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Some JavaScript Posts.

  1. Shadow DOM

    Playing with some dark magic to manipulate the unmanipulatable aspects of a web page

  2. jQuery Mobile

    The JavaScript gets ported to all major mobile platforms, not just iOS and Android

  3. 10K Apart

    Fond memories of the 5K Awards resurface with this modern spin on the idea

  4. JQuery 1.4

    The greatest JavaScript library has a new release

  5. Open-source Flash

    Gordon is runtime using JavaScript and SVG to render Flash movies

  6. Protovis

    Create impressive data visualizations with this open-source JavaScript library

  7. Optimizing JavaScript rendering time

    Gmail for Mobile hides the scripts in a comment blocks to speed startup

  8. Cross-browser HTML5 audio

    A jQuery plugin (called jPlayer) enables broader support for embedded audio

  9. AnythingZoomer

    Clever little jQuery plugin for magnifying images and text

  10. iPhone-style password fields

    A jQuery plug-in that obscures all but the last character in a password field

  11. eCSStender

    Making the future CSS happen in browsers now

  12. Digg's multipart XHR

    An very clever idea from Digg on speeding up Web pages

  13. Reflow and repaint performance issues

    General overview on some client-side things that slow a Web page

  14. jQuery Sparklines

    Create sparklines that render cross-browser

  15. Mobile JavaScript library

    XUI is library optimized for modern mobile devices

  16. Green browsing

    The new Web development trend: reduce your site's energy footprint

  17. Skewing images with JavaScript

    A clever script to do projective transformations of Web-based images using canvas and JavaScript

  18. Delaying JavaScript execution

    A simple script to delay the execution of JavaScript when event's fire

  19. CSS3 via JavaScript

    Eric Meyer sees JavaScript as a way to boot-strap CSS3 support in browsers

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