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November 2006’s Posts.

  1. Uncovering a Greco-Roman computer

    The Antikythera Mechanism was a complex astronomical computing machine from around 100 B.C.E.

  2. Encoding Flash video

    Digital Web has a great tutorial on how to encode Flash video for the Web.

  3. Zerbisias has left the building for good

    One of Canada's top media critics, and for quite a bit there, a top blogger, has retired her Toronto Star blog.

  4. Old-school TV sponsorship coming back

    NBC's nightly news benefited from it, and now a new TV comedy is being phrased as "branded entertainment".

  5. Newspaper sites till behind the curve

    Steve Outing wonders wear the real video, blogs, classifieds, and interactivity is.

  6. Do fix the small stuff

    Applying the broken windows theory to the Web can make a big difference.

  7. Comment hosts not libel?

    In California, a judge rules that compensation for libelous comments can't be taken from the Web site hosting them.

  8. Toronto's Indoor Playground

    A place for "for new start-ups and independent innovators who are looking for a professional yet affordable way to scale their business."

  9. Setting up MySQL on a Mac

    Helpful walk through for what really is a simple process

  10. Blogger acquitted

    New Brunswicker blogger/journalist was wrongly arrested for obstructing justice.

  11. License the 2007 Microsoft Office UI

    For free, unless you're OpenOffice.

  12. AjaxCore

    A PHP framework that uses Prototype to aid in Ajax development.

  13. Win a ticket to Web Directions North

    Digital Web Magazine is giving way a free pass to the conference to the creator of the best snowboard design.

  14. Ontario magazines get digital tax credit

    The Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit is available to companies to develop digital extensions of the print versions.

  15. Improving Firebug

    Version 1.0 looks to combine all my most-used extensions into one unbeatable debugging tool.

  16. How media can change the content

    Or sometimes not. Kottke looks at how podcasts still feel like radio talk shows.

  17. The Toronto Typographic Charter

    Joe Clark proposes a coherent use of typography for the City of Toronto

  18. Java is free

    The first steps are being taken to make the programming language open-source.

  19. Toronto votes

    Six days after our neighbours to the south changed the make-up of their government, we in Ontario have the opportunity to the same — but on a local level. Across the province, municipal elections are being held today.

  20. Switch

    I bought a Mac.

  21. With ubiquity comes limitations

    Aza Raskin argues the Web 2.0 toolkits may actually be hindering interesting developments online.

  22. Teehan+Lax UX Fund

    Can an investment portfolio focused on companies with good user-experience beat the indexes?

  23. Test your mobile-ility

    Test your Web site to see how mobile friend it might be (and love the irony of the TLD used)

  24. Re-skinning CBC.ca

    Blake Crosby shows, on a CBC blog how to subvert the site's business model

  25. Joe Clark micropatronage

    The highly-esteemed Joe Clark (arguably, one of Canada’s most passionate online personalities) is initiating a new research project around a topic he’s been passionate about for decades: accessibility. The Open & Closed Project’s aim is to create standards for captioning, audio description, subtitling, and dubbing. Not surprisingly, the project requires full-time focus and that’s where we come in.

  26. Comment on any text block

    Jack Slocum has developed a very clever means to comment on any block of text on a page

  27. IE7 and accessibility

    IEBlog explains how the new browser and the popular screen readers behave together.

  28. Web design is 95% typography -- the follow-up

    A follow-up to the responses generated by the first article.

  29. Web design is 95% typography

    Excellent comment on the importance of type in Web design

  30. State of the Blogosphere, October, 2006

    Technorati tracking 57 million blogs, with 100,000 being added each day

  31. CBC.ca’s down

    Sadly, it sometimes takes an outside event to put things into perspective. So it was when I saw nothing but a server error on cbc.ca this afternoon. That error (or error message) stayed for at least a few hours, until they managed to create a simplified, yet attractive, homepage for the news.

  32. Google ads on newsprint

    Google experimenting with putting its ads in the U.S.'s top newspapers

  33. Print skills translate online

    Poynter released a study that confirms a good journalist is a a good journalist, no matter the medium

  34. Hottest Canadian bands for 2006

    As voted on by a about dozens of Canadian music writers, bloggers and radio hosts.

  35. Page-caching in Firefox

    Some features appeared in Firefox 1.5 to help improve caching and load times.

  36. Wishlist for improvements to the next Internet Explorer

    Web standards types are collecting a list of features/fixes for the Internet Explorer team in hopes they might appear in IE.next

  37. When to update a site

    Mike Davidson’s thoughts on code promotion schedules have generated a number of interesting comments. Essentially, he began by questioning whether two weeks is too long or too short for releasing Web site improvements. There’s a lot of back-and-forth debating the meaning of “code” but most agree that it depends. (Anil Dash’s clarification of Vox’s scheduling explains in detail how good updates should be managed.)

  38. Parakey: Blake Ross and Joel Hewitt's next big thing?

    The curtains has been lifted on a Web operating system build by Firefox's key drivers

  39. Gummo’s down

    To make up for some overtime, I decided to take a few days off to both escape work and to continue developing the new version of this site. Late this afternoon, though, I was stunned when I heard about a co-worker’s departure. For the past four-and-half years, through boom and bust, we’d worked side-by-side — in fact, I’ve never worked with anyone else that closely for that long. This was the person who first showed me how the sites function and later became one of the few colleagues I’d share a drink with. But now, when I return to work on Monday, the chair beside me will sit empty.

  40. IE7 now a Windows Update

    Browser now an automatic update for Windows users (let's hope they accept it)

  41. Blogger and journalist?

    Charged with obstructing justice, Charles LeBlanc claims he covering the event like a journalist for his blog.

  42. 100 million Web sites

    Roughly speaking, that's a 100-fold increase in less than a decade.

  43. Trying out "Office 2.0"

    Carson Systems experiments with non-Microsoft office products and reports on the results

  44. The Django Book

    An ambitious plan to document the open-source Web framework online

  45. Videotron wants to end net neutrality

    The Quebecor-owned cable company for transmission fees to cover digital shipping and handling

  46. PressThink on Harper and the media

    A great essay and analysis of the prime minister's fight with the press gallery

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