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Online media matters


May 2011’s Posts.

  1. Covering the news without a site

    Some good tips to ensure ongoing coverage when one's news site goes down

  2. Canadian digital media economy

    Justin Kozuch released his first annual survey of Canada's digital media business

  3. The Encyclo

    The Nieman Journalism Labs creates an encyclopedia on the future of news

  4. Building a bridge

    An open letter to Toronto’s city council to urge them to support continued construction of the Fort York Pedestrian Cycle Bridge

  5. Google News simplifies

    Browsing is less noisy with contextual features hidden beneath a hover and click

  6. Logical punctuation

    An argument to abandon the aesthetics of placing punctuation with quotes

  7. On the business of digital journalism

    Mathew Ingram offers a comprehensive summary of the report on digital news economics

  8. (Re)branding the TTC

    Comprehensive design study on how Toronto's transit system could unify its signage and brand

  9. State of mobile web development in 2011

    Self-selected survey points to increased interest in HTML5 and open mobile platforms

  10. Responsive design test app

    A simple Web app for comparing a site's responsive design fit on an iPhone and iPad

  11. 2011 Webby winners

    Seemingly as irrelevant and about brand plays as ever

  12. 2011 CAJ Award nominations

    Still no online category, but lots of good Canadian journalism nominated

  13. 2011 magazine awards

    Canada's list of National Magazine Award nominees is officially released 

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