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Online media matters


Some Interactive Journalism Posts.

  1. EveryBlock's visual evolution

    The originator of visualization of data on Google Maps looks back

  2. Guitar Hero as infographic

    Original visualization of the Mid East protests by the Guardian's Garry Blight and Sheila Pulham

  3. Making data maps from SVG

    Practical piece by a former co-worker on creating cross-platform inforgraphics using svgweb

  4. Remembering Toronto's WWII fallen

    A simple, and powerful, map of Toronto using a poppy to mark the home of each dead soldier

  5. Should online journalism abandon Flash?

    Although HTML 5 is a viable option in some cases, it's naive to expect Flash to be totally replaced

  6. Feltron's 2009 Annual Report

    More beautiful data visualizations focusing on everyday life

  7. Five years of infosthetics

    Great use of elastics lists to create a interactive archive

  8. Portraits of world leaders

    The New Yorker has a stunning set of portraits taken by Platon

  9. Visualizing war

    Using visualizations to help understand who is fighting and dying in Afghanistan

  10. Visualizing cell size

    Effectively simple, powers of ten style diagram of the scale microscopic objects

  11. Protovis

    Create impressive data visualizations with this open-source JavaScript library

  12. Patterns for the colour blind

    Colour patterns for infographics and other visualizations

  13. We choose the Moon

    An amazing, real-time recreation of the the Apollo 11 mission online

  14. Data and journalism

    Overview on how the wealth of data available now can revitalize journalism

  15. Guardian's Oscar interactive

    Simple, dull, but a good pattern to examine

  16. Promoting the new, new journalism

    New York features on the interactive journalist at NYTimes.com

  17. * o GlobeAuto o Careers o Classifieds o Newspaper Ads o Personals o Real Estate Click here to find out more! Canadians react

    Interactive showing how Canadian premiers and Globe and Mail readers feel about the crisis of confidence in the House of Commons

  18. ONA win for The Globe and Mail

    Ironically, the news is nowhere to be found online yet (even the Twitter account is quiet - I learned via email)

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