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Online media matters


September 2008’s Posts.

  1. Canadian electoral map

    Map of Canadian ridings uses colours to indicate which party is leading where

  2. David Foster Wallace in Harper's

    Everything the late author wrote for the magazine

  3. WSJ.com redesigns

    A big redesign from a site that hasn't in a long while

  4. Announcing the "Web Foundation"

    Tim Berners-Lee introduces a foundation designed to support the open Web

  5. All about HTML's alt

    With argument like this, it's no wonder HTML5 will take so long

  6. David Foster Wallace dead

    The author of Infinite Jest and on of the best novelist of the time apparently committed suicide

  7. ONA win for The Globe and Mail

    Ironically, the news is nowhere to be found online yet (even the Twitter account is quiet - I learned via email)

  8. Sample dating pop-culture

    Andy Baio crunches the numbers on the samples in reveals some interesting details.

  9. The logic of HTML5

    Understanding HTML5 issues (e.g., video, alt, 2022) is a lot easier if you know Ian Hickson's online persona

  10. Canadian political slander

    Keeping track of the various ways Canadian politicians insult one another from the perspective of a Canadian watching his country's election while living through an American election.

  11. Regulating the Internet

    A CRTC requested report has some ideas for regulating and funding the Canadian Internet

  12. Microsoft's CSS extensions

    IE8 does include support for some CSS3 properties, and will continue to support filters and extensions - but only in a W3C compliant way.

  13. Publish2: The Web’s Newswire

    "A Web-based newswire that makes it easy for journalists and newsrooms to gather, publish, and distribute links to the best news on the Web"

  14. Globe's election site critiqued

    Wrong sentiment, right questions. Elections sites, though, are hard to do well especially when factoring in extenuating (unspoken) circumstances.

  15. Everything you wanted to know about browser user-agent strings*

    * But were afraid to ask

  16. Shadows coming to Firefox

    CSS-based box and text shadows should appear in Firefox 3.1

  17. Drag and drop with canvas

    Clever demo of dragging and dropping using a textarea

  18. Joe Clark's book on Canadian spelling

    It's called "Organizing Our Marvellous Neighbours: How to Feel Good About Canadian English" and I can't wait

  19. Mobile Safari doubles usage

    The launch of the iPhone 3G pushes the mobile Safari usage to 0.3%

  20. Seattle tech start-ups

    A list of more than 60 of Seattle's tiny companies

  21. Toronto-area tech start-ups

    A comprehensive list of almost 90 of the GTA's tiny companies

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