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Online media matters


November 16, 2007’s Posts.

  1. RSS readers visit more often

    Fairly obvious conclusion, but worth saving for evidence when needed.

  2. Top 100 indie rock albums

    As chosen by Blender and commented on by Stereogum

  3. Clark's Law

    Joe Clark: "The more expensive an online system is, the worse its output is."

  4. Seven rules of unobtrusive JavaScript

    Excellent advice for developing JavaScript in a progressive enhancement way.

  5. The new CSS handheld format

    Okay not new, but as mentioned in this article, CSS3's media queries are being quickly adopted.

  6. Thank Hotwired, Saila suggests

    Although my first thought was to Twitter this (apparently the frequency for which I do that is starting to make cats salivate), but it deserved more than 140 characters. That being said, had it been a little tweet it would have said this:

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