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October 2006’s Posts.

  1. Web attracting more newspaper readers

    Canadian newspaper circulation continues to drop while the Web sites visits increase

  2. Push 2.0

    How Web 2.0 is really all about push again, and why it may not be so bad

  3. The highest Scrabble score yet

    The story behind Massachusetts carpenter winning score of 830

  4. Tim Berners-Lee wants to reinvent HTML

    The father of the Web responds to criticisms about the W3C and suggests how standards will evolve.

  5. Registration open for Web Directions North


  6. Free screen captures of Web pages

    Browsershots will take a image of a Web page in nine browser based on a number of different conditions

  7. Apollo makes Web apps desktop apps

    Adobe's new Apollo software will allow the easy creation of rich Internet applications.

  8. Bell Globemedia sells Workopolis

    Essentially, Bell Globemedia sells to its part-owner Canada's biggest job site (and cash cow) for $115 million

  9. Now's Best of Toronto: Technology

    BarCamp, BlogTO and Amber MacArthur amongst the picks.

  10. Getting Real in 3 flavours

    PDF, and now HTML or paper

  11. Steven Johnson's outside.in

    The man behind feed (and a few excellent books) is back in the online content business with a new twist on geo-tagging

  12. Firefox 2 released

    But you knew that already -- so here's Mitchell Baker's thoughts on the release.

  13. Mesh conference will be back in 2007

    Canada's "Web conference" returns in Toronto on May 30 and 31, 2007

  14. Another option for the Gardiner

    Instead of burying Toronto's urban highway, why not embrace it?

  15. Going west, and north for Web Directions North

    For the past dozen years, my professional life has revolved around two fields: one well-established, the other emerging. And in the past few years the intersection of the two — journalism and the Internet, respectively — has begun changing the business landscape of both.

  16. PaidContent redesigns

    The online media news site gets a new, contemporary look.

  17. What's really happening at Torstar

    The Globe and Mail exposes what was behind the dismissal of the Toronto Star's publisher and editor

  18. 40 years of Toronto Life

    Covers from the past issues of the magazine about Toronto.

  19. Scouring MySpace

    Wired News reporter, Kevin Poulson, has open-sourced his scripts to crawl MySpace looking for sex predators.

  20. Firefox 2 due Oct. 24

    Release would make two notable browser releases in a month.

  21. TV Guide to be online only

    Canada's TV Guide is closing its print edition to live exclusively online.

  22. First IE7 security hole

    Less than 24 hours after release, Secunia finds a security breach.

  23. Earth will survive...

    ...If ever last one of us disappeared right now.

  24. Eric Sorensen moves to Global

    The longtime CBC reporter is leaving to be Global's Washington bureau chief

  25. Multiple, standalone Internet Explorers

    Install Internet Explorer 7 as your default browser, then use this package to run IE 3 - IE 6

  26. Internet Explorer 7 released

    Get the looooong awaited new browser Microsoft.

  27. Securing identity online

    Although The Globe and Mail article suggests it could end spam, the Seven Laws of Identity have little to do with unsolicited bulk email. What the framework could do — which Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Ontario’s privacy commissioner, endorsed and extended today — is reduce spam while protecting what data companies can collect about us. (For a nice summary, download the brochure — or download the full white-paper for more details.)

  28. The Exclusion of Garth Turner

    Garth Turner and I have a history.

  29. Roll your own heatmaps

    A Ruby+JavaScript app that can generate heatmaps based on the users clicks

  30. Yahoo's seal of authenticity


  31. What's in JavaScript 1.7

    The Mozilla Developer Center documents the new version of JavaScript shipping in Firefox 2

  32. Trouble at Toronto papers

    Trouble has been brewing at Toronto Sun for a while, and was already apparent while working at Sun Media’s CANOE in the late 1990s. On the weekend, my current employer, The Globe and Mail wrote a surprisingly sympathetic piece on troubles at Toronto’s tabloid.

  33. Remembering two Canadian media greats

    This weekend Antonia Zebisias broke her blogging silence to remember Sid Adilman, one of Canada’s best entertainment journalists. He died this past Saturday and the paper he spent so much time at, the Toronto Star, remembers him well.

  34. CBC and spam

    Tomorrow night (and again on Saturday), Canada’s public broadcaster devotes itself to a topic any connected person should care about.

  35. Someone never read Suck!

    Torontoist calls out The Globe and Mail for sneaking some non-WCAG friendly alt text into a photo gallery

  36. Robertson's copyright claims upheld

    The Supreme Court of Canada upheld Heather Robertson's claim The Globe and Mail wrongfully sold her writings to elecrtonic databases.

  37. How CBC.ca makes stories

    Blake Crosby explains how articles are served on the CBC Web site

  38. State of the news industry from a buyer's view

    Richard Bloom talks to an ad buyer for a unique, and insightful take on the Canadian news industry.

  39. Weisblott blogs again

    For a variety of reasons, not the least of which being I don’t want this to be a marketing blog, I try not to focus too often on my day job. However, when something happens that would warrant an entry were it at another media outlet, I will.

  40. Museum blog killed by marketing

    The ROM's nascent blog was dead on arrival because, rumour has it, the marketing department didn't get it.

  41. Interview with Hakon Wium Lie

    Opera's CTO offers some insight into the future of the number three browser.

  42. Not-so quality TV

    Last night, CBC broadcast an English-langauge remake of its Quebec arm’s hit sitcom, Rumeurs. This version, produced by the one and only Moses Znaimer, was well promoted and expectations were higher than normal for a Canadian show.

  43. Tim Hortons meets Google Maps

    Need a Tims? Don't know where one is? Use this. (Works for Starbuck, too.)

  44. Internet Explorer 7 will be here by November

    Microsoft says it will be released in October with autoupdates being pushed out weeks later.

  45. ONA Award winners for 2006

    PaidContent reports on the winners of the online journalism awrds for this year.

  46. State of Web development

    For 2006 and 2007, Ajax looks to be big.

  47. GlobeSports.com launches

    Had a bit of a hand in this site -- which holds a lot of promise.

  48. TTC shirts you could wear

    Torontoist's Marc Lostracco quickly designed brilliant some T-shirts inspired by Toronto's transit service.

  49. Equal height columns in CSS

    Clever CSS-based hack to get euqal columns, not sure how extensible it is, but still...

  50. Detecting JavaScript leaks


  51. Shuttle, space station eclipsing the sun

    A spectacular photo taken on September 17.

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