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Some Computers Posts.

  1. Floppy disks, dead by 30

    Sony announced its stopping production on once ubiquitous storage medium no known as the "save" icon

  2. Where Microsoft beats Apple

    Joe Clark aims his immeasurable knowledge of type straight at the company loved by designers

  3. A tale of two Steves

    Jobs, not Woz, defines the Apple we know today, and it is all about perfectly closed systems

  4. Photoshop at 20

    The powerful granddady of all image editing tools is now 20

  5. Recovering from the unrecoverable

    Did you get an unexpected signal 10 from VMFusion that prevented starting a suspended version of Windows? Try this

  6. Simple Desktops

    Tom Watson collects desktops backgrounds for the minimalist

  7. Typewriter

    A simple typewriter-emulator that comes the closest yet to Khoi Vinh's Blockwriter idea

  8. The beginning of it all

    How you do what you are doing right this instant was inspired by a demo 40 years ago

  9. Virtual hosting into Parallels

    Simple how-to for viewing locally hosted Web sites in a Mac and Windows environment

  10. OfficeMac 2008 annoyances

    A timely Flickr pool of bugbears in the Mac OS version of Office.

  11. Home computer sales dropping

    ...in Japan, which could signal a future North American trend (assuming the mobile space gets worked out).

  12. RIP: Checkers

    An Albertan computer professor has, after 18 years of computations, had proved checkers is impossible to win.

  13. More multi-touch from Apple

    A collection of multi-touch interfaces proposed by Apple over the years.

  14. Uncovering a Greco-Roman computer

    The Antikythera Mechanism was a complex astronomical computing machine from around 100 B.C.E.

  15. Setting up MySQL on a Mac

    Helpful walk through for what really is a simple process

  16. License the 2007 Microsoft Office UI

    For free, unless you're OpenOffice.

  17. Switch

    I bought a Mac.

  18. IE7 now a Windows Update

    Browser now an automatic update for Windows users (let's hope they accept it)

  19. Trying out "Office 2.0"

    Carson Systems experiments with non-Microsoft office products and reports on the results

  20. Apollo makes Web apps desktop apps

    Adobe's new Apollo software will allow the easy creation of rich Internet applications.

  21. Windows Vista UX Guide

    The user experience guidelines for Microsoft's new operating system will help shape many people's interface expecations.

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