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Online media matters


Some Work Posts.

  1. Big editorial changes for The Globe and Mail

    A public editor, along with a number of new senior positions, will reshape the newsroom

  2. ONA 2011 winners

    The BBC, The Globe and Mail, the Voice of San Diego take the General Excellence awards

  3. Teehan+Lax Labs

    Creating an innovation lab within a creative company is a growing, and smart, trend 

  4. 308 places in Canada

    The Globe and Mail is enlisting Twitter to help cover the federal election on a local basis

  5. Mobile stock info

    Globe Investor improved its mobile site, updating its stock and chart pages

  6. The Globe and Mail API

    The Globe Politics app is the first to use the newspapers new semi-public API

  7. The Globe Politics app

    Built by an amazing team, in a very short timeframe, and there is more still to come #cdnpoli

  8. Goodbye Seattle, hello Globe

    Saying goodbye to msnbc.com and Seattle, and returning to Canada after a brief sojourn to Vietnam and Thailand. 

  9. How to apply for a design position

    Brutally honest explanation of how the hiring process for designers is often like

  10. 100 top online publishers

    Pleased to see msnbc.com make not once, but twice (three times, if you count EveryBlock)

  11. New designs on news

    The new msnbc.com design represents a whole new way for editors to report the news online

  12. Dealing with large teams

    Good reminders on leading and working on a project with a dozen or more people

  13. Lessons from working with Web standards, revisited

    Four years later, I look back at some of the lessons learned about designing a news Web site using Web standards to see what still applies.

  14. msnbc.com does the iPhone

    Vu Nguyen writes about the design thinking behind msnbc.com's new iPhone-optimized site

  15. Accessible Web video

    For a medium that was designed to share scientific papers, the Web does a good job at delivering video to mass audiences. For the past months, msnbc.com has been building an entirely new way to share that video to its audiences.

  16. Owning the design

    A lengthy rant about how collaboration can destroy the very design process its intended to help

  17. The down and dirty revolution

    Good post on how journalism (and other corporate enterprise) could benefit from getting a little messier

  18. EveryBlock joins msnbc.com

    Very pleased to finally be working with Adrian Holovaty

  19. Article page design

    How msnbc.com's new story design can help advertising (based on an interview eMedia Vitals did with me)

  20. Enterprising online journalism

    NYTimes profiles msnbc.com's efforts in Elkhart (note: I work for msnbc.com)

  21. The Developer Evangelist Handbook

    Interesting how-to on promoting ones company to other developers

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