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Online media matters


Some Web Culture Posts.

  1. Don't be a free user

    Pinboard creator explains why paying for stuff you like is a good thing

  2. HoHoTO 2011 tickets on sale

    The annual HoHoTO party has collected than four tons of food for hungry Torontonians since 2008

  3. There is no Silicon Valley North

    A heartfelt rant asking Canada to measure its tech ambitions on a global scale 

  4. On the Network manifesto

    Ten principles to reset expectations about the internet (and an 11th that made me change my style)

  5. Canadian digital media economy

    Justin Kozuch released his first annual survey of Canada's digital media business

  6. 2011 Webby winners

    Seemingly as irrelevant and about brand plays as ever

  7. News org Webby nominations

    The New York Times, NPR, CNN, CBC, and Guardian all nominated in the annual Web awards

  8. Enemies of indie Net TV

    A sobering list of what makes independent online video a significant business challenge

  9. Comscore's digital year in review for Canada

    You need to fork over your info to download it, tho

  10. Dot-ca award created

    CIRA has created the .CA Impact awards to promote websites using Canadian-specific domains

  11. Toronto's digital start-up scene

    When I left the city, Internet startups barely existed, now the scene has its own superstars

  12. Measuring Canada's digital media workforce

    Take this survey - it's a first attempt to map the industry, and there's a promise to freely share the data

  13. The Web needs editors

    Maybe because this is how I started out, it all makes sense to me

  14. Mind over mass media

    Stephen Pinker in response to all the talk of how the Web is ruining our brains

  15. What Clay Shirky reads

    The most surprising thing might be how (Web) mainstream his media diet is

  16. Putting links at the end

    An another argument that fails to convince me why inline article links are bad

  17. Top 1000 sites

    According to Google; crazy that Microsoft properties have 1.1 billion visitors a month on the top 30

  18. Ignite Seattle 10

    Line-up for the June 14, 2010 edition of the the 5-minute talks in Seattle

  19. The mesh Prize

    The $40,000 prize aims to help encourage innovative risks in the Canadian digital media industry

  20. The commonplace book

    Steve Johnson delivers another outstanding piece on the presentation of information online

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