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Some Privacy Posts.

  1. Statistics Canada data to be free

    Finally, it looks like Canada will allow free use of all the data collected in the 2011 census

  2. Real-world analytics

    Euclid Elements tracks customer behaviour in stores like one does on websites with Google Analytics

  3. Where you've been

    A small app to reveal on a map wherever you've been with an iPhone 

  4. What the Internet knows about me

    A survey of how easy it is to visualize your life using freely volunteered information online

  5. Defend the Web

    An impassioned plea to actively support openness on the Web from Time Berners-Lee

  6. Canada shuts down Access to Information database

    Harper's government has shutdown a free database journalists, politicians and others used to find publicly available documents

  7. Securing identity online

    Although The Globe and Mail article suggests it could end spam, the Seven Laws of Identity have little to do with unsolicited bulk email. What the framework could do — which Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Ontario’s privacy commissioner, endorsed and extended today — is reduce spam while protecting what data companies can collect about us. (For a nice summary, download the brochure — or download the full white-paper for more details.)

  8. Will the TTC resurrect Mondex?

    Toronto’s transit service proposes a new pass that could double as an e-cash-holding smart card.

  9. Paying Visa bill in pennies

    Protest over privacy threat results in a nearly 10-metre long credit card statement.

  10. Canada wants to wiretap the Net

    A new bill could allow the government to eavesdrop on the email, Net and/or phone use of more than 8,000 simultaneous interceptions around the clock, every day of the year.

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