hopeful and optimistic. And we’ll change the world."

  4. There is no Silicon Valley North

    A heartfelt rant asking Canada to measure its tech ambitions on a global scale 

  5. Canadian digital media economy

    Justin Kozuch released his first annual survey of Canada's digital media business

  6. 2011 CAJ Award nominations

    Still no online category, but lots of good Canadian journalism nominated

  7. 2011 Mesh Prize

    Apply now for the $40,000 prize rewarding a project that improves Canada's digital industry

  8. Online media vs. bandwidth limits

    StartupNorth suggests bandwidth caps tell Canadians to innovate elsewhere

  9. Comscore's digital year in review for Canada

    You need to fork over your info to download it, tho

  10. Canada open data pilot project

    Canada's current, and notoriously secretive, government is starting to release some datasets

  11. Dot-ca award created

    CIRA has created the .CA Impact awards to promote websites using Canadian-specific domains

  12. Measuring Canada's digital media workforce

    Take this survey - it's a first attempt to map the industry, and there's a promise to freely share the data

  13. Canada's sites not accessible

    Federal judge rules the government Web sites don't meet current accessibility standards and need to be improved 

  14. Sometimes, competition works

    All major Canadian carriers offer the iPhone and the resulting price is cheaper than the U.S. 

  15. Goodbye Maury Chaykin

    One of my favourite character actors to watch onscreen died on his 61st birthday

  16. Photography and Canadian law

    Comprehensive listing of the laws and how the apply to shooting pictures across Canada

  17. RIP Tracy Wright

    One of the most interesting actors in Canadian film, television, in theatre is now gone

  18. Ken Whyte takes on another magazine

    Comprehensive analysis about what direction Ken Whyte may be taking Chatelaine

  19. The mesh Prize

    The $40,000 prize aims to help encourage innovative risks in the Canadian digital media industry

  20. No protection for confidential sources

    Supreme Court of Canada says journalists can't promise to protect the identity of their sources

  21. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

    One of Canada’s defining documents has been re-published in a new format to make it easier for people to discover what being Canadian is.

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