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April 2009’s Posts.

  1. eCSStender

    Making the future CSS happen in browsers now

  2. Happy Hour app

    Mobile app reveals cheap alcohol and Seattleites achieve bliss

  3. Imagining Toronto as Seattle

    Interesting comparison of my two cities as a high-tech startup friendly places

  4. Video still seen on TV

    CBC finds only 10% of video is watched online and user-generated video viewing has plateaued (do consider the source, tho...)

  5. The Anti-MySpace

    Khoi Vinh reviews the design aesthetic of the new Muxtape

  6. CBC gets a new online boss

    Rachel Nixon leaves NowPublic to be the director of digital media for CBC News

  7. New threads for stories

    Nine weeks ago, msnbc.com began work on a new story page design concept to improve the ways news events are covered.

  8. When can I use...

    Find out when those cool new Web design features will be available to all

  9. The Pennysmash Machine

    Make your own flattened penny art at the Gladtone Hotel

  10. Big Picture a side project

    Boston Globe's Big Picture blog was developed and promoted on Alan Taylor's off-hours

  11. Embedding images

    How to use text-based data URIs to embed images in Internet Explorer

  12. Service design principles

    How to develop and evolve design principles for service-based projects

  13. Digg's multipart XHR

    An very clever idea from Digg on speeding up Web pages

  14. Comic Sans and the Watchmen

    Comic book letter Todd Klein disputes the origins of Comic Sans

  15. 2009 EPpy Awards finalists

    Long-deserved nods for the globeandmail.com, one for msnbc.com

  16. Vanishing movie ads

    Once big spenders, movie promotions in newspapers are becoming rarer

  17. 11 graphic design paradoxes

    Valuable points to keep in mind for designers

  18. Aggregating the buzz

    New music service aims to create a chart of the emerging music tracks

  19. Citzen captioning

    CaptionTube allows people to add and export subtitle information to YouTube videos

  20. Journalism Online announced

    Aim is to create a billing system for online newspapers - wasn't that eMeta?

  21. Paper Cuts

    All the depressing news & data about the newspaper industry collected in one place

  22. We Love Typography

    FFFound for type, with a great search UI

  23. Seattle Post Globe launches

    Umm...good luck? (And please, please date your posts)

  24. Web design features in Firefox 3.5


  25. Refresh Seattle's back

    The UX event returns with Jared Spool speaking after a few months hiatus

  26. Buy a newspaper box

    For $40 you can have your own a Seattle P-I newspaper box

  27. Web loading time hurt by @import

    In many cases, using @import can affect how fast a page loads

  28. Past-proof HTML

    HTML5 may not provide the information historians need to tell our stories

  29. Torontoist lives on

    Toronto city blog is now locally and independently owned, although still affiliated with Gothamist chain

  30. Kurt Cobain is dead

    Fifteen years later, nothing much remains the same

  31. A List Apart 2008 Survey

    Everything you wanted to know about the state of the Web design industry right now

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