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Thank Hotwired, Saila suggests

Although my first thought was to Twitter this (apparently the frequency for which I do that is starting to make cats salivate), but it deserved more than 140 characters. That being said, had it been a little tweet it would have said this:

@veen: increasingly, it’s clear that everything I learned, I learned from HotWired

I’ve mentioned it before in a couple of posts, and in person to Mr. Veen, but as I do some work for a media client examining their competitors and forming some online strategies and best practices, that site and its primary colours raced back in mind.

Maybe it was the electronic music being streamed into my headphones (the first online music I regularly listened was webcasted from HotWired via Beta Lounge).

Maybe it was that nearly every guideline I outline was done by that crew back in in the mid-1990s.

Maybe it was the nature of my client’s business.

Maybe its the the current debate over “purpose.”

Nevertheless, it’s inspired me to collect my thoughts and respond to a point I made a few weeks ago. After the Online News Association’s conference in Toronto, one of my posts alluded to the fact that mainstream media has failed to pick-up on some of the independent Web’s best practices.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll start posting some longer essays collected under the tentatively group under the title of “Saila Suggests” that will respond and expand on those best practices.

The first, appearing this weekend will be an overview, and will be followed by an piece on created user-friendly Web addresses. Although my self-imposed schedules are infamously erratic, I hope to a have a few more posted before the year is out.