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2014’s Posts.

  1. HTML5 elements and attributes

    A list of the new tags proposed by WHATWG for HTML5

  2. Adobe documents CSS quirks

    New site host a site for sharing and finding tips on CSS issues.

  3. TheStar.com redesigns

    Gets rid of its past CMS in favour of something cleaner (called "TOPS"), has user comments, and short URLs!

  4. Firefox and the Acid 2 test


  5. The first YouTube response

    The Globe and Mail has gotten what may be its first YouTube-based reader response to one of its articles.

  6. Reaction to Stéphane Dion's win

    Globeandmail.com commentors react to the surprise choice for the new leader of the Liberal party.

  7. Rick Mercer blogging the Liberal convention

    Comedian and political animal Rick Mercer observes the Liberals at the Montreal convention.

  8. CBC goes local, again

    The news dep't is refocussing on local news once more.

  9. Death of newspapers foretold

    Jack Shafer explains that the industry new it was in trouble three decades ago.

  10. Future of personalized news

    An interview with Calvin Tang (Newsvine) about truly personalizing the news

  11. Run IE6 and IE7 on one machine

    Microsoft releases a virtual PC image that doesn't require another copy of Windows license to run the two browsers.

  12. Uncovering a Greco-Roman computer

    The Antikythera Mechanism was a complex astronomical computing machine from around 100 B.C.E.

  13. Encoding Flash video

    Digital Web has a great tutorial on how to encode Flash video for the Web.

  14. Zerbisias has left the building for good

    One of Canada's top media critics, and for quite a bit there, a top blogger, has retired her Toronto Star blog.

  15. Old-school TV sponsorship coming back

    NBC's nightly news benefited from it, and now a new TV comedy is being phrased as "branded entertainment".

  16. Newspaper sites till behind the curve

    Steve Outing wonders wear the real video, blogs, classifieds, and interactivity is.

  17. Do fix the small stuff

    Applying the broken windows theory to the Web can make a big difference.

  18. Comment hosts not libel?

    In California, a judge rules that compensation for libelous comments can't be taken from the Web site hosting them.

  19. Toronto's Indoor Playground

    A place for "for new start-ups and independent innovators who are looking for a professional yet affordable way to scale their business."

  20. Setting up MySQL on a Mac

    Helpful walk through for what really is a simple process

  21. Blogger acquitted

    New Brunswicker blogger/journalist was wrongly arrested for obstructing justice.

  22. License the 2007 Microsoft Office UI

    For free, unless you're OpenOffice.

  23. AjaxCore

    A PHP framework that uses Prototype to aid in Ajax development.

  24. Win a ticket to Web Directions North

    Digital Web Magazine is giving way a free pass to the conference to the creator of the best snowboard design.

  25. Ontario magazines get digital tax credit

    The Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit is available to companies to develop digital extensions of the print versions.

  26. Improving Firebug

    Version 1.0 looks to combine all my most-used extensions into one unbeatable debugging tool.

  27. How media can change the content

    Or sometimes not. Kottke looks at how podcasts still feel like radio talk shows.

  28. The Toronto Typographic Charter

    Joe Clark proposes a coherent use of typography for the City of Toronto

  29. Java is free

    The first steps are being taken to make the programming language open-source.

  30. Toronto votes

    Six days after our neighbours to the south changed the make-up of their government, we in Ontario have the opportunity to the same — but on a local level. Across the province, municipal elections are being held today.

  31. Switch

    I bought a Mac.

  32. With ubiquity comes limitations

    Aza Raskin argues the Web 2.0 toolkits may actually be hindering interesting developments online.

  33. Teehan+Lax UX Fund

    Can an investment portfolio focused on companies with good user-experience beat the indexes?

  34. Test your mobile-ility

    Test your Web site to see how mobile friend it might be (and love the irony of the TLD used)

  35. Re-skinning CBC.ca

    Blake Crosby shows, on a CBC blog how to subvert the site's business model

  36. Joe Clark micropatronage

    The highly-esteemed Joe Clark (arguably, one of Canada’s most passionate online personalities) is initiating a new research project around a topic he’s been passionate about for decades: accessibility. The Open & Closed Project’s aim is to create standards for captioning, audio description, subtitling, and dubbing. Not surprisingly, the project requires full-time focus and that’s where we come in.

  37. Comment on any text block

    Jack Slocum has developed a very clever means to comment on any block of text on a page

  38. IE7 and accessibility

    IEBlog explains how the new browser and the popular screen readers behave together.

  39. Web design is 95% typography -- the follow-up

    A follow-up to the responses generated by the first article.

  40. Web design is 95% typography

    Excellent comment on the importance of type in Web design

  41. State of the Blogosphere, October, 2006

    Technorati tracking 57 million blogs, with 100,000 being added each day

  42. CBC.ca’s down

    Sadly, it sometimes takes an outside event to put things into perspective. So it was when I saw nothing but a server error on cbc.ca this afternoon. That error (or error message) stayed for at least a few hours, until they managed to create a simplified, yet attractive, homepage for the news.

  43. Google ads on newsprint

    Google experimenting with putting its ads in the U.S.'s top newspapers

  44. Print skills translate online

    Poynter released a study that confirms a good journalist is a a good journalist, no matter the medium

  45. Hottest Canadian bands for 2006

    As voted on by a about dozens of Canadian music writers, bloggers and radio hosts.

  46. Page-caching in Firefox

    Some features appeared in Firefox 1.5 to help improve caching and load times.

  47. Wishlist for improvements to the next Internet Explorer

    Web standards types are collecting a list of features/fixes for the Internet Explorer team in hopes they might appear in IE.next

  48. When to update a site

    Mike Davidson’s thoughts on code promotion schedules have generated a number of interesting comments. Essentially, he began by questioning whether two weeks is too long or too short for releasing Web site improvements. There’s a lot of back-and-forth debating the meaning of “code” but most agree that it depends. (Anil Dash’s clarification of Vox’s scheduling explains in detail how good updates should be managed.)

  49. Parakey: Blake Ross and Joel Hewitt's next big thing?

    The curtains has been lifted on a Web operating system build by Firefox's key drivers

  50. Gummo’s down

    To make up for some overtime, I decided to take a few days off to both escape work and to continue developing the new version of this site. Late this afternoon, though, I was stunned when I heard about a co-worker’s departure. For the past four-and-half years, through boom and bust, we’d worked side-by-side — in fact, I’ve never worked with anyone else that closely for that long. This was the person who first showed me how the sites function and later became one of the few colleagues I’d share a drink with. But now, when I return to work on Monday, the chair beside me will sit empty.

  51. IE7 now a Windows Update

    Browser now an automatic update for Windows users (let's hope they accept it)

  52. Blogger and journalist?

    Charged with obstructing justice, Charles LeBlanc claims he covering the event like a journalist for his blog.

  53. 100 million Web sites

    Roughly speaking, that's a 100-fold increase in less than a decade.

  54. Trying out "Office 2.0"

    Carson Systems experiments with non-Microsoft office products and reports on the results

  55. The Django Book

    An ambitious plan to document the open-source Web framework online

  56. Videotron wants to end net neutrality

    The Quebecor-owned cable company for transmission fees to cover digital shipping and handling

  57. PressThink on Harper and the media

    A great essay and analysis of the prime minister's fight with the press gallery

  58. Web attracting more newspaper readers

    Canadian newspaper circulation continues to drop while the Web sites visits increase

  59. Push 2.0

    How Web 2.0 is really all about push again, and why it may not be so bad

  60. The highest Scrabble score yet

    The story behind Massachusetts carpenter winning score of 830

  61. Tim Berners-Lee wants to reinvent HTML

    The father of the Web responds to criticisms about the W3C and suggests how standards will evolve.

  62. Registration open for Web Directions North


  63. Free screen captures of Web pages

    Browsershots will take a image of a Web page in nine browser based on a number of different conditions

  64. Apollo makes Web apps desktop apps

    Adobe's new Apollo software will allow the easy creation of rich Internet applications.

  65. Bell Globemedia sells Workopolis

    Essentially, Bell Globemedia sells to its part-owner Canada's biggest job site (and cash cow) for $115 million

  66. Now's Best of Toronto: Technology

    BarCamp, BlogTO and Amber MacArthur amongst the picks.

  67. Getting Real in 3 flavours

    PDF, and now HTML or paper

  68. Steven Johnson's outside.in

    The man behind feed (and a few excellent books) is back in the online content business with a new twist on geo-tagging

  69. Firefox 2 released

    But you knew that already -- so here's Mitchell Baker's thoughts on the release.

  70. Mesh conference will be back in 2007

    Canada's "Web conference" returns in Toronto on May 30 and 31, 2007

  71. Another option for the Gardiner

    Instead of burying Toronto's urban highway, why not embrace it?

  72. Going west, and north for Web Directions North

    For the past dozen years, my professional life has revolved around two fields: one well-established, the other emerging. And in the past few years the intersection of the two — journalism and the Internet, respectively — has begun changing the business landscape of both.

  73. PaidContent redesigns

    The online media news site gets a new, contemporary look.

  74. What's really happening at Torstar

    The Globe and Mail exposes what was behind the dismissal of the Toronto Star's publisher and editor

  75. 40 years of Toronto Life

    Covers from the past issues of the magazine about Toronto.

  76. Scouring MySpace

    Wired News reporter, Kevin Poulson, has open-sourced his scripts to crawl MySpace looking for sex predators.

  77. Firefox 2 due Oct. 24

    Release would make two notable browser releases in a month.

  78. TV Guide to be online only

    Canada's TV Guide is closing its print edition to live exclusively online.

  79. First IE7 security hole

    Less than 24 hours after release, Secunia finds a security breach.

  80. Earth will survive...

    ...If ever last one of us disappeared right now.

  81. Eric Sorensen moves to Global

    The longtime CBC reporter is leaving to be Global's Washington bureau chief

  82. Multiple, standalone Internet Explorers

    Install Internet Explorer 7 as your default browser, then use this package to run IE 3 - IE 6

  83. Internet Explorer 7 released

    Get the looooong awaited new browser Microsoft.

  84. Securing identity online

    Although The Globe and Mail article suggests it could end spam, the Seven Laws of Identity have little to do with unsolicited bulk email. What the framework could do — which Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Ontario’s privacy commissioner, endorsed and extended today — is reduce spam while protecting what data companies can collect about us. (For a nice summary, download the brochure — or download the full white-paper for more details.)

  85. The Exclusion of Garth Turner

    Garth Turner and I have a history.

  86. Roll your own heatmaps

    A Ruby+JavaScript app that can generate heatmaps based on the users clicks

  87. Yahoo's seal of authenticity


  88. What's in JavaScript 1.7

    The Mozilla Developer Center documents the new version of JavaScript shipping in Firefox 2

  89. Trouble at Toronto papers

    Trouble has been brewing at Toronto Sun for a while, and was already apparent while working at Sun Media’s CANOE in the late 1990s. On the weekend, my current employer, The Globe and Mail wrote a surprisingly sympathetic piece on troubles at Toronto’s tabloid.

  90. Remembering two Canadian media greats

    This weekend Antonia Zebisias broke her blogging silence to remember Sid Adilman, one of Canada’s best entertainment journalists. He died this past Saturday and the paper he spent so much time at, the Toronto Star, remembers him well.

  91. CBC and spam

    Tomorrow night (and again on Saturday), Canada’s public broadcaster devotes itself to a topic any connected person should care about.

  92. Someone never read Suck!

    Torontoist calls out The Globe and Mail for sneaking some non-WCAG friendly alt text into a photo gallery

  93. Robertson's copyright claims upheld

    The Supreme Court of Canada upheld Heather Robertson's claim The Globe and Mail wrongfully sold her writings to elecrtonic databases.

  94. How CBC.ca makes stories

    Blake Crosby explains how articles are served on the CBC Web site

  95. State of the news industry from a buyer's view

    Richard Bloom talks to an ad buyer for a unique, and insightful take on the Canadian news industry.

  96. Weisblott blogs again

    For a variety of reasons, not the least of which being I don’t want this to be a marketing blog, I try not to focus too often on my day job. However, when something happens that would warrant an entry were it at another media outlet, I will.

  97. Museum blog killed by marketing

    The ROM's nascent blog was dead on arrival because, rumour has it, the marketing department didn't get it.

  98. Interview with Hakon Wium Lie

    Opera's CTO offers some insight into the future of the number three browser.

  99. Not-so quality TV

    Last night, CBC broadcast an English-langauge remake of its Quebec arm’s hit sitcom, Rumeurs. This version, produced by the one and only Moses Znaimer, was well promoted and expectations were higher than normal for a Canadian show.

  100. Tim Hortons meets Google Maps

    Need a Tims? Don't know where one is? Use this. (Works for Starbuck, too.)

  101. Internet Explorer 7 will be here by November

    Microsoft says it will be released in October with autoupdates being pushed out weeks later.

  102. ONA Award winners for 2006

    PaidContent reports on the winners of the online journalism awrds for this year.

  103. State of Web development

    For 2006 and 2007, Ajax looks to be big.

  104. GlobeSports.com launches

    Had a bit of a hand in this site -- which holds a lot of promise.

  105. TTC shirts you could wear

    Torontoist's Marc Lostracco quickly designed brilliant some T-shirts inspired by Toronto's transit service.

  106. Equal height columns in CSS

    Clever CSS-based hack to get euqal columns, not sure how extensible it is, but still...

  107. Detecting JavaScript leaks


  108. Shuttle, space station eclipsing the sun

    A spectacular photo taken on September 17.

  109. Agile advantages

    The more I read about Google’s software development mentality, the more it makes sense from an organizational perspective.

  110. No more Sunshine girl?

    Looks like the Toronto Sun wants to drop the bikini-clad institution

  111. Web Directions North

    The famed Web conference is coming to Vancouver in February 2007.

  112. Simon Willison's re-introduction to JavaScript

    Great review of the basics offered one a-ha moment: objects and associative arrays are the same thing.

  113. Znaimer may get his Way

    Toronto is considering naming the strip of Queen West that runs past CITY-TV, between John and Duncan Streets, Moses Znaimer Way.

  114. Shafer loves the Times Reader

    And I admit, it does sound quite enticing. Still not sure it can't be done with some effort on the Web, tho.

  115. Windows Vista UX Guide

    The user experience guidelines for Microsoft's new operating system will help shape many people's interface expecations.

  116. Take an RSS usage survey

    Microsoft is doing an quick snapshot of how people use RSS and will be releasing the results to the public on October 20, 2006.

  117. Spacing's Toronto election Blog

    Covering the public spacing issues during the run-up to the November 13 election.

  118. Final Fantasy takes the first Polaris prize

    Best pick overall (and no doubt, the best one politically) from a very loaded field.

  119. Understanding Objects in JavaScript

    After all these years, I finally get it.

  120. How to design an online product

    In this case, Google Calendar, but the steps showed be followed by any online initiative.

  121. Why monospace is small

    Mr. Hyatt tries to explain why monospaced fonts can look smaller than proportional fonts.

  122. globeandmail.com design tweak

    Geoff Teehan adjusts the design of globeandmail.com to improve the homepage design.

  123. Transparent alert messages

    A proposal for making alert messages more usable.

  124. CSS filter for IE7

    The short: ":first-child+html" will only target Internet Explorer 7.

  125. Standalone IE7 RC1

    Once again, it's possible to launch a standalone version of Internet Explorer 7

  126. Toronto Hydro's WiFi now live

    Coverage (in the downtown core) is free for the first 6 months, about C$30/month afterwards.

  127. What newspapers really need to do online

    Adrian Holovaty offers a large manifesto to which I can only reply: ditto.

  128. Pageviews are Obsolete

    The pageview metric is constant issue as we try to develop smarter Web sites that don't rely on fully reloading pages.

  129. Survey of Internet use by U.S. newspaper

    Lots of data on what newspapers are doing online, with some interesting recommendations

  130. Sawatsky's interview tips

    37 Signals summarizes some of John Sawatsky's famous interview advice.

  131. Fine Young Journalist signs-off

    Nothing left to say for the blog tracking how media is trying to attract a younger audience.

  132. Finalists for 2006 Online Journalism Awards

    No Canadian outlets make the cut.

  133. Hoping for new Web core fonts

    Jeff Crofts is aksing Apple and Windows to make the new Vista typefaces available on other platforms, too.

  134. Toronto Star offers downloadable afternoon edition

    Modeled on The Guardian's offering, this is a very smart initiative.

  135. Edit this (Wired) story

    Wired News has done a story on wikis, in a wiki, and is inviting users to improve it.

  136. Tips for improving JavaScript

    Sure it's for targetted for Internet Explorer 7, but the advice is worth listening to no matter the browser.

  137. More media, less news

    Newspapers now get the Internet (and the dollars from it), but they still may not be doing enough.

  138. The killing of newspapers

    The Economist wonders who killed newspapers and offers some analyis on the various suspects.

  139. Defining the media shift

    Mark Glaser breaks down "oldthink" and "newthink" in the media, and — despite the Orwellian-like terms -- offers some good insight

  140. CSS changes in IE7

    Comprehensive change-log of all the CSS fixes to be found in Internet Explorer 7.

  141. Bringing CANVAS to IE

    Some JavaScript libraries that bring the improved vector graphic functionality (already in Firefox and Safari) to Internet Explorer

  142. Canadians get news online

    Of the 61 percent of Canadian households online, most are using it everyday to get their news.

  143. CBC lock-out spark for blogs

    Blogs about the Mother Corp. were almost non-existence until management locked CBC employees out.

  144. Flash at 10

    I still remember encountering the first pages using FutureSplash...

  145. Documenting Firebug

    Everything you need to know to use JavaScript debugger.

  146. Microsummaries

    Firefox 2 will embed updated information into a site bookmark.

  147. Pricing a Web project

    It's a question everyone has asks, and Blue Flavour provides some good answers.

  148. Yet another Web colour tool

    Colors on the Web looks to be much friendlier than most.

  149. 2006 EPpy Awards finalists

    Adrian Holovaty's work at the washingtonpost.com helps it score multiple nominations.

  150. Thank you for everything, Jane Jacobs

    The woman who defined modern urban planning died today.

  151. Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 out

    This is the official, not preview, of Beta 2.

  152. Preparing for higher resolutions

    Dave Hyatt proposes a new way for Web sites to support both high- and low-resolution displays.

  153. Seasme Street clips

    A massive collection of the clips from Seasme Street video clips for perfect to sink into a retro coma with.

  154. Is top-posting, shudder, the future?

    Reading the comments on a post about fighting top-posting seems to suggest that's become the de facto standard.

  155. Mike D hacks MySpace


  156. Scrivs on MySpace

    Mr. Whitespace looks at what makes the social networking site so successful.

  157. A DVDzine by the kids of Uxbridge

    From the snippet I saw (which was used to show how Cokie copied it), it looks pretty good.

  158. Accessible maps

    A nice demonstration on how a accessible, and standards-based map can be built.

  159. Invalid Canadian New Media Awards

    Joe Clark rages against the lackluster technical quality of a Canada's wannabe Webby∍s.

  160. Holographic disc drives

    Very, very cool.

  161. Bite Size Standards

    Quick, standards-based Web development tips.

  162. CRTC clears wireless TV

    Television on your cellphone will be a wild realm where the CRTC will not tread.

  163. Inside the NYTimes.com redesign

    The Online Journalism Review does a Q&A with Len Apcar, the editor in chief of NYTimes.com.

  164. Time's up for Time Canada

    The Canadian edition of Time will be produced without any staff working in Canada.

  165. Envision Torono

    An art project that ties Flickr, Google Maps and Toronto together.

  166. Antique anatomical illustrations

    Anatimoia hosts 4,500 full page plates and illustrations created from 1522 to 1867.

  167. Syndicating blogs

    BlogBurst will begin syndicating commentary from 600 bloggers to newspapers.

  168. If newspapers are to survive...

    The Globe and Mail calls it reimagination, Tim Porter calls it reinvention.

  169. Prototyping Ajax

    A guide to how Particletree develops Ajax apps.

  170. Disney offering TV free on Web

    The shows will be available on the Web the morning after they air and will have unskipable commericals. Could work.

  171. Google killed the clever news headline

    Headline style has been slowly altered by the search agents scouring the digital world.

  172. The New York Times and blogging

    The newspapers public editor comments on the ethics around blogging.

  173. W3C doing XMLHttpRequest

    A draft specification from the W3C for the technology that makes Ajax work

  174. Toronto Life goes standard

    Nice design, and as valid as valid can be for a commercial site.

  175. Jack Shafer on NYTimes.com

    It's so good, he's cancelling his print subscription.

  176. Really desiging for the printed Web page

    Mark Boulton demonstrates how a print-friendly style sheet can be more than just an afterthought.

  177. The State of Web 2.0

    A detailed overview of where Web 2.0 is at, and where it's heading.

  178. CSS Naked Day is coming

    On April 5th, see the beauty beneath the skin.

  179. Conservatives won't decriminalize marijuana

    Reason #451 to dislike the Harper government.

  180. NYTimes.com redesigns

    Although a bit boxy, the design is - on the whole - a brilliant example of how an online newspaper should look.

  181. 30 years of Apple

    Wired has a gallery of Apple’s products over the past three decades.

  182. From DHTML to DOM scripting

    Christian Heilmann writes a treatise on why DHTML is not DOM scripting

  183. Firebug 0.3 is brilliant

    This release officially replaces my belvoed DOM Inspector as the best Web development tool ever.

  184. On Morrissey’s boycott of Canada

    The beautiful irony of comment from a globeandmail.com reader comment sums it all up.

  185. Face(bubble)book’s $2 billion (bubble) dream.

    After looking a gift horse in mouth someone’s going to end up looking like a mule.

  186. CNN.com’s new homepage

    It’s wide and fairly minimal.

  187. Municipal election campaigns 2.0

    Social Tech Brewing hosts a conference on how to get the next Toronto election more Web-friendly.

  188. Alan Rusbridger on newspapers and blogs

    The editor of The Guardian opines on what the newspapers need to do to survive.

  189. Harper limiting reporter access

    Bill Doskoch summarizes some of the drastic changes the new Prime Minister wants to enforce on the press gallery.

  190. The truth behind retouching

    Online demo of how retouching makes the real hyperreal.

  191. Clark on mesh and Web developement in Toronto

    I'm friends with Joe and some of the Mesh organizers, but his attacks on the industry in Toronto ring true.

  192. Hogtown vs. Cowtown

    A Torontonian takes a wander through Calgary; while a Calgarian does the same in Toronto.

  193. Louie Palu in Afghanistan

    Palu, an award-winning photographer with The Globe and Mail, documented his time with Canadian military there.

  194. “Bugzilla” for Internet Explorer

    Internet Explorer Feedback is a bug database for the browser that Redmond built. Good on them for doing this.

  195. Tim Hortons one of Canada’s biggest IPOs

    The donut and coffee chain jumps 40% in its market debut.

  196. Question the globeandmail.com editors

    The editors of globeandmail.com do a questions and answer session with the readers.

  197. Mesh — Canada’s Web *.0 conference

    Organized by smart people, with presentations by even smarter ones, mesh looks to be a very good conference.

  198. Cascading Style Shirts

    Ringer T-shirts created in Canada with Web standard messages.

  199. Toronto Star starts tagging

    The online news site dips its toes in the tagging waters by letting users post a story to del.icio.us.

  200. 1,000 little icons

    Silk Icons offer 1,000 nice icons convering nearly every conceivable need.

  201. Thunderbird gets a calendar (almost)

    Lightning 0.1 is the first release of the calendar for the Mozilla Thunderbird email client.

  202. Firefox 2.0 Alpha 1 released

    This developer release showcases the first tentative steps Firefox is taking as it hits 2.0.

  203. Internet Explorer 7: MIX06 Build

    The IEBlog explains what you need to do to get this rendering-engine complete version installed.

  204. Prime Minister Ashley MacIsaac?

    Well, fiddle me timbers, the Cape Breton fiddler insists he’s making a genuine run for the Liberal leadership.

  205. Shirkey on groups

    An older (2003) essay, but an excellent one examining group dynamics online.

  206. CSS compressor

    CSS Tweak has a nice interface, but if you already use shorthand properties, the savings aren’t great.

  207. BarCampTdot (a.k.a., TorCamp 2.0)

    The second TorCamp will be taking place May 13 or May 14, 2006. Sign-up now.

  208. Bubble 2.0

    A categorized list of some of the various Web 2.0 products out there.

  209. Tom Waits’ only commerical

    For Purina, done in 1981.

  210. State of the (American) news media for 2006

    Third annual report is an incredibly in-depth report on all the major jounalism media.

  211. More about Internet Explorer 7

    The MIX06 release will be the full-fledged Beta 2 with the final version coming in November.

  212. PHP reading list

    As complied by Big Blue.

  213. CSS Development Shortcut

    Chris Casciano offers up an HTML document with all the elements ready for your CSS tests.

  214. More on Toronto's wireless plans

    The downtown WiFi service will be aimed at business and will likely be available to anyone through a monthly subscription.

  215. Current interface designs

    Designs include products from both Mircrosoft and Apple.

  216. Meet Media 2.0

    A interesting analysis of the community and media trend as it relates to Web 2.0.

  217. Opera nightly passes Acid2 test

    A first for a Windows browsers, but the browser still does weird things.

  218. The media feeds the dot-com community bubble

    Interesting piece using News Corp. and MySpace as a hook for a larger, emerging trend.

  219. Patrick Dinnen on making Toronto wireless

    The Wireless Toronto representative shares his feelings about Toronto Hydro’s WiFi plans.

  220. Will the TTC resurrect Mondex?

    Toronto’s transit service proposes a new pass that could double as an e-cash-holding smart card.

  221. Khoi Vinh on Newsvine

    The review is generous yet conflicted, and it echoes my reactions to Newsvine, as well.

  222. Compatibility testing JavaScript libraries

    Cross-browser, cross-platform support is accepted in mark-up and styles. Now comes scripting.

  223. Blogging at Canadian newspapers

    Mark Hamilton looks at the Canadian newspaper blogging effort and finds it lacking.

  224. Best U.S. newspapers that blogs

    The Houston Chronicle gets a lot of praise for its extensive blogging efforts.

  225. Spacing on Wireless Toronto

    In light of the news about Toronto Hydro’s plan to offer WiFi hotspots, Spacing recommends Wireless Toronto.

  226. Toronto made wireless

    Rumour has it, this fall Toronto Hydro will turn the city’s entire downtown core into a WiFi hotspot.

  227. Split the Queen line

    Spacing thinks breaking the Queen streetcar line into smaller bits would help improve service.

  228. Extend Firefox Winners

    Reveal, Web Developer and Firefox Showcase take top prizes.

  229. DOM Helper

    A hand built editor and DOM explorer for Internet Explorer

  230. Maybe there is a bubble

    Bell Globemedia looking to do an IPO this fall.

  231. One template, forty layouts

    Alessandro Fulciniti launches Layout Gala: 40 CSS-layouts in one template. Superb.

  232. One template, forty layouts

    Alessandro Fulciniti launches Layout Gala: 40 CSS-layouts in one template. Superb.

  233. The IE7 MIX 06 beta release

    A new beta of Internet Explroer 7 is apparently being released and MIX06, and possibly on MSDN later. It sounds very good.

  234. Microsoft updates for Eolas

    Internet Explorer gets an unwanted upgrade thanks to the Eolas patent.

  235. Da Vinci’s autopsy

    Nicholas Campbell and Chris Haddock discuss the death of the Da Vinci franchise.

  236. Pick your own TV channels

    The CRTC will allow Canadians to pick-and-choose they channels they want.

  237. Wall Street Journal on The Globe and Mail

    According to The Wall Street Journal, The Globe is being saved by its crazy front pages.

  238. Should Canada be in Afghanistan?

    Globeandmail.com is hosting an online debate with its readers and MPs from three of the four parties (the gov't opted out).

  239. Alice is the brains behind CBC

    John Doyle savages the CBC’s recent decisions about TV drama.

  240. How hard is the blogosphere of Leah McLaren?

    Bill Doskoch does some digging to see what turned Ms McLaren off blogs.

  241. Joe Clark on TorCamp DesignSlam

    Joe sums up the events of the first of what I hope will be many DesignSlams.

  242. The Times breaks the Social Scene

    The New York Times profiles Toronto’s band of bands.

  243. All rich-media patented

    U.S. Patent No. 7,000,180 covers all rich-media technologies accessed over the Net. This includes Flash, Java, and Ajax.

  244. Dow Jones merging print and online

    The publisher of The Wall Street Journal will merge its print and online operations. Now it’s a real trend.

  245. Two Toronto online events

    Lately the posts here have been more idea-based than anything else, this one is not; rather it’s plugging two Toronto-area events.

  246. MS Paint + too much time

    Freakin’ impressive hand-drawn MS Paint image.

  247. Newspaper grasp for the young

    Salon examines the newspaper industry∍s reach the youth demographic.

  248. Is CBC stupid!?

    Canada’s public broadcaster has cancelled the only two dramas I watch anymore: This is Wonderland and Da Vinci’s City Hall.

  249. 2006 Juno nominees

    Arcade Fire’s 2004 album is nominated, but only for a video and songwriting. Other nods are more comfortably mainstream.

  250. The Firefox memory leak

    Apparently its a feature, although the memory doesn’t seem to be freed once tabs are closed.

  251. Camino 1.0 released

    The pre-cursor to Firefox has finally hit 1.0.

  252. Journalism technological evolutions

    Jack Shafer comments on how technology has always forced the newspaper industry to evolve, often unwillingly.

  253. Reimagining the news

    Jeff Jarvis’s series on how to reshape the newspaper.

  254. The real news algorithm

    Cost vs. price is the real reason behind the media’s decisions when it comes to its products. The Web is no different.

  255. Including SVG inline

    Steven Garrity explains how to best include Scalable Vector Graphics in a Web page.

  256. Extend Firefox Contest Finalists


  257. Running a standalone IE7 Beta 2 Preview

    Involves making a small batch file, but it seems to make running the new Internet Explorer fine.

  258. Yahoo! User Interface Library

    Nice collection of dynamic events. Perhaps to become the de facto library?

  259. Yahoo grades browser support

    I like the model of C-, A, and X-support. Been using it for years, but this explains it all.

  260. Yahoo! Design Pattern Library

    Nice patterns established by Yahoo!

  261. Video: “Queen Street Man”

    It’s funny #8217;cause it’s true; still no “Spadina Bus”

  262. Flash Journalism

    Behind the loud intro is a wealth of resources for creating multimedia journalism online.

  263. Q&A on the globeandmail.com’s redesign

    Angus Frame, the editor of globeandmail.com, and designer Adrian Norris are taking questions about the new design at 1 p.m. EST, Feb. 7, 2006.

  264. The Holy Grail of CSS layout

    This is a pretty clever solution to the three-column + footer layout test.

  265. CSS support in IE7

    Like the title of the page says, it’s Microsofts record of Cascading Style Sheet Compatibility in Internet Explorer 7.

  266. css-discuss documents IE7

    The css-discuss community was set-up a Wiki page to dissect Internet Explorer 7.

  267. Commenting on the globeandmail.com redesign

    Globeandmail.com opens up its popular ocmments feature to let people sound-off on the redesign — so far more than 300 have.

  268. Mr. Greenspon on redesigning globeandmail.com

    The Editor-in-chief of the newspaper introduces the new Web site.

  269. Lessons from working with Web standards

    During the past five months I’ve been working on a project that’s been alluded to on this site a few times, and it will very soon be done. Once things settle down, I’ll be going into a lot more detail, but for now I’ll tease out a few things I’ve discovered:

  270. Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2 is out

    Okay, what do we think?

  271. He’s not Dave Shea

    Ironically, when the CSS Zen Garden launched I (and Doug Bowman, I think) misspelled Shea’s name.

  272. fifth estate online

    Watch some of the best documentaries, for free, on the CBC’s fifth estate site

  273. What we use in our Web pages

    Google has analyzed the HTML used to build the Web pages of the world, and the results are quite interesting.

  274. IE 7 Beta 2 leaked to Web

    The latest beta of Internet Explorer (supposedly the one with the fixes) is now in the wild. Officially relase to come?

  275. Paul Martin resigning as Liberal leader

    Let the horse race begin. Will it be Ignatieff, Stronach, a Chrétien-ite?

  276. NDP make big gains

    Looks like the NDP did as good as they were hoping this time, and their members will help keep the Conservatives in check.

  277. CBC: Conservative minority

    Damn, damn, double damn.

  278. Election 2006 Mashup

    Wiki, meets Google Map, meets poll of the Canadian election.

  279. Results by riding

    Track the country, a province, or region by riding during the 2006 Canadian election.

  280. Track your riding

    Follow your riding in the 2006 Canadian election.

  281. Canadians vote today

    And if you need some help picking the best party (ahem, not Conservative) use this tool and discover which party platforms you agree with.

  282. Firefox Extension: FireBug


  283. Firefox 2.0 Roadmap

    Ben Goodger outlines the plans for 2.0, which involve only user-interface enhancements.

  284. The first failed redesign of 2006?

    The Canadian New Media Awards site fails to meet any of Joe Clark’s criteria.

  285. Enlarging images on the page

    Very simple little JavaScript that does exactly whatever I never had the time to build.

  286. Safari gets a DOM Inspector

    Now if only Opera would follow suit…

  287. Getting abbreviations right

    Years ago I dipped my toes in these waters. Colin Lieberman goes deep.

  288. An expert-based Wikipedia

    The Digital Universe feels, in everything, almost a decade late.

  289. Peter C. Newman on the Canadian election campaign

    His typically colourful analysis argues that our democracy is teetering on the brink.

  290. JavaScript debugger for Internet Explorer

    I am really, really hating IE right now, but this debugger may improve my temperament slightly.

  291. iWeb makes bad Web code

    HTML and CSS output look to be almost as bad as the stuff produced by FrontPage.

  292. Behind the myth of newspapers

    Michael Kinsley examines newspapers and muses on their future in this excellently written commentary.

  293. CBC News to be hip

    A logo change and some feature changes are in store Monday on Canada’s public broadcaster to make it more “cool”.

  294. Eight-year-old reporters?

    I know its a PR stunt, but c’mon…

  295. Irving Layton dead at 93

    One of Canada’s greatest 20th century poets has died.