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November 2, 2006’s Posts.

  1. Gummo’s down

    To make up for some overtime, I decided to take a few days off to both escape work and to continue developing the new version of this site. Late this afternoon, though, I was stunned when I heard about a co-worker’s departure. For the past four-and-half years, through boom and bust, we’d worked side-by-side — in fact, I’ve never worked with anyone else that closely for that long. This was the person who first showed me how the sites function and later became one of the few colleagues I’d share a drink with. But now, when I return to work on Monday, the chair beside me will sit empty.

  2. IE7 now a Windows Update

    Browser now an automatic update for Windows users (let's hope they accept it)

  3. Blogger and journalist?

    Charged with obstructing justice, Charles LeBlanc claims he covering the event like a journalist for his blog.

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