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Online media matters


March 2011’s Posts.

  1. Reading and paying for news

    Within days of the The New York Times pay-fence being unveiled, a number of reports about the well-being of the newspaper industry in Canada have been released. The sources, are, as usual, biased, but do present some interesting details.

  2. How the TTC will be privatized

    Joe Clark looks at the new advertising contract and finds lots for sale

  3. WashingtonPost.com redesigns

    The newspaper site tones down its design to better accommodate larger ad units

  4. Guitar Hero as infographic

    Original visualization of the Mid East protests by the Guardian's Garry Blight and Sheila Pulham

  5. Firefox 4 released, finally

    The latest version of the open-source browser is a significant update

  6. The Globe and Mail API

    The Globe Politics app is the first to use the newspapers new semi-public API

  7. 2010 NNA nomination's announced

    Canada's newspaper industry announced the 72 finalists for its annual awards

  8. Online media vs. bandwidth limits

    StartupNorth suggests bandwidth caps tell Canadians to innovate elsewhere

  9. The Globe Politics app

    Built by an amazing team, in a very short timeframe, and there is more still to come #cdnpoli

  10. Comscore's digital year in review for Canada

    You need to fork over your info to download it, tho

  11. Canada open data pilot project

    Canada's current, and notoriously secretive, government is starting to release some datasets

  12. Dot-ca award created

    CIRA has created the .CA Impact awards to promote websites using Canadian-specific domains

  13. La Presse's paperless future

    The Montreal newspaper plans on being digital-only in 3-5 years

  14. The story of #goldsbiephone

    Jonathan @Goldsbie's city hall tweets are so useful, his fans want to help him do his job better

  15. iOS UI patterns

    Common design patterns for iPhone apps

  16. TheStar.com redesigns again

    Updated homepage features more headlines and focus on the "now" of the news

  17. IE6 Countdown

    Even Microsoft wants to see Internet Explorer 6 get off the Web

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