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Some Accessibility Posts.

  1. Accessibility for iOS apps

    What developers (and designers) need to do to make iPhone and iPad apps accessible

  2. Canada's sites not accessible

    Federal judge rules the government Web sites don't meet current accessibility standards and need to be improved 

  3. Sliding captcha

    Clever UI for filtering robots and a few more tweaks would even make it accessible

  4. Olympic accessible failure

    Joe Clark reports Vancouver2010.com is almost completely inaccessible

  5. Accessible Web video

    For a medium that was designed to share scientific papers, the Web does a good job at delivering video to mass audiences. For the past months, msnbc.com has been building an entirely new way to share that video to its audiences.

  6. Patterns for the colour blind

    Colour patterns for infographics and other visualizations

  7. Citzen captioning

    CaptionTube allows people to add and export subtitle information to YouTube videos

  8. WCAG 2.0 official

    The contentious second version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines is now a recommendation

  9. Get rid of text-resizing widgets

    Accessibility expert Joe Clark explains why those tools (and, I'd add, others duplicating browser functions) are pointless.

  10. Don't click here

    A blog for marketing uses sketchy data and test to justify the worth of "click here".

  11. ...Joe Clark retires

    The Web accessibility expert is done being an expert. We all owe Joe more than we will ever acknowledge.

  12. WCAG Samurai Errata published...

    The proposal is to be finalized in the coming weeks and uses WCAG 1.0 as a foundation.

  13. Browsers and accessibility guidelines

    Patrick H. Lauke offers some thoughts on how the Web browsers themselves handle accessibility.

  14. Cancel WCAG 2.0

    Joe Clark's open letter to the W3C asking it to cancel WCAG 2 (he announced it at Web Directions North)

  15. Joe Clark micropatronage

    The highly-esteemed Joe Clark (arguably, one of Canada’s most passionate online personalities) is initiating a new research project around a topic he’s been passionate about for decades: accessibility. The Open & Closed Project’s aim is to create standards for captioning, audio description, subtitling, and dubbing. Not surprisingly, the project requires full-time focus and that’s where we come in.

  16. IE7 and accessibility

    IEBlog explains how the new browser and the popular screen readers behave together.

  17. Accessible maps

    A nice demonstration on how a accessible, and standards-based map can be built.

  18. Getting abbreviations right

    Years ago I dipped my toes in these waters. Colin Lieberman goes deep.

  19. Accessible Web design tips

    very week, a new tip to make one’s site accessible is posted on this consultancy site.

  20. Check your contrast

    A slick little tool for check the accessibility of a colour contrast scheme.

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