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Online media matters


Some Online Journalism Posts.

  1. NYTimes - Nose to Tail

    Great deck explaining the inner workings of the New York Times APIs

  2. Statistics Canada data to be free

    Finally, it looks like Canada will allow free use of all the data collected in the 2011 census

  3. Borked Unicode

    Joe Clark offers advice on producing (typographically) clean copy - too bad CMS don't play nice 

  4. CBC's local future?

    A vague description, with lots of promise, for a new localized digital news starting in Hamilton

  5. Postmedia to charge for more content

    Canada's biggest newspaper published will be introducing a metered pay model to more of its news sites

  6. ONA 2011 winners

    The BBC, The Globe and Mail, the Voice of San Diego take the General Excellence awards

  7. 2011 ONA finalists announced

    Good to see such international representation (including The Globe and Mail)

  8. Eye Weekly web archive at risk

    The mind boggles at the multitude of strange decisions leading to this situation 

  9. The real measure of a site

    Making the case for ARPU - average revenue per user - for news sites

  10. Improving news design

    Intriguing suggesting for clarifying the presentation of online news sites

  11. Reuters.com redesigns again

    New look big on pictures and suggests new editorial direction

  12. Aggregating news well

    Some strategies for integrating aggregation into a news organizations reporting routine

  13. Knight News Challenge 2011 winners

    Once again, an impressive selection of digital journalism projects selected by the Knight Foundation

  14. Afghan detainee files

    The Globe and Mail is asking for help to review the 4,000 pages of documents released by the government

  15. Global TV opening its data

    Data resulting from Freedom of Information being released to the general public - this a huge step

  16. Subscriber surprise

    The New York Times offers digital subscribers an exclusive, inside baseball story newsletter

  17. EveryBlock's visual evolution

    The originator of visualization of data on Google Maps looks back

  18. Covering the news without a site

    Some good tips to ensure ongoing coverage when one's news site goes down

  19. The Encyclo

    The Nieman Journalism Labs creates an encyclopedia on the future of news

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