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Online media matters


Some Spam/Virus Posts.

  1. Security risk in online ads

    Tucson Newspapers detected banner ads that, surreptitiously, tries to install spyware on a readers computer.

  2. Setting up IMAP

    Mini-tutorial for setting up IMAP in Apple Mail

  3. CBC and spam

    Tomorrow night (and again on Saturday), Canada’s public broadcaster devotes itself to a topic any connected person should care about.

  4. Is top-posting, shudder, the future?

    Reading the comments on a post about fighting top-posting seems to suggest that's become the de facto standard.

  5. Thunderbird 1.0

    Mozilla’s excellent mail client is ready for its close up.

  6. Four million daily emails for Bill Gates

    Famous email addresses and their spam count.

  7. A defence of spam

    Over the weekend, Doug Saunders demonstrated, once again, his flair for writing in his defence of spam

  8. Who’s the manager? Semantic Web pushes ahead; additional beautiful blogs

    From a Bulgarian software outsourcing company’s spam sitting in my inbox today:

  9. Happy New Year’s; Berners-Lee knighted; advanced tables

    A long-time friend just called to wish me a happy New Year — literally. He’s in Sydney and said he just saw the most spectacular fireworks display; this was happening in the background as we spoke.

  10. OJA nominees; Floatutorial; Sympatico brought to its knees

    The American government seems to have found a clever way around the freedom of the press: treat online journalists as ISPs.

  11. Self-healing systems

    Talk about self-healing systems: a new worm is crawling the Web trying to patch the Windows’ security hole used by Blaster (via SvN)

  12. Interviewed on warblogging; blocking spam

    Anna Czerny interviewed me for a small feature on blogs and the war for this year’s last issue of one of my alma mater’s newspapers. First time in a while I’ve been interviewed, and I forgot how easily details can be erroneously simplified (e.g., the origins of warblogging). But that just show’s the advantages of this medium in that I, as an interview subject, can use it to clarify any points I choose. Despite that minor quibble and my questionable grammar, it is a good overview (then again, I’m likely biased as I’m quoted liberally).

  13. Spam cop and tiny fonts

  14. SirCam for Craig

    Weird thing just happened. Got a typical SirCam infected message, but this one had my name on it — literally.

  15. Spam and SirCam

    A couple of items drawn from my inbox:

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