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Some Sept. 11, 2001 Posts.

  1. The 9/11 Television News Archive

    Internet Archive releases 3,000 hours of TV news footage from September 11 to 17, 2001

  2. Avoiding the real question

    News analysis ignores the deep bigotry at the core of reporting about a controversial mosque in New York City

  3. 9/11 pager messages

    Incredible snapshot of one of the most important days in modern history

  4. Visualizing war

    Using visualizations to help understand who is fighting and dying in Afghanistan

  5. Online news growth visualized

    Nicholas Felton to charts 13 years of CNN.com

  6. Covering September 11 one year later

    When working in the media, it is too easy to contribute to the noise and drown out the signal. Many journalists are (somewhat) privately wringing their hands over the appropriate way to cover the one year anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon. Professionally, though, the organizations they (and I) work for, are busy creating a media event.

  7. Impressive online journalism

    The big bugbear of this site is the current state of online journalism. Lest I give the impression all is lost, I thought I’d point you to some excellent examples.

  8. Devolution of blogging

    The events of September 11 has brought on the worst in some weblogs.

  9. Surging traffic for online news

    September’s Web traffic numbers are out, and — not surprisingly — online news sites fared impressively well. On average, the general news sites had a 32 percent boost in traffic. Despite being U.S.-only numbers, anecdotal evidence suggests Canadian sites (like CBC.ca and CANOE) experienced similar growth.

  10. Debunkng hoaxes

    To those who are worried about the threat of hoaxes and false information on the Net, I offer this. (A good source of September 11-related rumour-debunking can be found at snopes.com.)

  11. Bert - bin Laden and airing the tape

    By now you’ve likely seen the Bert - bin Laden poster, perhaps read the explanation for its appearance, but did you know about, as the National Post writes, “Bert’s political beliefs first aroused controversy in 1996”?

  12. War

    On Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, the world is attacking Afghanistan.

  13. Plans for the World Trade Center

    Just under a week ago, Roger Ebert turned his attention away from films to eloquently propose the World Trade Center become a simple, empty park.

  14. Saturday Night’s over

    A friend living in New York sent an email this weekend capturing the strength of the human spirit and urging us all to be compassionate and humane. As the days grow into weeks and months, please remember we are all in this together. But at some point life has to return to some degree of normalcy…

  15. The day after

    Watching the online community react to yesterdays events at the World Trade Center and beyond has strengthen my belief in the power of this medium. (The New York Times has an article about this as well.)

  16. Tuesday, September 11, 2001

    The whole thing is unfathomable. I can't even wrap my head around the scale of attack against the World Trade Center, the Pentagon, the United States.

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