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February 2010’s Posts.

  1. Let’s go Canada!

    Not sure I really understood what being Canadian was until today.

  2. Stack of magazines

    Clever bundled subscription idea for independent magazines

  3. Today's twentysomethings

    Pew Research has done an intensive study of the millennial generation

  4. Aviary now free

    The powerful suite of online image editing tools is now completely free

  5. Photoshop at 20

    The powerful granddady of all image editing tools is now 20

  6. Buy a font, use it online

    This crazy concept is now possible with Typekit and almost any FontShop typeface

  7. Ignite Seattle 9 speakers

    Learn about Vietnam, motorbikes, arguing and Star Wars on March 4

  8. Deconstructing design

    Looking back on the design decisions made for the pages of the NYT Magazine

  9. Olympic accessible failure

    Joe Clark reports Vancouver2010.com is almost completely inaccessible

  10. Designing a visual language

    No major site should be without one, that being said BBC seems to be the only with one

  11. Transdisciplinary Design

    A new, TED-esque, MFA at Parsons The New School for Design

  12. Designing a newspaper app

    A newspaper designer thinks about an iPad news experience

  13. Canada's biggest newspaper free

    The Toronto Star is free at newsstands and everywhere else during the Olympics

  14. Terminal City celebration

    Were it my city, I’m not sure what I would have thought. But it isn’t my city, and it was definitely an unforgettable experience.

  15. The future of reading

    Josh Quittner delivers an excellent essay on media's fortune, past and present

  16. Google's big test

    Could Google have been analyzing the effectiveness of SuperBowl's TV ads?

  17. Slacking in the new normal

    One of the biggest myths of the past twenty years went something like this: the generation following the baby boomers was an underachieving lot, destined not to realize the success of its parents.

  18. CNN AP-less

    CNN.com trying to quite the AP habit - sensing a emerging trend

  19. Toronto Sun building sold

    Newspaper staff will be crammed into the second slower to make way for retail stories

  20. The pay wall around research

    Companies like Forrester could be the next to see their business model change

  21. The State of the Web 2010

    Take a 10-minute survey to help define where the Web design industry is at

  22. Throwing it all out (there)

    In an effort to tie the various thoughts together in hopes that the assembled pile will resemble more than a C-grade university media theory paper, I’ve created a new strand for this little site: Note from an Undefined Business.

  23. Notes from an Undefined Business

    The holding pen for unpolished ideas about the media and culture from a consciously other perspective.

  24. Canadians and taxes

    When directed to community infrastructure, Canadians don't mind increased taxes

  25. Mobile stats

    Some data around the surge in mobile data usage

  26. iPad GUI templates

    A PSD containing all the UI elements needed to mock-up a iPad design

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