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Online media matters


October 21, 2007’s Posts.

  1. Parsing the case for online subscriptions

    Mathew Ingram reality-checks a study by Matthew Gentzkow that essentially says the making news free online costs millions in lost revenue.

  2. Making a successful news site

    Jay Rosen lays out yet more ideas for making a solid online news site.

  3. Don't click here

    A blog for marketing uses sketchy data and test to justify the worth of "click here".

  4. Humanized messages

    While watching the Leopard preview, I thought about doing something like this tool JavaScript-based prompts and notices.

  5. The new Newsweek

    The redesign of newsweek.com is one of the first mainstream sites I've seen to smartly incorporate Web 2.0 functionality.

  6. CSS Snapshot

    W3C says CSS "standard" enccompasses CSS 2.1, CSS 3 Selectors and Colors, and the CSS Namespaces.

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