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July 2005’s Posts.

  1. Internet Explorer 7 will support CSS 2

    Chris Wilson of the Internet Explorer 7 development team lets us know the next beta will be a lot better — which is very good news.

  2. Place-shifting television

    If I didn’t pull my TV signals from the air, this would be a very cool device.

  3. CSS in Internet Explorer 7

    Dave Shea checks for CSS improvements in Internet Explorer 7 and finds few.

  4. The Elements of (Newspaper) Blogging

    The editor of Grenboro’s News & Record posts some smart standards and practices for its blogging journalists.

  5. Introducing Devmo

    The Mozilla Foundation’s follow-up to DevEdge is now, finally, online.

  6. Tips to speed your Web pages

    Microsoft offers some tips — heretofore unkowne to me — on improving page load times.

  7. No Apple on Microsoft’s Earth

    Mistake? Prank? Either way Mircosoft’s Virtual Earth shows a small building where Apple’s sprawling campus should be.

  8. Windows glyph characters

    A collection of Unicode characters supported on Windows, at least.

  9. CBC faces strike

    CBC employees voted in favour of a strike if they don’t have collective agreement by mid-August.

  10. Frank returning as online rag

    Frank is returning this September and looks to be run by someone named Peter Scott, in Newcastle, Ontario.

  11. Emergency Greasemonkey update

    A temporary patch has been issued to disable a serious security vulnerability in Greasemonkey announced yesterday.

  12. Accessible Web design tips

    very week, a new tip to make one’s site accessible is posted on this consultancy site.

  13. DOM Scripting Task Force

    The WaSP takes on scripting with its new taskforce (and blog).

  14. Django

    A(nother) Web framework for rapidly devloping complex, database-driven Web sites — this one by Adrian Holovaty and Simon Willison.

  15. India offshoring to Halifax

    A California company’s transferring its development lab to Halifax, after finding it too hard to retian staff in India.

  16. Dunstan’s goodbye gift

    Clever coder and designer Dunstan Orchards packs it in while giving it all away.

  17. Searching The Globe

    Another item on this site about stuff at the globeandmail.com — one of these days that site will actually have a blog to deal with this kinda stuff. Until then, I’ve created three search plugins for Firefox (or Mozilla, or Netscape 6+, or MacOS’s Sherlock).

  18. Toronto news in The Globe and Mail

    Toronto-based stories in “Canada’s national newspaper”.

  19. Atom 1.0

    The Atom syndication format has been submitted to Internet Engineering Task Force.

  20. “Any key” could be a reality

    This mock-up of what a keyboard would look like if it dynamically changed based on what function the keys represent is trés cool.

  21. Nuking Yonge and Dundas

    Eric Meyer’s HYDESim illustrates what a Hiroshima-sized nuclear explosion would do to downtown Toronto.

  22. Deconstructing citizen journalism

    Although I think much of this citizen journalism is hype, Doskoch’s deconstruction of Zerbsias critique of the topic is a worthwhile read.

  23. It’s all gonna break

    The Internet Archive is being sued for storing copyrighted material. Expect more like this, soon.

  24. Toronto⁏s not next

    BlogTO has a gutsy (and fate-tempting) post about why Toronto isn’t likely to be on any terrorist hit list soon. I agree with a lot of the points — after all, we refused to join the war in Iraq.

  25. This picture is worth 1,000 words

    For a change, an online news photo perfectly captures the context of a story, i.e, Ralph Klein’s reaction so same-sex marriage.

  26. CBSNews.com opens the floodgates

    The revamped site will offer free access to 25,000 video clips and encourage users to create their own newscast.

  27. Smooth sliders

    Almost three-years old, this is the best dynamic, degradable slider I’ve encountered yet.

  28. Check your contrast

    A slick little tool for check the accessibility of a colour contrast scheme.

  29. News report of London bombings using Google Earth

    Although still a bit primative, this is exactly the kind of thing online journalism can do exceptionally well.

  30. WSJ.com: 10 years on the Web

    On July 11, 1995, the first Web site of The Wall Street Journal launched.

  31. Ten years of yellow

    CNET turns 10 and celebrates by looking back over the past decade.

  32. style vs. className

    PPK confirms a JavaScript best practice is also the fastest thing to do.

  33. Sparkline generator

    A Web service to generate Edward Tufte’s simple word-sized graphics.

  34. Wikinews shines in the face of tragedy

    The citizen journalists at Wikinews have produced an astounding amount of in-depth information about the terrorist attack on London this morning.

  35. Don’t click it…

    Experimental, “clicks considered harmful” interface that makes a good art project but a troublesome user interface.

  36. Spacing: The Blog

    Toronto’s very own public space activists blog the city.

  37. Remaking Toronto’s streets

    Toronto is trying to harmonize its street specs, and is asking for its citizens’ opinions. Spacing Wire explains.

  38. AIDS in Africa

    A spectacular interactive report by Stephanie Nolen about the crisis, and the hope in Africa.

  39. Defending freedom of the press

    The New York Times speaks out on Judith Miller’s decision and showcases the part of the American landscape I deeply admire — the passionate support of a free press.

  40. WaSP and Microsoft: working together

    The Web Standards Project … is collaborating with Microsoft to promote Web standards and help developers build standards conformant Web applications.

  41. del.icio.us direc.tor

    This amazing Ajax app showcases what can be done with valid mark-up and some client-side magic.

  42. Newspapers welcome public comments

    More and more newspapers moving into the citizne journalsim arena. Though it may not provide the expected revenue boost, it certainly isn’t a bad move.

  43. Curley moves on

    LJWorld.com’s cyber-savant is heading to Florida to head the Naples Daily News

  44. The Canadian Series of tees

    Evokativ has 12 designs encapsulating Canadian history.

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