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Some Books Posts.

  1. Hobo Lobo of Hamelin

    A beautifully crafted children's book for the digital age

  2. Notes from DFW

    Images of the notes and stories found in David Foster Wallace's personal archives

  3. Making Field Notes

    Great, short documentary about the printing and binding of the pocket notebooks

  4. HTML-based ebooks

    The Baker Framework looks to provide a simple way to package ebooks for iPad reading

  5. McLuhan going digital

    Excited to hear Scott Boms will be helping publish the first official digital editions of Marshall McLuhan’s work

  6. Books in the iPad age

    The emergence of the iPad suggests new guidelines about what should actually be printed in book form

  7. Publishing's revolutionary future

    Jason Epstein's essay on the future of books is one of the most informed you'll read

  8. Ladies and Gentlemen... Mr. Leonard Cohen

    The original hipster, as captured in a 1965 NFB documentary

  9. Infinite Summer

    Or, A Sublimely Fun Read I'll Likely Do Again

  10. Oprah likes Niedzviecki

    Toronto writer (and former zine-maker and neighbour) Hal Niedzviecki has his The Peep Diaries made as one of Oprah's book picks

  11. Five Simple Steps released

    One of my most anticipated Web design books has finally been released

  12. David Foster Wallace in Harper's

    Everything the late author wrote for the magazine

  13. David Foster Wallace dead

    The author of Infinite Jest and on of the best novelist of the time apparently committed suicide

  14. Joe Clark's book on Canadian spelling

    It's called "Organizing Our Marvellous Neighbours: How to Feel Good About Canadian English" and I can't wait

  15. Good Bloomsday to you

    Also known as the secret St. Patrick's Day

  16. Google Maps as a narrative tool

    Good, fiction that experiments with the Web's new user experiences.

  17. Visualizng rhythms of text

    Stefanie Posavec has created some stunning work inspired by "On The Road"

  18. Amazon's Kindle

    The new e-reader tremendously improves on other similar offerings, but the interface and display will still disappoint most people.

  19. The best minds of my generation...

    A version of the AP's obituary for Norman Mailer (at The Globe and Mail) mangles the spelling of Allen Ginsberg's name.

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