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September 2009’s Posts.

  1. Making the free model work

    Some advice on building a successful business publishing online content free

  2. Building iPhone apps with Web standards

    A Web-based O'Reilly reference for developers of the mobile Web

  3. Owning the design

    A lengthy rant about how collaboration can destroy the very design process its intended to help

  4. Canadian fascists in 1938

    Google Books makes available an early Life article exposing racists in pre-WWII Canada

  5. Patterns for the colour blind

    Colour patterns for infographics and other visualizations

  6. Optimizing JavaScript rendering time

    Gmail for Mobile hides the scripts in a comment blocks to speed startup

  7. Spelling Gadhfi

    The name of Libya's leader has 32 spelling variants

  8. Newspaper wins Emmy for online effort

    The Globe and Mail's exceptional Talking to the Taliban wins yet another

  9. Julie Doiron wins NxEW's Shadow Polaris Poll

    My one-time house guest's latest album, I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day, is picked as the NxEW's readers favourite

  10. hulu.cbc.ca

    The case for CBC bringing Hulu to Canada

  11. Preserving a free and open Internet

    Momentous... the U.S. government has pledged that every citizen has access to open and robust broadband

  12. Happy birthday, New York Times

    The front page from the first edition, printed 158 years ago today

  13. Toronto wants Canadian English

    City Hall asks for software that spells councillor with two "l"s, for example

  14. Everything you wanted to know about A/B testing

    But were afraid to ask (answered in the form of 114 slides)

  15. Canadian Online Publishing Awards

    Finalist announced in 20 categories

  16. Google's Fast Flip

    The mobile version shines on the iPhone, where the desktop version feels awkward

  17. Excellent advice online magazines

    Joe Clark shares some thoughts that publications would be smart to follow

  18. The down and dirty revolution

    Good post on how journalism (and other corporate enterprise) could benefit from getting a little messier

  19. W3C on open goverment data

    The people behind the Web standards offer some best practices for governments looking to open their data

  20. Ready to pay the price

    Advertisers and readers may finally be ready to see the online medium as a place worthy of paying for.

  21. The HTML5 Super Friends

    Some smart standardistas want to help polish HTML5

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