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Online media matters


October 16, 2006’s Posts.

  1. What's in JavaScript 1.7

    The Mozilla Developer Center documents the new version of JavaScript shipping in Firefox 2

  2. Trouble at Toronto papers

    Trouble has been brewing at Toronto Sun for a while, and was already apparent while working at Sun Media’s CANOE in the late 1990s. On the weekend, my current employer, The Globe and Mail wrote a surprisingly sympathetic piece on troubles at Toronto’s tabloid.

  3. Remembering two Canadian media greats

    This weekend Antonia Zebisias broke her blogging silence to remember Sid Adilman, one of Canada’s best entertainment journalists. He died this past Saturday and the paper he spent so much time at, the Toronto Star, remembers him well.

  4. CBC and spam

    Tomorrow night (and again on Saturday), Canada’s public broadcaster devotes itself to a topic any connected person should care about.

  5. Someone never read Suck!

    Torontoist calls out The Globe and Mail for sneaking some non-WCAG friendly alt text into a photo gallery

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