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Online media matters


2010’s Posts.

  1. Can design save media?

    Ruminations about what "design thinking" means, especially when applied to newspapers and other media 

  2. What the Internet knows about me

    A survey of how easy it is to visualize your life using freely volunteered information online

  3. Accessibility for iOS apps

    What developers (and designers) need to do to make iPhone and iPad apps accessible

  4. Zeldman takes on iPad magapps

    A passionate argument that magazines (and others) are using iPad apps like they did with Flash years ago

  5. 10 Toronto songs from 2010

    This ostensible "best of" list serves as a good sampler of Toronto's indie/electronic sound

  6. Smart(phone) browsers of the Web

    Survey of the mobile browser space, and advice on developing and testing on it

  7. Best practices for mobile Web apps

    The W3C has some suggestions for how to create a good web app for mobile devices

  8. WikiLeaks a new form of media

    Great analysis by Mathew Ingram on how the organization represents a new form media delivery

  9. The state of CSS in 2010

    The W3C's official declaration of which of the various modules are part of the specification today

  10. Designing for the iPad

    Some CSS tricks nytimes.com used to customize its election experience for the tablet

  11. New York Times' Web app

    The newspaper builds a Chrome app that brings iPad-like functionality to the browser

  12. What Panorama may have proved

    An argument that McSweeney's experiment highlights the problems with the newspaper industry

  13. The cloud press

    Who controls the actual means of media production now that the content is hosted online

  14. Measuring mobile users

    Looking at ways to accurately measure the audience of mobile applications

  15. Notes from DFW

    Images of the notes and stories found in David Foster Wallace's personal archives

  16. Making Field Notes

    Great, short documentary about the printing and binding of the pocket notebooks

  17. Ten years ago: newspaper websites

    What the Web version of Toronto's newspapers looked like around 2001

  18. Fixing newspapers

    John Paton has found (as some others already know) a focus on digital is a good start 

  19. Beyond the blog

    An insightful analysis about online content, disguised as an explanation of changes at Gawker

  20. A Treesaver critique

    Which includes some valid observations beneath the typical Joe Clark tone

  21. Now to succeed in the news business

    "Must be willing to call out those playing fast & loose with facts; & hold everyone to the same standard"

  22. Canada's sites not accessible

    Federal judge rules the government Web sites don't meet current accessibility standards and need to be improved 

  23. State of the mobile Web

    As of October 2010, and through the eyes of Opera Mini users

  24. The cost of renting a subway station

    Surprisingly cheaper rates for Toronto's lower Bay station than I would have suspected

  25. House in a box

    Shipping crates transformed into custom manufactured, modernist homes with more room than some condos

  26. News+

    A new concept for delivering newspapers to the iPad - getting closer...

  27. The cost of magazine apps

    Producing tablet editions can be just as expensive as the paper-and-ink versions

  28. The history of free

    An early online news pioneer explains why the media couldn't charge for content in the beginning days

  29. iPolitics launches

    Subscription-based, HTML5-powered site covers the Canadian political scene (and quotes Abraham Lincoln)

  30. Jobs and Murdoch create news app

    The iPad-newspaper, staffed by 100 journalists, will be called "Daily" and sold for $0.99

  31. A radical pessimist's guide to the next 10 years

    "Expect less. Not zero, just less." - Douglas Coupland

  32. Defend the Web

    An impassioned plea to actively support openness on the Web from Time Berners-Lee

  33. Mark Lukasiewicz on TV news

    NBC News' head of digital media spoke of broadcast news' challenges in the online era

  34. The ethics of unpublishing

    Ten best practices to follow when considering the removal of digital content, as suggested by the Canadian Association of Journalists

  35. The danger with ending Newsweek.com

    Media mergers are never as great as they sound on paper — part of the brand of a news media company is the culture of its staff. Change the make-up of that staff, you change the core of the brand. So, when The Daily Beast’s “marriage” with Newsweek, there was much speculation about what it meant for the recently sold magazine. What’s more unusual, though, is what some of that speculation has resulted in. Past and present employees of Newsweek’s Web site are rising to its defence. And rightly so. While at msnbc.com, I occasionally worked with some of Newsweek’s online team and what they are doing is impressive. Newsweek.com has lead the media industry to Tumblr with its efforts there. The last redesign is simple, online-friendly, and relies on HTML5 for its underlying code. And, the team has elevated design to be a defining element of its online presence. Ten years ago, merging one online property with another was, if not defensible, and least difficult to argue against. The rules of the game were still being defined, and revenue was something to worry about later. Now, however, online media has become, for most people, the primary point of contact with any media brand, and Newsweek is no different. Redirecting Newsweek.com to TheDailyBeast.com reflects an understanding of online media that resulted in mergers like AOL and Time-Warner. And even if the printed Newsweek were to renamed The Daily Beast, the damage to the online presence will take years to rebuild. Barry Diller et al., if they really want The Daily Beast to flourish, would be wise to heed those voices tumbling across the Web

  36. The birth of a legend

    Twenty years ago, the idea for the World Wide Web was first, officially proposed 

  37. Atlantic's rules

    Twelve (or 10) good guidelines, or unknown origin, for editors of any good publication

  38. Remembering Toronto's WWII fallen

    A simple, and powerful, map of Toronto using a poppy to mark the home of each dead soldier

  39. HTML-based ebooks

    The Baker Framework looks to provide a simple way to package ebooks for iPad reading

  40. How much does an iPhone app cost

    A breakdown of the cost for development, based on some candid, real-world observations

  41. Times' lost millions

    The London Times' paywall experiment has cost them traffic, and likely a lot of revenue

  42. Goodbye Seattle, hello Globe

    Saying goodbye to msnbc.com and Seattle, and returning to Canada after a brief sojourn to Vietnam and Thailand. 

  43. Reviving the news outlets of old

    More interesting than the re-evaluation of the paywall, is what traditional media outlets are doing with their legacy products.

  44. Apps influence web design

    One or two examples do not a trend make, but it is an interesting observation

  45. The New York Times' Opinion redesign

    The design showcases nice web fonts while breaking the nytimes.com mold

  46. The Globe and Mail's new story pages

    Better design (including, custom web fonts) and better commenting 

  47. Conniving UI patterns

    Dark Patterns catalogues interfaces intentionally design to make you do the wrong thing

  48. Lettering.js

    I kern has this?

  49. Web brand colours

    A spectral mapping of the logo colours of the Web's top 100 brands

  50. Paying for the news in a digital world

    News publishers are struggling to establish a viable revenue stream in the digital realm as it becomes their paying online audience alone can’t support the entire product.

  51. Finalized HTML5 in 2011

    The W3C is pushing to have HTML5's last call happen before the summer of 2011 

  52. How to apply for a design position

    Brutally honest explanation of how the hiring process for designers is often like

  53. USA Today big change

    Large-scale reorg focuses on digital, as opposed to printed, mobile news distribution

  54. IE9's new look

    The next version of Internet Explorer may launch on September 15th with a minimal interface

  55. Urbanized

    Gary Hustwit's new film builds on Helvetica and Objectified to look at the design of cities

  56. Avoiding the real question

    News analysis ignores the deep bigotry at the core of reporting about a controversial mosque in New York City

  57. The cost of free parking

    Ties to a recent discussion about how much car transportation is subsidized in subtle ways

  58. jQuery Mobile

    The JavaScript gets ported to all major mobile platforms, not just iOS and Android

  59. Treesaver

    Promising HTML/CSS framework inspired by the first version of the NYTimes Reader

  60. Origins of the alphabet

    Stunningly designed and well-researched narrative on the origins of the Latin alphabet

  61. Ads in paid news apps

    Full-pad ads in The Times' iPad app indicates the maturing of online media business has started

  62. Art lives in the suburbs

    Dave Bidini talks about Arcade Fire's new album and the changing views of suburbia

  63. NYTimes licenses its app engine

    Could end-up creating a de facto standard around digital newspaper experiences

  64. Sometimes, competition works

    All major Canadian carriers offer the iPhone and the resulting price is cheaper than the U.S. 

  65. 10K Apart

    Fond memories of the 5K Awards resurface with this modern spin on the idea

  66. The music of Scott Pilgrim

    Exclaim! explains the audio inspiration for the movie adaption of the graphic novel series

  67. Goodbye Maury Chaykin

    One of my favourite character actors to watch onscreen died on his 61st birthday

  68. On (Mad) Men

    "Enter Don Draper, the last John Wayne among a cultural landscape filled with Jon Gosselins"

  69. 48 Hour Magazine now Longshot

    The brazen legal tactics of CBS succeeded in forcing the indie magazine to change its entire brand

  70. The Web needs editors

    Maybe because this is how I started out, it all makes sense to me

  71. BBC previews new website

    Features a cleaner design, bigger video, and more share tools

  72. On CSS prefixes

    Eric Meyer argues for vendor prefixes, and proposes an improvement to the standardization of CSS

  73. On covering protests

    Some advice on what to do as a journalists while covering potentially heated protests

  74. Chinese movable type

    An overview of how movable type was used commercially up until the past few decades

  75. Firefox heatmap


  76. 100 top online publishers

    Pleased to see msnbc.com make not once, but twice (three times, if you count EveryBlock)

  77. optimizeLegibility extension

    Jim Ray creates a simple Safari extension to improve how type is rendered on page

  78. Proportional leading, fluid line length

    Using msnbc.com's new design to talk about a way to improve typography

  79. New designs on news

    The new msnbc.com design represents a whole new way for editors to report the news online

  80. Kettled in at the G20

    Reporter on being in a public intersection that became a de facto detention centre

  81. Photos of G20 in Toronto

    Hard to see Toronto looking like this, even if it's a tiny snapshot of what really happened

  82. Talking to Canadians

    Say what you will about about the G20, at least it's got American news outlets looking north

  83. G8 police intimidate reporter

    Police use extensive security measures on a veteran, accredited journalist trying cover the summit

  84. Targetting iPhone 4

    A simple CSS-based media query can help improve the design of the high resolution device

  85. IE9 and HTML5

    Third developer preview looks amazing, all the more so to those debugging early IE browsers

  86. Photography and Canadian law

    Comprehensive listing of the laws and how the apply to shooting pictures across Canada

  87. RIP Tracy Wright

    One of the most interesting actors in Canadian film, television, in theatre is now gone

  88. Chimp warfare

    Fascinating portrait of war as waged by chimpanzees, and possibly, humanity, too

  89. FEED Magazine back

    The archive for one of the most influential online magazines is finally back online

  90. Notes on typography

    Seventy years ago, Vanity Fair announced it has toned down its experiment with Modernism

  91. Typical American expressions

    As defined by the U.S. military's own training branch

  92. A deacade of the globeandmail.com

    Canada's national newspaper looks back at 10 years of online news coverage

  93. Publishing on the iPad

    "The iPad ... is a joint venture between editorial, technology and business development"

  94. OECD on newspapers

    Globally things are looking tough for printed newspapers, but the online business shows promise

  95. IE9 best practices

    Overview of how, when, and why to use Internet Explorer's compatibility features

  96. Sliding captcha

    Clever UI for filtering robots and a few more tweaks would even make it accessible

  97. The price of an iPhone

    There's a growing unease about the disparity between the manufacturing and marketing of Apple products

  98. NYTimes.com creating public beta

    Beta620 will be a parallel site to test new features for the newspaper's site

  99. CBC...beyond repair

    Ryerson Review of Journalism publishes another of its trademark critiques, this time on CBC New

  100. Scribd as a low-cost mag-app

    Magazines looking for an app-like experience should consider the HTML5-based Scribd service

  101. Le Monde fin?

    The uniquely managed French newspaper (journalists have control and veto rights) confronts bankruptcy

  102. Saila CSS layouts, revisited

    An update to the tableless CSS-based, liquid, three-column layout that uses HTML 5 and CSS 3 selectors, and works in Internet Explorer 7 and up; Gecko-based browsers like Firefox; Webkit browsers like Safari and Chrome; as well as the Opera browser.

  103. Mind over mass media

    Stephen Pinker in response to all the talk of how the Web is ruining our brains

  104. Hyphenation online

    A seemingly easy way to justify, and nicely hyphenate, text online

  105. News site readability

    Great analysis of the design problems with online news sites (and a elegant solution, too)

  106. Safari fine

    The latest upgrade to Apple's Web browser brings a promising set of new features.

  107. Emerging business strategies

    The 3-year deal FiveThirtyEight struck with The New York Times suggests a new business option for micro-content companies

  108. What Clay Shirky reads

    The most surprising thing might be how (Web) mainstream his media diet is

  109. The summer of the city

    Toronto reveals its true face in a trio of movies released in 2010

  110. The last typewriter repairmen

    Photo essay on about a waning trade, some good lessons to be found in the index typewriter, too

  111. Putting links at the end

    An another argument that fails to convince me why inline article links are bad

  112. In defence of a newsweekly

    An interesting (and almost anonymous) response (via Tumblr) to David Carr's piece about Newsweek's future

  113. The OCAD 2010 grad show

    No one does a design review like Joe Clark, and in Canada, no one (else) does reviews of grad shows

  114. Performance of conditional comments

    Seems like using IE's conditional comments might slow page loads in that browser

  115. Top 1000 sites

    According to Google; crazy that Microsoft properties have 1.1 billion visitors a month on the top 30

  116. Wired app a CD-ROM

    Apparently, the app is just a series of very big images leaving one to wonder why not HTML?

  117. Transit etiquette posters

    Pseudo-posters for an imaginary civility campaign on Toronto's transit (so agree with the second)

  118. Newsweek.com redesigns (again)

    This time the site goes the minimal approach, possibly inspired by its Tumblr site

  119. Typeface

    Overview of an interesting documentary about the Hamilton wood type factory and the legacy of letterpress

  120. Mediagazer leaderboard

    Need to stay atop of the media gossip? Here's the top 100 sites to start with

  121. Ignite Seattle 10

    Line-up for the June 14, 2010 edition of the the 5-minute talks in Seattle

  122. Psychology and UX design

    Understanding how the brain, the visual system, memory, and motivation work helps user experience design

  123. Inside The Newsroom

    Business Insider interviews Andrew Golis about his efforts to bring real news reporting to Yahoo News

  124. Ken Whyte takes on another magazine

    Comprehensive analysis about what direction Ken Whyte may be taking Chatelaine

  125. Let there be life

    Officially branded (in its genes) JCVI-syn1.0, this creature - Venter's Frankenbug -- is the first without an ancestor

  126. Dealing with large teams

    Good reminders on leading and working on a project with a dozen or more people

  127. Lessons from working with Web standards, revisited

    Four years later, I look back at some of the lessons learned about designing a news Web site using Web standards to see what still applies.

  128. font-face rendering

    Nice flow chart showing how and why different browsers and operating systems display type

  129. Floppy disks, dead by 30

    Sony announced its stopping production on once ubiquitous storage medium no known as the "save" icon

  130. Sports Illustrated HTML5 app

    Nice, app-like experience built with just the Web stack (note the radial, menu, too)

  131. Typekit releases its type loader

    Now any site can deliver custom fonts to its audience using the same fallback techniques as Typekit

  132. Google does Web fonts

    Google introduces a new API to embed a narrow selection of Web-friendly fonts

  133. The web stack?

    Proposal for a term covering the front-end Web technology people are erroneously refer to as "HTML5"

  134. Chris Thorpe on the Guardian API

    The Guardian’s “developer advocate” talks a bit about the strategy behind a very open API

  135. iPhone app stencils

    Quickly wireframe lower-fidelty concept for iPhone apps with these Illustrator files

  136. The mesh Prize

    The $40,000 prize aims to help encourage innovative risks in the Canadian digital media industry

  137. Typekit design gallery

    Collection of sites showcasing type-heavy design using Typekit's fonts

  138. The New Typography

    MoMA's online collection of for its exhibit on the groundbreaking information design movement

  139. Magazines reborn

    Although mainstream magazines are being shutdown in record numbers, there is a magazine renaissance of sorts is underway. You just might need to lok beyond the newsstand to find it.

  140. The commonplace book

    Steve Johnson delivers another outstanding piece on the presentation of information online

  141. McLuhan going digital

    Excited to hear Scott Boms will be helping publish the first official digital editions of Marshall McLuhan’s work

  142. Design patterns for Android

    Seven patterns for common UI behaviors on Google's mobile platform

  143. Wireframing design ideas

    Using wireframes to sketch can help reduce the define the project requirements sooner

  144. The business of online journalism

    In-depth piece profiling a variety of the new online media outlets

  145. Nielsen on the iPad

    The always conservative usability pundit shares his first findings about the user interface of iPad apps

  146. msnbc.com does the iPhone

    Vu Nguyen writes about the design thinking behind msnbc.com's new iPhone-optimized site

  147. Bono and Geldof: editors?

    The rock legends are guest editing The Globe and Mail's special Africa issue in advance of the G8/G20 summit

  148. Should online journalism abandon Flash?

    Although HTML 5 is a viable option in some cases, it's naive to expect Flash to be totally replaced

  149. Scribd in HTML5

    Impressive demo could help improve discoverability and accessibility of uploaded documents

  150. No protection for confidential sources

    Supreme Court of Canada says journalists can't promise to protect the identity of their sources

  151. Reporters barred from Gitmo trial

    For three major Canadian news organizations, covering the trial of Omar Khadr just became that much harder

  152. Reporting is alive and well

    Even if it's used to track down the identity of the person who found the new iPhone in a bar

  153. -moz-any()

    Interesting selector proposed by the Mozilla crew that brings group to CSS selectors

  154. Gaining pay walls and losing page views

    Sometimes, it pays to have list people clicking more pages as more online publications are finding.

  155. Is a blogger a journalist, part 73

    Gizomodo argues the editor who broke the story about the new iPhone is protected from a search warrant

  156. State of the Web 2010

    Lots of good data on the latest trends in the Web design industry

  157. 1.1 billion served

    NPR opened its content to everyone via an API and has solved its distribution problem

  158. Touch reference guide

    A comprehensive blueprint defining the de facto UI conventions for touch devices like the iPhone and Surface

  159. World Bank opens data

    Freeing access to more than 2,000 financial, business, health, economic and human development stats

  160. CSS raindrop

    Nice example of what CSS gradients can do with some minimal code.

  161. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

    One of Canada’s defining documents has been re-published in a new format to make it easier for people to discover what being Canadian is.

  162. Where Microsoft beats Apple

    Joe Clark aims his immeasurable knowledge of type straight at the company loved by designers

  163. Fonts on the iPhone and iPad

    A list of the 22 and 44 fonts natively installed on each respective device

  164. Open Parliament

    A long overdue service to easily search what was said while the Canadian government was in session

  165. SFGate.com cartoonists wins Pulitzer

    First time an online-only publication has one the prestigious prize for editorial content

  166. Opera Mini on the iPhone

    Apple approves the Opera mobile browser for use on its iPhone and iPod - could Fennec be next?

  167. Naming the permalink

    A nice little rant about how to structure a friendly URL

  168. A tale of two Steves

    Jobs, not Woz, defines the Apple we know today, and it is all about perfectly closed systems

  169. To get to the other side

    A genuine rant inspired by waiting to cross the street and counting the cars going by

  170. Why the iPad is dangerous

    Cory Doctrow says the "technical and social infrastructure that accompanies" the iPad suppresses creativity

  171. Showcase for iPad apps

    Many of the early designs for apps seem overly inspired by their analogue counter parts

  172. The promise of the iPad

    Apple's latest device provides tremendous design promise in comparison to the Web, but the price may be too high.

  173. IE5 Mac at 10 years

    The most influential browser since Mosaic, IE5 Mac set the standard for today's modern browsers

  174. Rent or own typefaces

    Good discussion in the comment thread about the best ways to distribute fonts on the Web

  175. TAO of journalism

    Proposed seal to highlight journalism that is transparent, accountable, and open

  176. Video in HTML5

    Excellent, and very long, tutorial on a still (to me) questionable element (imagine the equivalent for img)

  177. There's a new favourite screen in house

    Canadians (and North Americans) are spending more time in online than sitting in front of the TV

  178. Redesigning online video

    Online video is starting to free itself from the television metaphor

  179. Haven’t heard that before

    So, as HTML 5 begins to spread beyond the academic discussion phase, and into the fringes of the Web design community, an all too typical culture clash has once again emerged. The perfectionists and pragmatists are publicly at it again.

  180. Paul Ford's return to the Web

    The man who inspired an entire online style, returns to the landscape from Harper's

  181. Spin on Google Books

    Every issue of Bob Guccione Jr.'s Rolling Stone competitor scanned and available online

  182. A CSS typeface named Curtis

    Built of spans, the design is reminiscent of a bold, Art Deco-style display face

  183. "Turtle storm"

    Hnady new term for sluggish and slow moving days; also works for boring meetings

  184. IE9 preview available

    Quick tests of new browser seem to put it almost on par with the latest Firefox and Safari releases

  185. Toronto neighbourhood poster

    Finally, Ork Posters tacles Hogtown

  186. The art, science and technology of reading

    Presentation deflates many myths about reading onscreen

  187. How media outlets mimic tech companies

    Focus is on NYTimes and CNN efforts to stay ahead of the curve (anecdotes apply to msnbc.com, too)

  188. iPhone a recreation phone

    Usage data suggest the iPhone apps are used most during the evenings

  189. Canada cuts public Internet access

    Libraries and community groups lose funding for free, public access (aside: I remember scrumming with Bill Gates when program first began)

  190. State of the Media for 2010

    Cuts to traditional news-gathering outlets may also be hurting loyalty to the online brands

  191. Microsoft loves the iPhone

    Or at least its employees do, despite the poor phone reception in a lot of the buildings

  192. Rushkoff's 10 Commandments

    Suggestions for being aware of the biases of digital media, reminiscent of Technorealism's ideas

  193. Designing for the Web: the book

    Read Mark Boulton's book online for free, or buy a downloadable PDF

  194. A Safari adventure

    With the exception of a few years when Internet Explorer was actually the more standard-compliant browser, I’ve always surfed the Web with a Netscape-originated browser. I supported Mozilla when it was still struggling to make something even approaching a usable browser. My name was one of thousands to be found in a New York Times ad announcing Firefox’s debut. I have friends that work with Mozilla.

  195. Reporting the Internet

    Reuters offers some good advice for its journalist as they work with and on the Internet

  196. How to render video and audio

    In-depth article on working with HTML5 to get video and audio elements working in a page

  197. Mad Men meet Barbie

    "I'm going to be the organization man, and she's going to be the soulless drone"

  198. CSS3 Please!

    A simple one-page site offering an easy way to remember the vendor prefixes for your favourite CSS3 features

  199. The golden flush

    A dramatic illustration of how synchronized Canadian bathroom breaks were during the Canada vs. USA Olympic gold medal hockey game

  200. Books in the iPad age

    The emergence of the iPad suggests new guidelines about what should actually be printed in book form

  201. iPad application design

    Interpreting iPad design conventions, with a focus on UI elements

  202. Movies and graphic design

    Seattle’s ByDesign series features films by Charles and Ray Eames and some of the best designed title sequences

  203. Web design post-mortem

    Insightful, honest, and incredibly detailled review of the process that created the new MIX site

  204. CSS cleaner

    An IE8-only tool that helps identify unused CSS rules

  205. Iterative design repairs

    The Atlantic launched a massive redesign, then promptly refined it after vocal audience reaction

  206. Schrödinger’s press

    Working in the media during revolutionary times is an interesting experience. You’re at once aware of the changing landscape, and because of the need to report on it from a stable perspective, you’re unable to really participate.

  207. Publishing's revolutionary future

    Jason Epstein's essay on the future of books is one of the most informed you'll read

  208. How Americans get their news

    Most get the from off- and online sources, with the Internet the third most-popular news platform

  209. Let’s go Canada!

    Not sure I really understood what being Canadian was until today.

  210. Stack of magazines

    Clever bundled subscription idea for independent magazines

  211. Today's twentysomethings

    Pew Research has done an intensive study of the millennial generation

  212. Aviary now free

    The powerful suite of online image editing tools is now completely free

  213. Photoshop at 20

    The powerful granddady of all image editing tools is now 20

  214. Buy a font, use it online

    This crazy concept is now possible with Typekit and almost any FontShop typeface

  215. Ignite Seattle 9 speakers

    Learn about Vietnam, motorbikes, arguing and Star Wars on March 4

  216. Deconstructing design

    Looking back on the design decisions made for the pages of the NYT Magazine

  217. Olympic accessible failure

    Joe Clark reports Vancouver2010.com is almost completely inaccessible

  218. Designing a visual language

    No major site should be without one, that being said BBC seems to be the only with one

  219. Transdisciplinary Design

    A new, TED-esque, MFA at Parsons The New School for Design

  220. Designing a newspaper app

    A newspaper designer thinks about an iPad news experience

  221. Canada's biggest newspaper free

    The Toronto Star is free at newsstands and everywhere else during the Olympics

  222. Terminal City celebration

    Were it my city, I’m not sure what I would have thought. But it isn’t my city, and it was definitely an unforgettable experience.

  223. The future of reading

    Josh Quittner delivers an excellent essay on media's fortune, past and present

  224. Google's big test

    Could Google have been analyzing the effectiveness of SuperBowl's TV ads?

  225. Slacking in the new normal

    One of the biggest myths of the past twenty years went something like this: the generation following the baby boomers was an underachieving lot, destined not to realize the success of its parents.

  226. CNN AP-less

    CNN.com trying to quite the AP habit - sensing a emerging trend

  227. Toronto Sun building sold

    Newspaper staff will be crammed into the second slower to make way for retail stories

  228. The pay wall around research

    Companies like Forrester could be the next to see their business model change

  229. The State of the Web 2010

    Take a 10-minute survey to help define where the Web design industry is at

  230. Throwing it all out (there)

    In an effort to tie the various thoughts together in hopes that the assembled pile will resemble more than a C-grade university media theory paper, I’ve created a new strand for this little site: Note from an Undefined Business.

  231. Notes from an Undefined Business

    The holding pen for unpolished ideas about the media and culture from a consciously other perspective.

  232. Canadians and taxes

    When directed to community infrastructure, Canadians don't mind increased taxes

  233. Mobile stats

    Some data around the surge in mobile data usage

  234. iPad GUI templates

    A PSD containing all the UI elements needed to mock-up a iPad design

  235. iPad interactions

    Some of the interaction gestures availble on the iPad

  236. A century of crayons

    Visualizing all the colours of the Crayola crayons

  237. Radio Canada

    A beautiful concept radio for listening to Canada's public broadcaster

  238. Touching the future

    Thirteen years ago, the future imagined by Apple was a tablet computer called the Knowledge Navigator. Today, this vision became real with the iPad. And while the iPad lacks many of the features Apple first imagined, it represents an experience literally inconceivable in 1987.

  239. Foursquare and Metro

    Geo-location game partners with news chain to offer news about a persons current locale

  240. NYTimes.com e-reader division

    Special business division formed to managed things like content on Kindle and the Apple tablet

  241. Ignoring mobile

    Some good points about the effects of neglecting the mobile web

  242. Feltron's 2009 Annual Report

    More beautiful data visualizations focusing on everyday life

  243. Search the world’s government data

    Currently only four countries, but it's a unified interface

  244. Cessation of government

    A year ago, the country I live in swore in a leader who promised hope to a population that reveres the government’s executive office.

  245. 36 bills Harper killed

    Dozens of potential laws have been indefinitely delayed

  246. Typekit supports WOFF

    The Web Open Font Format will be used to deliver fonts to Firefox 3.6

  247. Brands of the decade

    An overview of the most notable brand/identity work of the '00s

  248. Magapps make money

    Magazines-as-apps might be a profitable future, if GQ's singular example can be spun into a trend

  249. Liquor store API

    Find our what booze is available at the LCBO in JSON

  250. Cdn. magazines face funding cut

    Reallocation of money could kill arts mags, while halving bigger books' budgets

  251. Citytv succumbs

    One of North America's pioneering TV stations sad decline at hands of corporate media

  252. NYTimes.com readies the paywall

    New York Magazine suggest the plan could be announced in weeks

  253. Editor & Publisher back

    The newspaper trade publication resumes publication

  254. JQuery 1.4

    The greatest JavaScript library has a new release

  255. Blind instinct

    The following is a jumble of sentences. And for most of you, the next time you read this, those sentences will be even further jumbled. After five false starts, the narrative I was trying to form around the idea of of tunnel vision in creative pursuits would come to be. So, I broke each sentence into its own line, and let randomness happen.

  256. The Kids in Hall come back

    The new "series opens, reportedly, with Death arriving on a Greyhound bus" -- brilliance

  257. Open-source Flash

    Gordon is runtime using JavaScript and SVG to render Flash movies

  258. Conan says no with class

    The Tonight Show's current host issues a statement, and in doing so, demonstrates why he shouldn't be bumped

  259. The Economist slams Harper

    The conservative magazine calls the Canadian prime minister's move to again prorogue Parliament a dangerous abuse of power

  260. Interviewing a nation's leader

    Good insight about what its like behind-the-scenes when interviewing Canada's PM, Stephen Harper

  261. Two years on

    This week, I began my third year in Seattle. Since I’ve written so little about my time I thought I’d use the anniversary as an excuse to fix that situation. Unfortunately, I’ve come to realize I’m no travel writer.

  262. Don Watt, brander of No Name

    One of my earliest memories of design involves wandering aisles filled with uniformly yellow packaging of different shapes and sizes. Each item was labelled with the same, tightly kerned, black typeface and was always set in lowercase.