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Some Web Patterns Posts.

  1. iOS UI patterns

    Common design patterns for iPhone apps

  2. Conniving UI patterns

    Dark Patterns catalogues interfaces intentionally design to make you do the wrong thing

  3. Design patterns for Android

    Seven patterns for common UI behaviors on Google's mobile platform

  4. Interactive sketching notation

    How to sketch out event-based user actions

  5. Design pattern collection

    A Flicker-based collection of consistent, unique or interesting interfaces and design flows

  6. Guardian's Oscar interactive

    Simple, dull, but a good pattern to examine

  7. Information design patterns

    Based on a beautifully crafted master thesis, this is a brilliant repository of patterns

  8. An Overview of the Best Practices

    Looking at the key best practices emerging in the Web design industry.

  9. Thank Hotwired, Saila suggests

    Although my first thought was to Twitter this (apparently the frequency for which I do that is starting to make cats salivate), but it deserved more than 140 characters. That being said, had it been a little tweet it would have said this:

  10. The history of Amazon-ian tabs

    A new design suggest Amazon might be going back to the past to tame its tabs.

  11. Doing tabs right

    Thirteen guidelines on how to use tabbed navigation.

  12. Visual vocabulary for IA

    Includes templates for Visio, OmniGraffle, and OpenOffice

  13. Yahoo! Design Pattern Library

    Nice patterns established by Yahoo!

  14. WebPatterns

    John Allsop continues his noble efforts to bring patterns to the wild Web.

  15. Saila Suggests

    The Web development industry’s best practices are built on top of of Web standards, are informed by human-centered design, and honed through nearly a decade of trial and error. This series will begin cataloguing and explaining how to put these best practices into use, and apply them to on your own Web site.

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