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Some Music Posts.

  1. 10 Toronto songs from 2010

    This ostensible "best of" list serves as a good sampler of Toronto's indie/electronic sound

  2. Art lives in the suburbs

    Dave Bidini talks about Arcade Fire's new album and the changing views of suburbia

  3. The music of Scott Pilgrim

    Exclaim! explains the audio inspiration for the movie adaption of the graphic novel series

  4. Bono and Geldof: editors?

    The rock legends are guest editing The Globe and Mail's special Africa issue in advance of the G8/G20 summit

  5. Spin on Google Books

    Every issue of Bob Guccione Jr.'s Rolling Stone competitor scanned and available online

  6. Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr. Leonard Cohen

    The original hipster, as captured in a 1965 NFB documentary

  7. Pictures of you(th)

    Pictures from a cultural moment that is definitively gone...grunge

  8. Julie Doiron wins NxEW's Shadow Polaris Poll

    My one-time house guest's latest album, I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day, is picked as the NxEW's readers favourite

  9. Polaris 2009 shortlist

    Given the prizes intention, this year's list seems strangely disappointing despite the quality of the acts selected

  10. With glowing hearts

    A run-down of the best Canadian music for Canada Day 2009.

  11. Canada's best music for 2009

    The Polaris 2009 long list has been announced

  12. The Anti-MySpace

    Khoi Vinh reviews the design aesthetic of the new Muxtape

  13. Aggregating the buzz

    New music service aims to create a chart of the emerging music tracks

  14. Kurt Cobain is dead

    Fifteen years later, nothing much remains the same

  15. Sample dating pop-culture

    Andy Baio crunches the numbers on the samples in reveals some interesting details.

  16. Holy Fuck!

    Ironically, I never saw the Toronto band name-checked in the title when I lived in that city yet I heard lots about them (and again missed them) when they played a few block away from where I now live in Seattle. The band got rave reviews for their two recent performances and helped raise Toronto and Canada’s reputation amongst the often jaded scenesters in that U.S. city. Not good enough for the government of Canada who cites Holy Fuck as a reason for cutting funding to Canadian artists.

  17. 49:00

    Only Amazon would sell Paul Westerberg's latest album for 49 cents

  18. Eric's Trip: the movie

    A low-fi documentary about the low-fi pioneers filmed by band member Rick White

  19. CBC loses The Hockey Theme

    Hockey Night in Canada will no longer have its iconic theme now that CTV has bought the rights to the song

  20. Translating Pork and Bean

    Weezer's new video broken do into its 24 parts

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