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November 2011’s Posts.

  1. Statistics Canada data to be free

    Finally, it looks like Canada will allow free use of all the data collected in the 2011 census

  2. Web Symbols typeface

    Free collection of nicely designed dingbats for today's web

  3. Borked Unicode

    Joe Clark offers advice on producing (typographically) clean copy - too bad CMS don't play nice 

  4. Responsive ads

    Dissecting the challenges ads present to responsive web design best practices

  5. HoHoTO 2011 tickets on sale

    The annual HoHoTO party has collected than four tons of food for hungry Torontonians since 2008

  6. TEDxToronto videos

    The TED talks from Toronto's 2011 event, including David Miller's, are now online

  7. Mixel

    Khoi Vinh unveils his latest project - a social digital art for the iPad

  8. Relative digital type size

    Ethan Marcotte makes a potentially deeply technical web design topic accessible and educational 

  9. Take the train, Toronto

    In talking transit, Toronto may have forgotten the benefits of its existing rail lines

  10. Introducing Miscellany

    Reviving the idea of the old link blog to collect shared bits across the social web

  11. Design-in-residence

    Jet Cooper will be offering agile design training to help start-ups succeed more effectively

  12. Real-world analytics

    Euclid Elements tracks customer behaviour in stores like one does on websites with Google Analytics

  13. Toronto journalism-related events

    Nicely curated list of journalism & digital culture events around the city

  14. CBC's local future?

    A vague description, with lots of promise, for a new localized digital news starting in Hamilton

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