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October 2007’s Posts.

  1. CSS animation

    Another non-standard extension makes its way into WebKit. Nice, but this is feeling like '97 again.

  2. SimplePie RSS

    A great PHP plug-in that can parse RSS feeds for CodeIdniter among others.

  3. Mozilla Labs announces Prism

    Toolkit allows Web pages to become desktop applications, without relying on proprietary languages.

  4. Bell backing out of IPTV

    The phone company once again delays its Internet Protocol TV roll-out causing some to wonder whether it well happen at all.

  5. Processing the Ontario election

    Patrick Dinnen builds a compelling visualization of the 2003 election results.

  6. Sustainable green Web hosting

    The San Fransisco company offers 100% carbon neutral Web hosting service.

  7. Simple CSS drop shadows, revisited

    With improved support for complex scripting and CSS, simple CSS drop shadows are even easier to do.

  8. Canadian iPhone for January 2008?

    A Molson Export marketing campaign seems to suggest that but everyone involved is denying it.

  9. Guardian America's voice

    Inigo Thomas introduces Guardian's new American Web site be explaining why its style and writing voice will not be "Americanized"

  10. LATimes.com tracking fires on Google Maps

    Smart, simple way to use Google Maps in breaking news without any developer requests needed.

  11. Mozilla shows some strong numbers

    Revenues increased 25% to $66,840,850 on $19,776,193 in expenses for 2006. Remember this is a non-profit pushing open-source technology.

  12. Nielsen says don't avoid passive writing

    Realizing the positively ironic nature of the headline amuses me.

  13. Parsing the case for online subscriptions

    Mathew Ingram reality-checks a study by Matthew Gentzkow that essentially says the making news free online costs millions in lost revenue.

  14. Making a successful news site

    Jay Rosen lays out yet more ideas for making a solid online news site.

  15. Don't click here

    A blog for marketing uses sketchy data and test to justify the worth of "click here".

  16. Humanized messages

    While watching the Leopard preview, I thought about doing something like this tool JavaScript-based prompts and notices.

  17. The new Newsweek

    The redesign of newsweek.com is one of the first mainstream sites I've seen to smartly incorporate Web 2.0 functionality.

  18. CSS Snapshot

    W3C says CSS "standard" enccompasses CSS 2.1, CSS 3 Selectors and Colors, and the CSS Namespaces.

  19. Handicapping the TTC.ca contract

    Joe Clark, undoubtedly the most qualified and informed evaluator of the TTC.ca Web site proposals rates the hopeful firms.

  20. ONA 2007 Winners

    Gala event sees the Toronto Star win one online journalism award for Canada.

  21. Online journalism still needs to learn

    Day two of the Online News Association’s conference has had, at least for me a much more engaging set of panels and conversations, starting with Holovaty’s through to integrating interactives into the site (which featured a tremendously strong panel). The day closes with what is dubbed the “Superpanel;” after is the ONA awards.

  22. Holovaty at the ONA conference

    Adrian Holovaty started the day with his session on evangelizing reporting and making data in news articles available for machine parsing (as evidenced in ChicagoCrimes.org). Although I arrived late (something about the Queen St. streetcar trying being diverged, and partly a result of a late night hunt to find a Gypsy jazz band and a Yahoo party), I’ve seen his talk on this before (and he is a good speaker), but it is heartening to see that it was incredibly well attended.

  23. Midday at ONA, Day 1

    So far, Toronto Hydro is failing me, hotel rates are too high, but I do have a recharged laptop (I still can’t believe there’s no free WiFi at an online journalism conference). Thankfully, I’ve been able to catch-up with a lot of people, some of which live in my city, or I’ve just met. And that was one of my hopes in attending this conference.

  24. ONA conference starts

    Arriving for an early start at the Online News Association’s conference here in Toronto, and I have, so far, have run into colleagues I’ve worked with, might have worked with, and could be working with. Apparently the rare, and heavy Toronto fog has closed the airport, preventing some from arriving, but still it is quite packed.

  25. Paywall lift boosts NYTimes.com's pageviews

    Reportedly, less than a month after lifting the paywall on its op-ed section, pageviews doubled.

  26. NYTimes.com open source

    NYTimes.com is starting to release some of its code for the public to play with. Setting a brave new standard.

  27. Beta, baby

    The new design is finally unveiled in a non-Web 2.0 beta.

  28. Print circulation now will count regular online traffic

    This may be another reason why the NYTimes.com dropped its paid circulation service.

  29. Panel on the future of news

    CBC, as a precursor to the Online News Association's conference, is hosting a panel discussion about the future of news.

  30. Interviews with "networked" journalists

    Sixty-two interviews with the attendees of the Networked Journalism Summit.

  31. Toronto Star stop PDF-based afternoon edition

    Apparently it wants concentrate more on its Web and mobile presence. There's something wrong with that equation/

  32. Web Directions North 2008 line-up announced

    Amazing line-up for one of North America's best Web conferences.

  33. Wal-Mart bigger than Manhattan

    The combined area of Wal-Mart's stores take up more space on Earth than the island of Manhattan.

  34. Mobile Firefox

    Effectively, this kills the Minimo project and promises to bring the Firefox spirit to mobile browsing.

  35. Ontarians: Get your (2007) vote on

    Election day comes to Ontario and the parties are dull, but the referendum on proportional representation offers hope.

  36. CSS3's grid module

    This would be what people are really looking for when making column-based layouts in CSS.

  37. Out of the ashes of the portal...

    ...comes the concept of a network of sites. I've seen it fail, but it does have promise.

  38. Local TV news threatened

    As media consolidation continues, CRTC may ignore the decline in local TV news.

  39. MSNBC buys Newsvine

    Being closer to this deal than I would have imagined doesn't prevent me from being surprised; but it does mean I think it will work well.

  40. BarCamp Canada

    On November 3rd, BarCampers from across Canada will descend on Montreal.

  41. IE7 comes to XP

    Whether its another admission Vista is doing poorly or not, it's a good thing for Web developers.

  42. Client-side load balancing counter-point

    Some thoughts against client-side load-balancing.

  43. Redesigning the Wall Street Journal

    Andy Rutledge tries to improve WSJ.com's mess of a homepage.

  44. Interface design for the mobile Web

    Lessons in interface design for mobile devices.

  45. Client-side load balancing

    Digital Web has a great new article on load balancing Web 2.0 apps.

  46. Making the popular vote count

    Ontario is holding a referendum on changing its election system to one of the best ways to reflect the popular vote: the mixed-member proportional (MMP) system.

  47. AIR Development Center

    Apps created in Adobe's new Web/desktop development platform is a good place to learn what it can do (and how).

  48. The pay wall "third way"

    FT.com is loosening its pay wall, and letting causal readers view 30 articles a month, for free.

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