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Some Writing Posts.

  1. 25 commandments for journalists

    A Guardian editor shares a "manifesto for the simple scribe" which includes some excellent advice

  2. Magazines reborn

    Although mainstream magazines are being shutdown in record numbers, there is a magazine renaissance of sorts is underway. You just might need to lok beyond the newsstand to find it.

  3. To get to the other side

    A genuine rant inspired by waiting to cross the street and counting the cars going by

  4. Let’s go Canada!

    Not sure I really understood what being Canadian was until today.

  5. Slacking in the new normal

    One of the biggest myths of the past twenty years went something like this: the generation following the baby boomers was an underachieving lot, destined not to realize the success of its parents.

  6. Throwing it all out (there)

    In an effort to tie the various thoughts together in hopes that the assembled pile will resemble more than a C-grade university media theory paper, I’ve created a new strand for this little site: Note from an Undefined Business.

  7. Notes from an Undefined Business

    The holding pen for unpolished ideas about the media and culture from a consciously other perspective.

  8. Cessation of government

    A year ago, the country I live in swore in a leader who promised hope to a population that reveres the government’s executive office.

  9. Blind instinct

    The following is a jumble of sentences. And for most of you, the next time you read this, those sentences will be even further jumbled. After five false starts, the narrative I was trying to form around the idea of of tunnel vision in creative pursuits would come to be. So, I broke each sentence into its own line, and let randomness happen.

  10. Two years on

    This week, I began my third year in Seattle. Since I’ve written so little about my time I thought I’d use the anniversary as an excuse to fix that situation. Unfortunately, I’ve come to realize I’m no travel writer.

  11. With glowing hearts

    A run-down of the best Canadian music for Canada Day 2009.

  12. Typewriter

    A simple typewriter-emulator that comes the closest yet to Khoi Vinh's Blockwriter idea

  13. Canadian election hangover

    With the Canadian 2008 election producing no real change, but a lower participation level, it might be time to look into voting alternatives.

  14. Canadian political slander

    Keeping track of the various ways Canadian politicians insult one another from the perspective of a Canadian watching his country's election while living through an American election.

  15. Holy Fuck!

    Ironically, I never saw the Toronto band name-checked in the title when I lived in that city yet I heard lots about them (and again missed them) when they played a few block away from where I now live in Seattle. The band got rave reviews for their two recent performances and helped raise Toronto and Canada’s reputation amongst the often jaded scenesters in that U.S. city. Not good enough for the government of Canada who cites Holy Fuck as a reason for cutting funding to Canadian artists.

  16. How to write with style

    Kurt Vonnegut wrote 7 or 8 tips one should consider

  17. Canada Day rant

    Living in the U.S. puts into context how important it is not to become complacent about Canada’s national perception.

  18. Noticing differences

    When asked about the differences I’ve seen with the U.S. and Canada, my response has not been about the money, the accents, or the milk containers, but rather it involves the level of cultural tolerance.

  19. Arrived in Seattle FAQ

    Some answers to questions about our first months in Seattle.

  20. Nielsen says don't avoid passive writing

    Realizing the positively ironic nature of the headline amuses me.

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