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December 2010’s Posts.

  1. Can design save media?

    Ruminations about what "design thinking" means, especially when applied to newspapers and other media 

  2. What the Internet knows about me

    A survey of how easy it is to visualize your life using freely volunteered information online

  3. Accessibility for iOS apps

    What developers (and designers) need to do to make iPhone and iPad apps accessible

  4. Zeldman takes on iPad magapps

    A passionate argument that magazines (and others) are using iPad apps like they did with Flash years ago

  5. 10 Toronto songs from 2010

    This ostensible "best of" list serves as a good sampler of Toronto's indie/electronic sound

  6. Smart(phone) browsers of the Web

    Survey of the mobile browser space, and advice on developing and testing on it

  7. Best practices for mobile Web apps

    The W3C has some suggestions for how to create a good web app for mobile devices

  8. WikiLeaks a new form of media

    Great analysis by Mathew Ingram on how the organization represents a new form media delivery

  9. The state of CSS in 2010

    The W3C's official declaration of which of the various modules are part of the specification today

  10. Designing for the iPad

    Some CSS tricks nytimes.com used to customize its election experience for the tablet

  11. New York Times' Web app

    The newspaper builds a Chrome app that brings iPad-like functionality to the browser

  12. What Panorama may have proved

    An argument that McSweeney's experiment highlights the problems with the newspaper industry

  13. The cloud press

    Who controls the actual means of media production now that the content is hosted online

  14. Measuring mobile users

    Looking at ways to accurately measure the audience of mobile applications

  15. Notes from DFW

    Images of the notes and stories found in David Foster Wallace's personal archives

  16. Making Field Notes

    Great, short documentary about the printing and binding of the pocket notebooks

  17. Ten years ago: newspaper websites

    What the Web version of Toronto's newspapers looked like around 2001

  18. Fixing newspapers

    John Paton has found (as some others already know) a focus on digital is a good start 

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