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Some Writing Posts.

  1. 25 commandments for journalists

    A Guardian editor shares a "manifesto for the simple scribe" which includes some excellent advice

  2. Throwing it all out (there)

    In an effort to tie the various thoughts together in hopes that the assembled pile will resemble more than a C-grade university media theory paper, I’ve created a new strand for this little site: Note from an Undefined Business.

  3. Typewriter

    A simple typewriter-emulator that comes the closest yet to Khoi Vinh's Blockwriter idea

  4. How to write with style

    Kurt Vonnegut wrote 7 or 8 tips one should consider

  5. Nielsen says don't avoid passive writing

    Realizing the positively ironic nature of the headline amuses me.

  6. Write articles not blogs

    Jakob Nielsen offers some good advice on how to be an expert.

  7. Google killed the clever news headline

    Headline style has been slowly altered by the search agents scouring the digital world.

  8. Good writing advice

    Some good, and simple, advice about writing; put the ending first.

  9. The Elements of (Newspaper) Blogging

    The editor of Grenboro’s News & Record posts some smart standards and practices for its blogging journalists.

  10. Great writing in Steven Johnson profile

    Written in the second person (difficult to pull off) the intro sucks you into an enagaging profile review of the author and his work.

  11. What to do about writer’s block

    The return of the (content as) king.

  12. Testing all copy editors

    The Toronto Star’s ombusman Nitpicker’s Quiz tests ones editing skills.

  13. The computer as novelist

    A New York Times essay wonders whether computers will ever be able to write novels as good as we can.

  14. Abbreviations and poetry

    Finally, some clarity from the W3C on the use of abbr as summarized by Jesper Tverskov (via Anne van Kesteren.)

  15. Why we write for the Web

    Just spent sometime reading two essays, one by Josh Allen and the other by Paul Ford. Both are contemporaries in terms of age (as most us doing this are) and attitude toward the Web, and both were writing on why they write for this medium. Suffice it to say, I agree, and that, in turn, got me thinking about this site’s whole redesign

  16. Hypertext writing

    Mark Bernstein remains, even amongst Webheads, a relatively unkown person and that is shame. Those that recognize it generally do so because of his work with Eastgate. But he is also one of the few people who have been serioulsy advocating hypertext — which, ironically enough, seems to be a dying artform on the Web.

  17. “Hip” Toronto and bad writing

    Funny how these themes emerge. Today, writing.

  18. Hechtman a hostage; Kandahar; reputation managers; writing well

    Bunch of stuff today that has been collecting over the past few days:

  19. Book Review: Concrete Forest

    A review, first published in Mindjack, of a collection of urban Canadian fiction.

  20. Tele-Hell

    Tethered to the phones, telemarketer's struggle to sell and survive.

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