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Online media matters


Some Web Technology Posts.

  1. Generating typographic portraits

    Some lessons learned about getting optimal performance from process-heavy web apps

  2. NYTimes - Nose to Tail

    Great deck explaining the inner workings of the New York Times APIs

  3. What Toronto Said

    Using open data tools to reveal what Torontonians really think the city should focus on

  4. On the Network manifesto

    Ten principles to reset expectations about the internet (and an 11th that made me change my style)

  5. State of mobile web development in 2011

    Self-selected survey points to increased interest in HTML5 and open mobile platforms

  6. 2011 Mesh Prize

    Apply now for the $40,000 prize rewarding a project that improves Canada's digital industry

  7. The Globe and Mail API

    The Globe Politics app is the first to use the newspapers new semi-public API

  8. Online media vs. bandwidth limits

    StartupNorth suggests bandwidth caps tell Canadians to innovate elsewhere

  9. Canada open data pilot project

    Canada's current, and notoriously secretive, government is starting to release some datasets

  10. The Vancouver License

    When it comes to licensing open government data, the current standard falls short

  11. Making data maps from SVG

    Practical piece by a former co-worker on creating cross-platform inforgraphics using svgweb

  12. Mozilla-Knight journalism partnership

    The potential this partnership has to accelerate the development of online journalism is huge

  13. Nothing queued, Netflix

    Canada feeds of American culture — the history of Canadian media can be read, in part, as a nationalistic defence against American influence (which in turn can be explained by the events 199 years ago). In the digital age however, with geo-fencing thriving, access to Hollywood is being limited in the Great White North. No Pandora. No Hulu. And until recently, no Netflix. As a recent American resident, I became a immediate Netflix junkie. In less than three years, I watched more than 500 movies (and rated another 2,020 and had 3,573 suggestions). There were nearly 400 more in my DVD and Instant Viewing queue. My move back to Canada coincided, coincidentally, with Netflix unveiling a Canadian streaming-only service. And the results have suggested it is struggling to understand their customer base. Laying aside an unnecessarily astroturfed launch, there is no way to import U.S. account history into a Canadian account. This despite the fact many Canadians retain U.S. residency for part of the year and others pretend to do so. More bizarrely, there is no way to queue movies.Each time a Canadian wants to view a movie on Netflix, he needs to search for it and hit play — and that is a powerful disincentive. In the U.S., my curated list of movies was the reason I returned to the site. That queue made it so easy to find those movies I'd discovered by using Netflix. In turn, it was the reason I renewed my service month in and month out.Netflix allegedly thinks queuing isn’ for streaming movies. The lack of the feature in Canada suggests similar changes may be coming to the U.S. as well. (Already, the add to DVD queue functionality was removed from the connected devices on the U.S. service.)For a company famous for iterative improvements to its user experience, I still am having a hard-time understanding the business justification for removing a tool that justified for customers a reason to keeping watching movies

  14. Recording HTML5-friendly Skype calls

    Not one-step simple, but this is a very easy way to make HTML-5 friendly video recordings

  15. What the Internet knows about me

    A survey of how easy it is to visualize your life using freely volunteered information online

  16. The cloud press

    Who controls the actual means of media production now that the content is hosted online

  17. The birth of a legend

    Twenty years ago, the idea for the World Wide Web was first, officially proposed 

  18. NYTimes.com creating public beta

    Beta620 will be a parallel site to test new features for the newspaper's site

  19. Chris Thorpe on the Guardian API

    The Guardian’s “developer advocate” talks a bit about the strategy behind a very open API

  20. Naming the permalink

    A nice little rant about how to structure a friendly URL

  21. How media outlets mimic tech companies

    Focus is on NYTimes and CNN efforts to stay ahead of the curve (anecdotes apply to msnbc.com, too)

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