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Online media matters


April 2006’s Posts.

  1. Pricing a Web project

    It's a question everyone has asks, and Blue Flavour provides some good answers.

  2. Yet another Web colour tool

    Colors on the Web looks to be much friendlier than most.

  3. 2006 EPpy Awards finalists

    Adrian Holovaty's work at the washingtonpost.com helps it score multiple nominations.

  4. Thank you for everything, Jane Jacobs

    The woman who defined modern urban planning died today.

  5. Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 out

    This is the official, not preview, of Beta 2.

  6. Preparing for higher resolutions

    Dave Hyatt proposes a new way for Web sites to support both high- and low-resolution displays.

  7. Seasme Street clips

    A massive collection of the clips from Seasme Street video clips for perfect to sink into a retro coma with.

  8. Is top-posting, shudder, the future?

    Reading the comments on a post about fighting top-posting seems to suggest that's become the de facto standard.

  9. Mike D hacks MySpace


  10. Scrivs on MySpace

    Mr. Whitespace looks at what makes the social networking site so successful.

  11. A DVDzine by the kids of Uxbridge

    From the snippet I saw (which was used to show how Cokie copied it), it looks pretty good.

  12. Accessible maps

    A nice demonstration on how a accessible, and standards-based map can be built.

  13. Invalid Canadian New Media Awards

    Joe Clark rages against the lackluster technical quality of a Canada's wannabe Webby∍s.

  14. Holographic disc drives

    Very, very cool.

  15. Bite Size Standards

    Quick, standards-based Web development tips.

  16. CRTC clears wireless TV

    Television on your cellphone will be a wild realm where the CRTC will not tread.

  17. Inside the NYTimes.com redesign

    The Online Journalism Review does a Q&A with Len Apcar, the editor in chief of NYTimes.com.

  18. Time's up for Time Canada

    The Canadian edition of Time will be produced without any staff working in Canada.

  19. Envision Torono

    An art project that ties Flickr, Google Maps and Toronto together.

  20. Antique anatomical illustrations

    Anatimoia hosts 4,500 full page plates and illustrations created from 1522 to 1867.

  21. Syndicating blogs

    BlogBurst will begin syndicating commentary from 600 bloggers to newspapers.

  22. If newspapers are to survive...

    The Globe and Mail calls it reimagination, Tim Porter calls it reinvention.

  23. Prototyping Ajax

    A guide to how Particletree develops Ajax apps.

  24. Disney offering TV free on Web

    The shows will be available on the Web the morning after they air and will have unskipable commericals. Could work.

  25. Google killed the clever news headline

    Headline style has been slowly altered by the search agents scouring the digital world.

  26. The New York Times and blogging

    The newspapers public editor comments on the ethics around blogging.

  27. W3C doing XMLHttpRequest

    A draft specification from the W3C for the technology that makes Ajax work

  28. Toronto Life goes standard

    Nice design, and as valid as valid can be for a commercial site.

  29. Jack Shafer on NYTimes.com

    It's so good, he's cancelling his print subscription.

  30. Really desiging for the printed Web page

    Mark Boulton demonstrates how a print-friendly style sheet can be more than just an afterthought.

  31. The State of Web 2.0

    A detailed overview of where Web 2.0 is at, and where it's heading.

  32. CSS Naked Day is coming

    On April 5th, see the beauty beneath the skin.

  33. Conservatives won't decriminalize marijuana

    Reason #451 to dislike the Harper government.

  34. NYTimes.com redesigns

    Although a bit boxy, the design is - on the whole - a brilliant example of how an online newspaper should look.

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