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Online media matters


May 2009’s Posts.

  1. Typekit

    A new platform for managing web-only font linking licenses

  2. The new socialism is online

    Kevin Kelly analyzes the digital evolution of collectivism

  3. Google pushing HTML5

    Sees the Web-app friendly direction as the way forward

  4. CSS-based gradients

    A handy tool for generating Webkit-supported background gradients

  5. Must read piece on burnout

    Great advice on recognizing and resolving burnout symptoms

  6. Big leadership changes at The Globe and Mail

    With an eye to online, John Stackhouse replaces Edward Greenspon as editor-in-chief; Angus Frame becomes VP of Digital

  7. Web fonts 101

    Zeldman offers a good overview, and collects, pointers to embeddable Web typefaces

  8. Firefinder

    A Firebug extension to search HTML using CSS selectors

  9. Typewriter

    A simple typewriter-emulator that comes the closest yet to Khoi Vinh's Blockwriter idea

  10. ABC News redesigns

    Big images and more video promotions feature large

  11. New look for The Globe and Mail online

    Canada's national newspaper showcases a bold, new design with clean and readable story pages framed by a more cohesive organizational structure

  12. Yahoo's Placemaker

    Service parses text on web pages or news feeds and returns geographic data

  13. New suubscription models

    Reports are The New York Times is considering two different ways to charge for online content

  14. Tax breaks for newspapers, but not news sites

    Washington decides to save newspapers with a tax break

  15. Canoe and Sun Media merging

    What goes around, comes around

  16. Mozilla Prism

    Use Web pages as applications with this official Mozilla Labs tool

  17. TimesReader 2.0

    Since it first debuted, I've loved the TimesReader concept - the version overhauls the tech and keeps the elegance

  18. Rupert to charge for content

    News Corp.'s newspaper sites will begin charging a fee within a year

  19. Mobile design and development assets

    Brian Fling's collection of resources from his mobile workshops

  20. Big companies love IE6

    Forrester reveals the dirty details

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