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July 2009’s Posts.

  1. Sabotaging the local news

    An insider describes how CBC's new local news program is designed to fail

  2. A CN Tower-less Toronto

    Removing the iconic tower changes more than the skyline

  3. Cross-browser HTML5 audio

    A jQuery plugin (called jPlayer) enables broader support for embedded audio

  4. NYTimes.com subscription idea

    Steve Outing has an interesting twist on the typical pay-to-read model

  5. The Developer Evangelist Handbook

    Interesting how-to on promoting ones company to other developers

  6. Limiting HTML5 feeback

    HTML5 WG is "run by tech geeks...And to a geek...the way to filter input is to use technology as a barrier"

  7. 100 years of design

    Dozens of manifestos from some of the century's leading design thinkers

  8. Resurrecting the afternoon paper

    The free daily (called t.o.night) will have the day's actual news

  9. Rebranding Tim Hortons

    Hearing it described as a "coffee & bake shop" sounds off, even if accurate

  10. AnythingZoomer

    Clever little jQuery plugin for magnifying images and text

  11. Nice Web Type

    Some stunning examples of what's possible with real type on the web

  12. Push again: pushbutton web

    Anil Dash examines the new generation push technologies that can actually scale

  13. Secretly Starbucks

    Manufacturing local charm with a purposefully rustic renovation and name: 15th Avenue Coffee & Tea

  14. Two big hires at the Globe and Mail

    Kenny Yum returns as the site's editor, Anjali Kapoor becomes the ME of digital

  15. Web-friendly fonts, take 2

    An XML-based licensing standard (.webfont) has been proposed as a way to embed typefaces

  16. USA Today's News Deck

    Not sure I really understand the point of this other than to experiment with some JavaScript effects

  17. 3D CSS Transforms

    Some stunning WebKit-only visual effects previously only possible in Flash

  18. Everything you didn't know about tech and media

    Or at least 25 bits of trivia

  19. Web-friendly OpenType fonts

    The Font Bureau proposes a way to legally distribute fonts for Web use

  20. Making sense of HTML5

    Zeldman valiantly tries again to refocus the HTML5 debates around standrds

  21. We choose the Moon

    An amazing, real-time recreation of the the Apollo 11 mission online

  22. Improving "Missing cat" posters

    A brilliant guerrilla typography project to beautify the streets

  23. Ethics, blogging, the Star

    My former colleague (Kathy English) has lambasted a skilled columnist (Antonia Zerbisias) for writing about a protest of a protest

  24. Desgin principles

    Well defined design principles can define the experience without prescribing it

  25. Data and journalism

    Overview on how the wealth of data available now can revitalize journalism

  26. Assessing the Globe changes

    Maclean's has an in-depth feature about the recent changes at The Globe and Mail

  27. Reuters' Handbook of Journalism

    The news service has posted its core journalistic principles online

  28. Value added news

    HNews is a new microformat for marking up news articles

  29. This Movie is Broken

    If you're in Toronto this July, help Broken Social Scene and Bruce McDonald make a movie

  30. iPhone-style password fields

    A jQuery plug-in that obscures all but the last character in a password field

  31. Parsing HTML5

    An HTML5 parsing engine is now available in nightly Firefox builds

  32. HTML5 Doctor

    A Dr. Web for the new generation of Web standards

  33. Polaris 2009 shortlist

    Given the prizes intention, this year's list seems strangely disappointing despite the quality of the acts selected

  34. Martin Streek reported dead

    The iconic DJ, recently fired from Toronto's CFNY / Edge 102 radio station after 20 years, has apparently died

  35. The death of IE6 (and 7)

    In 2010, 90 per cent of the Web could be surfing with standards-compliant browsers

  36. Mediaite from the inside

    Rex Sorgatz explains the the design concepts behind the media gossip site

  37. No strike at the Globe

    The Globe and Mail has reached a tentative deal with its employees, averting a strike

  38. Modernizr

    A JavaScript solution for detecting CSS3 support in browsers

  39. Embedded video everywhere

    Kroc Camen has developed a script to enable HTML5's video in any browser

  40. With glowing hearts

    A run-down of the best Canadian music for Canada Day 2009.

  41. The trouble with video

    HTML5 offers the promise of embedded video, but the reality may not match

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